2012-05-27-Building Circuits of Goodness

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Topic: Building Circuits of Goodness

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we come before you today that we may be encircuited in oneness with your will and love that we may receive from our Magisterial Son more of what he wishes to share with us that we may imprint upon him more and more each day and focus our energies outward to share with our world. We thank you for all the celestial help you provide us with to assist us in this call today that your will may be done. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: Greetings, my beloved brethren. This is Monjoronson. Let your hearts open to me that I may impart more of my spirit presence into your beings. This is a time for you to receive me that I may share more of my divine nature with you for you to carry as an energy imprint, and it is making an indelible mark upon your energy systems.


As you open your hearts to me, I invite you to elevate your consciousness to the realm of the Father in Paradise in loving appreciation for the way of creation. This will allow my presence to move more deeply into you, and touch you in places where you have need of my MERCY, my divine attributes. Let us spend a few moments in this state of worship and I will move in you. (Pause)

It is these times when we come together that creates a more unified network of LOVE and COMPASSION to bathe the planet as we begin our outward focus on the world. You are learning what it means to love this planet more. This is beyond a mere emotional attachment of affection, it is a deep wellspring of creative potential that you are now allowing to bubble up to the surface of your being to co-create with your indwelling Father Fragment and me and my staff to bring more of the divine ways to this world.

You will notice through your own direct, personal experience, each of you contributing something so lovely, so beautiful, so integral to this dynamic fabric of Light and Life. Do not underestimate your abilities or the gifts that you have that can add to this growing fabric of consciousness, of personal experience. Continue to feed upon me and the Father for the next few moments before we move into the outward focusing and generating LOVE for this world to feed upon. (Pause)

You have read in your Urantia text that LOVE is the desire to do good to others. As you grow into a deeper experiential expression of LOVE, think about all the good that you can do in your daily lives. What good do you wish to do to the planet? It is, quite frankly, an open playing field. Each of you has certain qualities and abilities and talents to bring forth with the Father within you to share with this world. As you thank the Father for all the gifts and abilities that you have, feel your desire to become more activated that you may do more good, bring more good into the matrix of planetary consciousness.

Now let us begin our outward focus upon the planet. As you envision Urantia in your mind’s eye, also see the word GOODNESS forming over the planet. Feel your desire for Michael’s GOODNESS to be infused into the planetary consciousness. Feel your desire for more of my GOODNESS to be infused into the planetary consciousness. Let us infuse these circuits with this personal quality that the children of this world may recognize this innate signal of deity to ring within their own hearts through the Spirit of Truth. (Pause)

This quality of GOODNESS will soften and soothe the human heart. It will help many people turn away from those forces of self-centeredness and greed. Continue to feel your desire for this lovely quality of Father to imprint deeply into the fabric of Urantian awareness. (Pause)

As we have done in prior weeks, we will now focus on building that circuitry of DIVINE JUSTICE. Allow your heart energies to send that signal into your world for the DIVINE JUSTICE which emanates from the Ancients of Days to be firmly implanted here on this world. The adjudication has begun and these energies will indeed help this world continue to turn its gaze toward the universe, coming back into the family of life, coming home.

It must be through your loving efforts that the world changes its course. There are many who conjoin with you as we continue to weave and connect those circuits together. Individuals all over the globe pray for transformation of the planet, who labor for the ways of the divine to be made manifest in the physical dimension. Continue to feel your desire for DIVINE JUSTICE. Open the planet to the fullness of the adjudication period to help them recognize the Father’s LOVE, their Mother’s JOY, the ways of peace and co-creation. (Pause)

IT IS TIME TO MANIFEST WHAT THE FATHER WILLS UPON URANTIA. Let your heart energies drink in this phrase and as you drink this in, take a few moments to let it radiate out to conjoin with all the energies we have co-created during our times together: RIGHTMINDEDNESS, MERCY, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL, PEACE, GOODNESS, FORGIVENESS. Allow this to unfold in the Father’s time, to allow yourselves to be as little children of faith, with blind trust that the Father’s WILL is making itself manifest on this beloved sphere. (Pause)

Take that world image into your heart and simply love Urantia. Now focus on the words MAGISTERIAL MISSION over your hearts; let it merge into that image of the globe in your hearts as we weave these circuits together. Let us lift the world up to the Father in Paradise as our heart energies conjoin as one with the desire for the MAGISTERIAL MISSION to progress, we join as one. The Father Himself infuses His blessing upon your hearts’ desires.


Beloved brethren, we thank you deeply for the LOVE and the energies you have generated today. We have asked you in the past and invite you to spend time asking for these circuits to continue to grow between these calls that this beloved world may truly embody those divinity attributes you co-create with us and with the Father within yourselves. I will leave you now. Know I am just a thought away and when you wish to commune with me, I will be there, seeding your mind with MERCY, LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL and the other lovely aspects and dimensions of GOODNESS and MERCY, TRUTH and LIGHT to ease your path, to grow your soul. I wish you a most blessed day. Good afternoon.