2012-03-21-Focus on Our Indwelling Spirits

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Topic: Focus On Our Indwelling Spirits...

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Paradise Father and your Trinity Associates, Mother and Father, Monjoronson, Planetary Seraphim. We address you all with great gratitude and appreciation for all that you provide to us during this time of great planetary change. As we take a few moments to elevate our thoughts to our indwelling Spirits, may we all be united as one in intention through the circuits of Personality, Spirit, Soul and Sind. We thank you for directing our focus today that what we convey from our hearts and minds be put to good use in service to all life here and bring about more of the transformation we need into the divine values of TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY as your WILL is done. Thank you.


MONJORONSON: Greetings, my beloved brethren! This is Monjoronson. I will be directing your focus today as I have done many times in the past. As we begin, take a few moments to engage with your Indwelling Spirits—the Father’s presence within you. Enjoy a few moments when and where you now experience Father within you. Allowing this very fundamental relationship between Divine Creator and human child to fortify. Ask for what you need to become more centered so that your focus may remain strong and steady as you collaborate with us today. Spend these few moments with Father. (Pause)

All life is an evolutionary continuum based on the divine patterns that precede from the center of all life itself. You are a part of this evolutionary continuum. You have a place within it. You have a right to be in your place and you have the right to co-create your life according to the divine plans that Father has seeded within you. And, as you may appreciate, you have the choice whether or not to cooperate with the divine plans for your life.

As you commune with the Father, allow that experience to move you into that space of co-creation that you may more deeply appreciate the beauty and the magnitude of these plans for your lives. That is not to say you will fully comprehend it because it is an experiential undertaking you live each day. But allow yourselves to move into that place where the Father is inviting you into this vast and glorious adventure for your lives, based on His wisdom and knowledge of who you are and who you have been created to become. (Pause)

The evidence of how well you convey to your brothers and sisters this relationship you have with the Father within discloses to others a dynamic truth. You have trusted in the Father to guide you. You have portrayed a great deal of faith by coming into these experiences of collaboration with us to grow the divine plan upon Urantia during this time. And it is noteworthy that you have all stepped up to be of service your world, to your brothers and sisters, to all life here. Now it is time for this world to continue to expand in its awareness of the cosmic reality of which it is an integral part.

The Magisterial Mission is here to help humanity take this step forward, and as you continue to keep your gaze on your Indwelling Spirits, I also invite you to simply focus on the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION, allowing yourselves to become more familiar with who I am, what this mission is here to accomplish, and what your part is to achieve during your human lifetime. Simply allow the energies of what this mission is and has for this world to achieve greater space within your beings. There are many elements that we have shared with you about what are some of the dynamics of this mission. I invite you to become further invested in these components. So, invite the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION to deepen in you, as the Father within you also engages your mind. (Pause)

For my mission to be successful and accomplish its objectives, humanity must be prepared to receive me and those who accompany me on this sacred mission. Humanity has had many challenges in appreciating divine MERCY missions to this world. Careful deliberate preparation are underway to secure those among you of the collective of humanity, getting you in a place, a state of mind and being where you are ready to engage with us. We understand that sometimes human impatience has fostered certain notions about what this Mission is and what it is here to accomplish. But truly, I say to you, it is greater than you can possibly imagine. And so, in this infusion today, we are grounding you in some of these very important components and dynamics to render you more stable and secure as more TRUTH is revealed to the masses and the moral courage humanity needs to awaken to what has occurred upon this planet.

Are you ready for this? You may think you are, but are you really you ready? Do you have any idea of what it means to stand in front of a divine being? And so, these preparations are necessary, vital, fundamental in order for this world to receive me. So continue to allow these dynamics of the MAGISTERIAL MISSION to deepen within you, securing you in what it is that you need to develop in yourselves that you may be able ministers to your brothers and sisters who are greatly confused and anxious about their material wellbeing and who do not understand that it is by spiritual dynamics that this world will be transformed. Continue to deepen and receive. (Pause)

The stages of planetary growth are sometimes marked by certain events. Conditions must be ripe for the advancement of TRUTH to progress in human mind. You are entering upon a phase now of truth-comprehension in planetary mind that will bring about a reckoning of what has occurred here and how to move forward in healing and transforming what has been a planetary way of life for thousands of years. Do you wish for the world to be prepared for this? Then simply shift your focus now to visualize the globe in front of your mind’s eye. Hold the world and the energetic dynamics of the MAGISTERIAL MISSION. Invite the energies to go deeper—deeper into the circuits of mind, deeper into the energies of memory.

What we ask of you is, as we have invited you to do in the past, is to keep that intentional desire for this mission to manifest here at the material level. Ask your Indwelling Spirits for the focus you need, that your gaze may be strong and steady, sincere and pure and project as best you can from your hearts for my presence to manifest as one of you and those who accompany me. (Pause)

Invite these energies to go back in time through memory circuits, back into that moment when your planetary prince made that decision to cast his lot with Lucifer. Invite the MAGISTERIAL MISSION to move into that place. It is not so relevant that you see what happened here but that you intend for the MAGISTERIAL MISSION to go back into this event and do what it needs to do. (Pause)

Continue to follow the thoughts that Father within is guiding you to perceive, along with that very heartfelt intention for more healing to occur through these circuits of mind. Feel your love for this world. Appreciate its natural beauty. Appreciate the diversity of life, the diversity of humanity, and all of the synergistic components that form this fabric of planetary life and evolution. Invite the Father within you to convey through your experience with Spirit how He longs to participate with you in this unfolding adventure of planetary evolution. There are powerful spiritual synergies at play here, my brethren. You are gaining experience in forums such as this where you learn to use the power of your mind to collaborate and cooperate with Spirit.

If you wish, you may visualize the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION pulsing upon the earth plane. Let it engage with circuits of mind bringing in more light. And ask for these energies to deepen, go into the earth. Engage with the earth’s core, into that energetic center where the divine plans for this planet form a mighty matrix. (Pause)

Invite the words in its energetic dynamics of IT IS TIME TO RESTORE URANTIA TO NATURAL DIVINE ORDER. IT IS TIME TO RESTORE URANTIA TO NATURAL DIVINE ORDER. IT IS TIME TO RESTORE URANTIA TO NATURAL DIVINE ORDER. Hold this now as best you can, asking for all energetic dynamics from the core of the earth to move upward and for the energies of the MAGISTERIAL MISSION from on high to move downward, engaging this planet’s systems in a mighty embrace. (Pause)

Root yourselves in this dynamic, my brethren, that you may become more stable and secure. Opening yourselves to even greater strength and fortitude of moral courage. (Pause)

As these energies continue to integrate into planetary mind, keep in mind your part related to the whole. What is the role of your part to the whole? Your Spirit contains this information. But it is up to you to engage with Father within to come into a deeper recognition of His presence within you and what He wishes to accomplish with you, in you, and through you. We engage you in these spiritual dynamics so that you learn how to use spiritual energy. This is a great untapped resource that is now available to you and the more you love your brothers and sisters, the more you forgive them for their missteps and misdeeds, the greater spiritual objectivity you will attain and be able to use this spiritual energy for greater healing purposes.

It is time for human potential—your true potential—that Father has given you to be activated and for you to come into a greater appreciation of what has been seeded within and you. So, in our final moments together as we continue to engage in these circuits of mind, move your focus to the Father. Gently affirm your commitment to Him and through your role here on Urantia for your material life becoming more spiritualized in Him; that you may become a more integrated part of the MAGISTERIAL MISSION and do what you can to evoke more healing and transformation for this world. Engage with Him now, my beloved brethren, as all of these dynamics become unified and harmonized in the Father’s LOVE in Michael’s plan for this world. (Pause)


Urantia is being prepared for something it has never experienced. You are being prepared for something you have yet to experience. These dynamics work synergistically together and the more you affirm your loyalty to the Father, your loyalty to Christ Michael, loyalty to the development of your potential, the more you prepare this world for this mission to unfold. So in these final moments together, let these words and energies continue to settle in, integrating and harmonizing you that you may have more access to Father within you and the potential that you are now responding to manifest through great love and compassion. (Pause)

I leave you now in the LIGHT of Father’s LOVE. You have much to integrate and ponder along with your Indwelling Spirits. Be patient and gentle with yourselves, with your brothers and sisters as these spiritual harmonics alter the course of planetary trajectory and history. Know that you are moving into a time when humanity is truly awakening to its potential, leading to the full blossoming that a certain time for Light and Life to truly manifest. You are all on this journey together with us. We are here to support you as you make these changes for your world, upon your world in the Father’s MERCY. Good day.

Ed. Note

The title was "Focus on our Indwelling Spirits to Experience Father and Focus on the Magisterial Mission Personal and Planetary", but was too long to be expressed in a single line.