2012-01-05-Eulogy for Vern Grimsley

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Topic: Eulogy for Vern Grimsley

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack

TR: Gerdean



Centering Prayer: Father God, this is Your daughter Gerdean here, anticipating Your full attention since we are coming to You, our heart in our hand, supplicating Your presence at our circle, in our effort to strive, to reach, to know You better. I know that You have a Fragment indwelling each of us, so I would ask that that Fragment that indwells each of us reach out across the barriers of time and space and contact each other and bring us into You so that we create a grid work of spirit purpose. I know You want us to be spiritized, and we have all professed to wanting to be spiritized, so by adding our conscious commitment to this effort, we give it credibility, we manifest and reflect our faith in the process and in You and in our relationship.

The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man exists because of you, Father God, and because we are Your children. Give us to understand that principle, that as we are here today in this format, in this forum, we are saying “I believe in you, God, and I believe in each other. I believe in my brothers and sisters here who join with me and with each other in testimony of our faith, our living faith that You do indeed reach out across the boundaries of time and space and live in our hearts.” With sincere devotion to You, Father God, however that might reflect in our personal understanding and our services fields, Your will be done. Amen.

0802-AB Jack here. That was very nice, Gerdean. I always enjoy hearing personal prayers when I am afforded the opportunity. Most prayers are said privately so I am only aware of the energy that embraces you as you dwell in that state of mind and being but it’s often engaging to hear your actual words that reflect your attitude. Yes, of course, you know that God hears the attitude, but you hear the words, and your peers hear the words. Just as you know I exist – that is to say the midwayers exist – it is another faith step that you would hear my voice, or the voice of any of the other spirit personalities and/or values that you honor. And there are many! These few that you have come to identify through the Teacher Corps or the Magisterial Mission, above and beyond those major players you have come to know and love through the Urantia Papers, your heart has been invested in this great living organism, this universe that is your home and mine. While we are but lowly creatures on the celestial ladder, we are honored and jubilant to stand here in the light of the Son.


Reserve Corps, Celestial Contact

Well, what’s been going on here in Urantia-land that may or may not be of interest to us, one and all? Uppermost, I will testify to the life and service of one soldier of the circles:

Vern Bennom Grimsley has recently made his way from the mortal tabernacle of flesh into the realm of morontia reality and we honor him today in this session for he has given so much of himself to the cause that we all celebrate, that being the truth of the contact that exists between the invisible realm and the finite realm. While there are major differences between those two spheres of existence, there are also intimate and infinite similarities, likenesses that we enjoy.

Vern was a believer in our reality. He, like you, has had experience. He has known midwayer and other celestial entities and he was not afraid to respond to their call. The work he did in the 1980s regarding the “Vern Grimsley Affair” is on record and will be on record for you to review when you arrive in Mansonia. The history of his courage is there for all to see. Vern was, even so, a mere mortal. He was not a god. I cannot even testify as to whether he was a Reserve Corps of Destiny; that is not my purview. But he was a mover and a shaker, a teacher and a preacher; he was gifted in his expressions of faith in Our Father and in the path we all take to Paradise.

Such work as he has done requires a certain temperament and those of you who have shared with him the vagaries of being a contact personality, or even a reflection of these communications, are cut from a different cloth. It is not everyone that has the stamina, the courage, the tenacity, and yet the effect of their work is long-range. You who have witnessed the effects of the Teaching Mission and the vagaries that have been suffered by those who deem to profess to have such experiences, well know the pangs of isolation, and even hostility, by those who will not tolerate such professions of living faith, but these professions strengthen and solidify the living faith of others, just such a gift of the fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man that these living sons and daughters should have a right to expect, having a legacy of love as you do.

Even those who are inexperienced or unsure of themselves, who are not well-read or well-deepened in the principles and philosophies of revelation, are to be commended for their childlike faith in possibilities. From where you are in the flesh, it is all a faith walk. You must believe; there is no proof; it’s on you. And so when you come together with others of like mind, such as you do here in these Light Line broadcasts, you are putting your heart on your sleeve, you are holding up your chest as if to say “Hear me! I am legion! I stand with my kind.” And I am honored to be here today among my kind, not as fellow midwayers but as fellow believers, as fellow soldiers of the circles, fellow ascenders. While some would jeer and heckle your faith, there are those too who would laud your faith and commend your courage.


Experience is the best teacher, and look at you! You have experienced something because you have allowed yourself the opportunity to find out for yourself to what extent your personal religious experience is real and worthy, as compared to that which is inexperienced and immature, and in either case there is no shame. All of us begin at the beginning. Each of us grows from where we are planted. You have been planted on Urantia. To even have secured the confidence you have is a testimony to your indwelling Adjuster and your commitment to it. Ever will you be guided and directed in the ways He leads you, there to learn the lessons He would teach you, always purifying your faith, always expressing through you what it can of divine perfection.

To acknowledge your relative imperfection in the face of the work ahead commands acknowledgment and so we can indeed say “Come to us, Father” and he will come. Indeed, he is there already. He is here with us as we are here with one another in celebration of the path that opens before us. Hold high the mission! And hold high those who lead as well as those who follow.

2012, Council of 24

What else is on the agenda? Well, it’s a New Year, and so we have a lot of people making a new start, making New Year’s Resolutions. We have the beginning of an election year in this country, America, and all that brings. Not to be excluded is the hoopla of 2012 that has been inflating for some time, anticipating some end of some calendar at some point later in this year. And yet for all of the plans and schemes and anticipations and dreams, the universe will unfold according to a predestined plan of advancement.

We are hoping for a changing of the guard in terms of planetary government. We midwayers have been speculating what councilor will be inaugurated to rule as Resident Governor General these next 100 years and we continue to wait with baited breath to find out if and when the changing of the guard will take place in terms of who might be let go among those who sit on this Council of 24, for example, Onagar. Will he be relinquished to advance into the mansion worlds after these many, many years in service to Urantia? Or will the atmosphere adapt such that the councilors all will opt to stay here and ride it out to the finish, to the return of Michael and all the many other things that may be anticipated for this small sector? So life is exciting for all of us, no matter what level we live on. I wish you all a “Happy New Year!” in anticipation of these many things, not relinquishing the concerns of life here which is in fact and indeed the most important work of all: the work of your realm.

I will encourage you to come into the light now and engage with us. Ask questions, postulate, commentate, or whatever you are inclined to do, because there is a possibility that you are being spirit led and we want to hear about it, we want to know about it, we want to engage in it because what you experience and think affects what others experience and think, and at the risk of being denounced as “false prophets” or “Caligastia’s own” there is an equal possibility that you are -- as has been said time and time before – “the new apostles” -- setting out to create a fifth epochal dispensation.

The key here is to press *6. That will open the line. Let us take it slowly. There is no need to give yourself whiplash running up to the podium. Let your conscious mind prevail, that we may allow the subconscious, superconscious or even unconscious levels that may have prevailed in your mind previously to subside. What’s up? [Long pause]

Bob: Jack, this is Bob. Thank you for this transmission, this eulogy for Vern, and the validation [inaudible]


JACK: Aloha! And Mahalo to you, brother, for your comments. Yes, it rather was a eulogy. I had not intended it to be a eulogy but that’s what it boils down to. It will be interesting to see how it is received. It is really, truly, no different, however, than the eulogy you all receive when you pass over from this realm into the next. There have been some truly brilliant students of divinity in this short-lived Mission. And beyond! There were those – and have been for centuries – those who have bridged the gap between this world and the next and they have been studied and appreciated by us for all these many centuries. But for your reference, from your perspective, the vanguard of Teaching Mission, those who have crossed over have been well noted and lauded by those of us who have worked with them and with you. Your presence here has made our work more interesting, more effective, and so we celebrate your crossing over but we also lament your loss to us here because it was so helpful.

It takes a long time to get the attention of a mortal, without disturbance, such that he or she can be cultivated in the deep mind where this work takes place. It is, from my perspective, pure science that the indwelling Adjuster orchestrates and which I have been privileged to facilitate in a number of highly effective individuals. The work that comes from these people is a permanent part of Urantia’s registry and they are indeed acknowledged. And they are missed. But it is also true that at the end of the road, you have a right to go home. At the end of a difficult task, you have the right to be relieved of the burden, and so we relinquish you when that time comes and celebrate the passing and the work that has been done, for it is now a permanent mark on the evolution of our world.

That which was done by Isaac (Bill Kelly), Jeremiah (John Wormeck), Thea Hardy, Alan Smith, and many, many others is etched in the annals of Urantia history, and the light that shines as a result of their efforts shines on all of us, even on those yet to come, and so they have made our life easier … it made our work easier … and our life, well, it goes on.


This is one of the areas where a healthy competition is something to consider [as] some way to stimulate one another, not in a negatively competitive way, but in a wholesome and progressive way, like decorating the float for the parade. Each of you who participate in the creation of a float that follows the theme of the parade has a goal to win, but that goal is not overrun by negative attitudes to those who also aspire to win first place. Healthy competition is something that is yet to be developed in your midst. It is perhaps something you might want to ponder and promote. Find something you would like everyone to enjoy and “The race is on!”

The [UB] Fellowship and the Foundation do this in aspiring to have so many study groups in formation by the end of the year or so many societies established. And so the leaders in the community take it upon themselves to build their float, and they do this in a healthy competition with other towns and villages and cities that have the potential of developing a study group or a society. I am not suggesting you do the same for Teaching Mission groups, but I would not discourage that either. Gradually and eventually you will learn to work together. You will learn the meaning of TeaM work. Does anyone have any questions?

Bob: Thank you, Jack. [Inaudible]

JACK: Thank you, Bob. [Long pause] I guess everyone is ready for the New Year then? There will be a full moon soon, and after the full moon peaks, the race is on, for sure. 2012 will take off like a horse race. What have you got your money on? What horse is the one you are banking on?

Mark: Jack, would you elaborate on that metaphor of the horse?

JACK: Well, that was really a throw away metaphor from the idea of the race. Life is such a race at times. As I observe it, it looks like a race to the finish. As you live your life, everything seems to be in a great hurry. The holidays – as inconvenient and expensive as they can be – do provide for a reason to ponder things, to shift gears and look at things in ways you might gloss over most of the rest of the time. New Year’s especially is a time to consider fresh starts, new beginnings, and so it is built into your cultures, all of your cultures, you all deal with a calendar, you all contend with time and space, and when you function with the same calendar, you represent a pattern that repeats itself by the year but with variations on its themes, such as a new election or new flu bug or a new economic turn of events, a new fashion, new grandchild, new house, new job, new girlfriend, these kinds of things, new opportunities.

And so whatever it is that is on your mind, whatever it is that commands your attention, that you ponder when you pause to ponder, you then turn and, having gained the momentum of the rest of the collective consciousness, the gates open and the race begins. After Sunday the moon will have peaked and that is yet another and perhaps the last of a series of set-ups that compel you forward. And so I say “Let the race begin,” thus the reference to a horse race.

Mark: [Indistinguishable]

JACK: The Sporting Life, you know. Thank God for those of you who have the good sense to ponder periodically regardless of the holidays, the time or space of the phase of the moon. Those of you who pause in Stillness on a daily basis are more inclined to keep a steady keel, such that you need not operate in fits and starts as do those who depend upon the stimuli of external causes and events but rather allow the spirit to well up within you and direct your path to determine your goals, to speak for you as an Adjuster expression as well as a human expression.


It is time for me to cut you lose. But …I very much enjoy our soirees into this unseen realm. It is amazing how real it can be. At times it seems more real than the life I live without you, perhaps because you afford me the opportunity of a greater dimension. You push the borders of my consciousness, challenge me and entertain me, and so I value your company and I always look forward to the effects of these causes we create when we get together for there is always an effect. Let it be so.