2012-05-31-Status Report & Tips on TR'ing

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Topic: Status Report & Tips on TR'ing

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: 0802-AB-Jack, Ham, Tomas

TR: Gerdean



Gerdean: Let me take a moment to get focused, not just myself but the group. Every group needs to reach out and touch each other’s Thought Adjusters so that we have a spiritual foundation, not just a social gathering. There are those who would say we are creating a merkabah here, or a vortex, but really what I’d like for us to do is just become centered and put our focus where we will be most in tune with what we most long to know: our Source and our Destiny. Thank you.

Prayer: Father God, we thank You for the opportunity to come together and witness to Your greatness and to participate in this remarkable format of transmitting/receiving that has been cultivated through many of Your devotees. Help us to learn to listen to You and to Your helpers, to follow the guidance that we’re given that we might grow in grace and learn to love one another as Christ Michael loved us when he was here and in fact as he does now. Through him we pray. Amen.

0802-AB JACK here. I am midwayer Jack. I will be your host. I say that because there are a couple of entities here this evening that will spend some time with you and so I’ll be the emcee. I was going to say “the bouncer” but that’s not necessary. I’m sure that no one is going to get bounced around here.

The first person who would like to speak – and I would like to give him the opportunity – is our old friend, our original administrator, Ham. One moment, please.


HAM: Greetings. I am Ham. I am your Teacher, yet and still. I have not been away. There are those of you who think I may have jumped ship. I have not. I have been very busy in these Correcting Times. There is so much more to do here than meets the eye. You have been advised that we are here to teach you to be teachers and this is certainly true, but there are many ways that men and women and children can be taught to teach what they know from where they are. Not everyone is in a position to listen to the voice of angels.

Many times, as you have been told through the morontia mota, ‘many truths are not felt except in adversity,’ and so I sometimes go where adverse conditions would disallow the gentle practice of sitting in Stillness with the Father to garner words of wisdom. Rather, there are many who are on the forefront of life doing battle with the vagaries of human existence such that would inspire you and/or melt your heart to behold, often without benefit of revelation or religion but “by the seat of their pants.” Such is life on such a planet.

I come to greet you today to assure you (that) you are not without oversight. We are well apprised of your development, your efforts, and are assiduously adapting our curriculum to accommodate the pace and capacity of those of you who have longed to be part of the program of rehabilitation and recovery for Urantia, as well as those of you who choose to forge ahead and rebuild the new way in the face of the loss of the old way, and those of you who reach far afield of the pattern in order to promote a true avante garde into destiny.

I am coming to say how your efforts have contributed to a great up-swell of spiritual pressure that has affected the collective unconscious of humanity; a tremendous yearning for greater reality has compelled the growth of spirit, even when and as an intellectual comprehension of what that is may be lacking. Your heart knows what you need before you define it. And this is what we are seeing – a tremendous yearning for greater reality and to the extent it is advisable, we will perhaps provide a definition or an explanation. Whatever it is that we do, you may be assured that it will be to solidify our faith – our great and undying faith in the truth, beauty and goodness that prevails in and through the spirit. This is our motivator, our intention, our goal. Our destiny is to pursue the light of truth and in this we shall not fail, nor are we failing.

You may see or perceive that you see things that you love, values that you cherish, diminish in influence, lose power, or fade into nothing, but I tell you that which has value does not fade away. It may reconstitute itself; it may back up for a fresh start; it may enter temporary dormancy in order to come forth renewed, revitalized; but if it has true value, it is not lost, not ever lost, so do not despair; do not be discouraged.

That said, I will withdraw from your presence. There are many in my Teacher Corps who are prepared to address your many concerns and I leave you in their capable hands as I return to the forefront of my assignment. Shalom.

TOMAS: Good evening. I am Tomas, your teacher. I will be with you this evening, at least for a while, and spend some time with you as a teacher of teachers, for this is indeed the conscription I have come with: to teach you to be teachers.

In order for you to teach, you must have something worth teaching. This can be had through experience – experiential wisdom –or it may be borrowed through intellectualization, such as you derive from the Urantia text or other great works of religious influence, but they all will lack the authority unless and until you have the conviction of your own authority through your own experience.

This is the nitty-gritty of the work here. This is what makes our work with you so interesting. It is hardly academic. It is very personal. The Father is personal, in and through his Adjusters; the Mother is personal, in and through her adjutant mind-spirits; and the Son is personal through his sons. And the children of your planetary parents provide a personal family for you to find comfort in and through, all of the many cousins, aunts and uncles you have throughout the local universe that give you guidance and nurturance and counsel, who present you with challenges, who come to your aid, who help you resolve the situation to your satisfaction so that life makes sense. All these things are set in place for you to find your way and I am privileged to be here to voice these things for you and on your behalf.

I intend to also be somewhat personal this evening and I am inviting questions now so that you will begin to think about those things you wanted to ask about but often get pushed aside in your focus of listening to what your teacher has to say. If you organize your mind properly, you will stimulate it to present those elements you carry with you that you concern yourself about and yet which you have not voiced, so prepare yourself to voice those when that moment comes this evening.

In the meantime, I have had some discourse with one of my students, one of the students of the Teaching Mission, who has been engaging in the Stillness practice for an extended period of time in good faith that in time he would hear the voices of the teachers and begin to perceive as a T/R (transmitter/receiver) the words we offer, the words you listen for, and he asks for some counsel, some tips on how it might come to pass that he could hear from us and I would like to address that.

You are very probably already hearing from us. I would venture to say you may have a preconceived notion of what it is like to hear from a teacher, a celestial, an invisible helper. But in order for you to become more conscious of your own mental machinations, practice this: get a transcript from somewhere, from someone that you enjoy, some voice that you feel an affinity with; get a tape recorder and a clean tape. And, as if you were T/R’ing, read the transcript that you have selected, intoning as you imagine a teacher would intone, pausing often as we do to allow the words to sink in, proceed until you have recorded the entire lesson.

Later, listen to it and see if you can discern those times in which you have become a part of the process and those times when you are simply reading someone else’s words because when the Spirit of Truth speaks to you, your tone of voice changes; your mode of delivery is modified; there is an element to your expression that is not the same as when you yourself are speaking of yourself and for yourself. You might think of it as how a preacher has developed an incantation. Certain prayers are wont to wear the mantle of a prayer, such that there can be no doubt that this is a prayer. The same is true of a sermon. Certain sermons are delivered with such religious fervor there can be no doubt in the mind of the listener, there is no doubt that this is a sermon. There is a tonal quality involved, and the same is true with a transmitted message. It is no longer just your voice. Your voice has been affected.

Now, since we’re paused on that word “affected,” let me say that many people who begin to investigate the T/R process come to an awareness that it is an affectation. They say to themselves, “This is not me! This is artificial. I don’t want to do something that’s artificial. It’s an affectation. I don’t want to be affected.” And they close the book on the experience. This is unfortunate. They have judged themselves as unreal even before they have given themselves an opportunity to observe their true reality.

So be cautious of your criticisms of yourself at this early stage of learning the language that we use – not the language in terms of words but the language in terms of inflection and attitude. It is more transcendent than the tone of voice you will use talking to the public servant on the telephone or the clerk in the drug store. But as you learn to adapt yourself to the practice of carrying with you into all your affairs your Divine Counterpart, you will eventually and gradually find yourself transmitting even to public servants on the telephone or the clerk in the drug store because it has become a part of you. It is a means of carrying your god-consciousness into the arena, becoming teachers of what you have been taught.

Naturally you don’t want to run right out and begin to spout phrases and appear as a laughing-stock, certainly not before you have experimented and found the merit of your service, your methods. But truly the entire process -- in fact, all of your life henceforth -- is based on the simple question: How may I serve? How best may I serve? And in that question you are asking Michael, our Lord, our Great Friend, how we can assist and we will be shown the ways that we are best suited for. We will be taught so that we will have something to teach. We will be sent to those experiential universities where we will learn what we need to know in order to be effective.

Even as a beginner it is possible for you to know that God loves us, and so these simple affirmations are appropriate for you to send forth, but as time goes by and as you become more deepened, you will be able to engage people and provide edification for them as Jesus did in his private ministry and there will come a time when you will be able to also engage in public ministry and be effective in this.

“How may I serve?” does not just mean T/R’ing or teaching and preaching. It can also mean hands-on, as you say: chop wood, haul water. “Can I clean up this mess? Can I take care of your child while you take a bath? Can I go to the store for you while you take a nap? Can I fix dinner for you while you wash the car?” These are ways and means of serving, of taking the focus off of you and onto someone else, which changes the energy pattern from selfishness to selflessness. That process right there is a service.

I will pause here and open the door for your participation. Remember to press *6 on your telephone to open the airway so that we can hear you. Do come in. Let us engage. [Long Pause] All right. If you are not ready to engage with me, I will extend my lecture, but would someone please reassure the T/R that this is still a group setting and not a soliloquy? Someone say hello.


Ineara: Hello. Mark: We’re here! Gerdean: Thank you. Ineara: Thank you. Thank you, Ham and Tomas, very, very much. Mark: I second that.

Student: Yes, absolutely. Tomas! TOMAS: Yes? Student: We share a name. My last name is Thomas. TOMAS: It’s a good name. Student: Yes, I think so. TOMAS: It has a solid base.

Student: True indeed. Anyway, I too would like to thank you enormously for your encouragement and instruction. Sometimes questions don’t immediately spring to mind; one is in awe of the situation, some of the time, but much appreciated, I can assure you.

TOMAS: That practice of taping someone else’s transcript and listening to it is helpful. It will help you learn the tonal qualities. It’s like learning the language that preachers use. You might think it is cheating, but it is a technique that is expected. It also gives you time to compose your thoughts – rather it is a time to compose your mind to set aside your thoughts, so that the spirit itself can use your vocal chords and your vocabulary without your interjecting your will into the process.

Student: Thank you for that insight. It’s interesting. I hadn’t really thought of doing that, but I will.

TOMAS: Good! The insights that we gather as we teach you and interact with you are a part of what we learn as we do interact with you. We come here with assumptions, presumptions, as you go through your life with assumptions and presumptions which must be reviewed and sometimes eradicated, at least rearranged, in order for better clarification to come in and make it easier for the next level of understanding to enter in and come into play.

Student: Well, thank you, Tomas. And thank you, Ham.

TOMAS: Are there other questions while we are paused here? It is always good to hear from you.

Another thing that is worth noting is the interaction between the Teacher and the T/R when someone asks questions. It is the wise T/R who will step aside and not try to answer the question set forth by the student, but let the Teacher answer the question. We are often quite busy in this mindal arena, and as the process is learned, and mastered, it makes our work not only easier but better. We can begin to teach in our own right without human assistance, and this is true for you as well. As you learn to work with us, as you learn to understand how we work with you, you will be better able to understand us and work with us as we enter into associations with those we would teach, those outside the citadel of the spirit, outside of the transmitting/ receiving format such as we enjoy here.

That is where the true challenge is – helping others, stimulating their spiritual progress, even when they have no professions of interest in the spirit, or its impact on their life. If you scratch the surface in the right location with just the right degree of tickle and tenderness, you will find everyone has a spot where they are vulnerable to spirit influence. And how gratifying it is and will be when you are able to minister as you pass by as effectively as Jesus did, always alert for an opportunity to awaken someone from their slumber, to arouse someone from their apathy, to stimulate someone in their lethargy.

He came to set free the spiritual captives. And after being in isolation for so long, you have all been spiritual captives and we in the Teacher Corps are making an effort to invite you, lure you, encourage you, assure you that you can come out. Come out of your own self-enforced isolation. Come out into the light of the sun where you can cultivate a greater reality, knowing you are safe. There is work to do.

This thing about work. Many of you who have been trapped in the paradigm of isolation have kept your sanity by applying yourself to your work for generally speaking if you are working, you are [regarded as] a valuable citizen and you will be left alone, and so work has become a means of escape as well as earning a living. Work need not be a place to hide. Work can be play. In fact, if you can enjoy your work, you have won the battle. Those who toil for a living doing work they loathe to do for employers who are abusive are truly trapped and it takes a strong constitution to endure such a way of life without succumbing to depression or other negative emotions. Therefore, the more you can enjoy your work, the more enjoyment you can find in your very life. But there is more to life than work, much more. And if you are going to devote so much time to work, work in the father’s vineyard, not just in the factories of man but in the fields of the lord.

How may I serve thee? How may I be of service to you? What can I do for you? How may I help you? Always looking to make life more meaningful for others, for this is the way we will arrive at a state of light and life, when people delight to do for others, delight to carry their burdens, and someone delights in bearing yours. There is no loneliness in such a way of life. There is no isolation. You have all come out into the light of day, into the light of the Son where you can bask in your sonship and be guided in your ministry.

Many of you serve creatively, and this is another saving grace for those who have not found it possible to work with others or who have found that working with others is fruitful. This paucity is being highlighted for rehabilitation, for repair, which is not to say that creative people will not still find delight in creativity, but more and more creativity will become the pastime of several. Teamwork is something that really must be learned. The synergy that comes from working with others is an incredible joy, one which will serve you throughout eternity.

I have enjoyed my time with you this evening and I trust your time with me has been wells pent, that we have embraced one another in the spirit and found merit in our mutual delights. Hopefuly6 my presence with you has fostered a greater appreciation within yourself of these truths and values which we hold dear, that are a part of our soul, that are a part of the Supreme, that we have an opportunity to appreciate in these precious moments of shared friendship. So, thus fortified, stimulated and comforted, I will give the podium back to your host, midwayer Jack, with your thanks. Amen and farewell.

Mark: Thank you, Tomas.

JACK: Jack’s back. Just wanted to say how much I enjoy this job of being a liaison for the Teachers and the students. This has certainly given us something to look forward to. We did amuse ourselves and busy ourselves before this process started but since it has started we have derived great pleasure and progress from participating in it. Certainly that is true for some of us. There are different tasks for the midwayers. Not all of them engage this way but I have been most fortunate in my exposure to the humans I have worked with. I anticipate being friends throughout eternity with those I have met here.

Are there any other questions? Anything else before we call it quits?

Mark: Jack, I have a question. It is, ironically, a political question, actually. Just as we learn about government on a neighboring planet in The Urantia Book, and the societal structures on a neighboring planet, is there what we call homosexuality – men loving men, women loving women – on other planets?

JACK: Yes, there is, on many other worlds. I haven’t been there, but I have been told as much. I was curious myself!


Mark: Very good. Thank you. JACK: That’s it? Mark: That’s it! You answered it! Thank you! JACK: Certainly. All right then, boys and girls. Later!