2012-01-25-Being At Rest

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Topic: Being At Rest

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares



Prolotheos: “Anxiety is the characteristic of a restless spirit. Restlessness comes to human beings from their worrying that the circumstances of life will spin out of control into bad situations, causing harm to them. Anxiety is their being afraid of that which does not yet exist; they fear a possibility. Awareness of possible troubles ahead is useful in avoiding them, or dealing with them properly. However, when troubles are conceived by the mind, they are given life, and once they are projected, they might become actualities. Anxiety is a process of giving life to things you fear, instead of avoiding them.

“The spirit at rest is a condition of one who has gained a mature personality, and developed a level of real beauty and harmony in life. Being at rest is a result of being at peace with the self, others and the universe. The Spirit Within, as you call your Adjuster, is an important element in experiencing this harmonious state of being, because these Mystery Monitors are the ones who sponsor the manifestation of real values in the life of their subjects. Following the Adjuster’s leadings will always improve your ability to deal with anxieties.

“Correct are your sacred records attesting to the truth that “love sends away fear”. Love is the substance of ultimate reality. Evil, adversely, springs from an ill-adaptation of the self to universe laws, it lacks enduring reality. Realizing this should put human minds at rest, by allowing the self to find its place in the cosmic unity that links everything. In nurturing, ministering, and receiving love, human beings are capable of finding their balance in life. Love can ensure real peace because it is the universe technique which accommodates every action and attitude into the good and perfect will of the Father.

Faith, indeed, is also essential to enjoy spiritual rest. Faith is the expectful state of hope that brings goodness into your personal experience. Good things happen to those who believe. Minds that are open to the good energies of the universe will enter in their energetic flow and make a channel to receive and distribute goodness.

“However, to human beings on Urantia, life develops within the evolutionary cycles of time and space, and perfection is yet a distant, although achievable future goal. You are on a journey from imperfection to perfection, and being at rest is experienced as opposed to having to deal with, everyday disturbing circumstances. The peace of a restful mind is not predicated by absence of conflicts, but by assuming the correct attitude in facing them, which is acceptation and adaptation while pressing for spiritual progress from the standpoint of love and faith.


“So, my pupil, keep on loving and believing, and the anxieties of daily living will fade away, one by one as you face them courageously, for who knows the inherent goodness of the Universe. My love is with you; so is our Father’s love, which makes life very well worth of living! I am Prolotheos, your called-for tutor, only a thought away.”