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Topic: Father's Work on Urantia

Group: N. Colorado TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Prayer: Heavenly Father, Michael, Nebadonia, we gather together today for another session with Monjoronson and his staff. We ask for your blessings and your help in asking those questions that will bring us clarity to our thinking and bring us closer to you.

MMc: Good morning!


MONJORONSON: Good morning, this is Monjoronson. We all awaken to a new day, for you at least. You have night and dawn, day and dusk, sunset and night again; a time of rest that breaks your days into one another. Yet, when you live on the mansion worlds there is no setting sun. And, there is no setting sun in my life, or the lives of all who assist you. This diurnal effect gives us great opportunities to work with you while you are in the dark, so that when you awaken, we can also bring you into the light, as well as the sun. It is not a metaphor; it is a real situation where the nighttime and your unconscious sleep time gives us an opportunity to work with you when you give us permission to do so.

MMc: Before we begin our questions today, is there anything that you would like to dialog about?


Correcting Time

  • Progress report

MONJORONSON: Yes, just briefly. I wish to assure you that our programs are on course. We have made many minor adjustments due to the machinations and decisions and impulsive behaviors of humans, but nonetheless, our programs are proceeding and in fact, we see at least two of our programs proceeding ahead exceedingly well. They will have a tremendous influence on other programs that we are involved in, but less actively. As we told you, this time now forward will be an era that precedes the “transition era,” though you could consider this short era part of that, where there will be many unexpected developments occurring on your world, ones which you have thought about, speculated about, but which [you] never thought would come true or you have dismissed as unreal. We assure you that these happenings are also part of the developmental plan of the Correcting Time.

MMc: What specifically were you referring to in something that we “didn’t think would come about?”

MONJORONSON: I will leave that to your imaginations for now. I do not want to encourage your curiosity, so that it diverts you from the attention of our work today. I will let your curiosity be piqued without assuaging it.

Belief, Evangelism

MMc: Oh, thank you! (Monjoronson: Oh, you are most welcome!) Maybe I will save a question for later. Several times I have been told by celestials and mortals alike, not to work too hard trying to convince people of … whatever. I admit to not completely understanding the reasoning behind this. Can you help me?

  • Trying to convince others of our beliefs

MONJORONSON: Yes, I would be most happy to; in fact your question is one that is on the lips and in the minds of many thousands of people who read these transcripts. First, the decision to believe in the resurrection is something that is very important for you to accept, to know that it is real. One of the reasons that Christ Michael, as Jesus, went through the resurrection and returned several times in morontial form to this world, was to provide to those observers the experience of his presence so that they would know that the resurrection is possible, both for a Creator Son and for each mortal on this world who believes and follows in the tenants of a God-centered life. Now, this information is not new to any of you, is it? (MMc: No.) And it is not new to millions, if not billions of people around the world. Correct? (MMc: That’s correct.) And so, what we have been doing is “feeding” you further information about the afterlife and the co-creative relationship that you mortals have with us, to bring about the desired co-creative future of this world. Now, for many people, this is beyond belief. Do you accept that?

MMc: Yes, I guess I’ll have to, because certainly they don’t believe it.

MONJORONSON: Exactly. Therefore, they cannot “know” that we are co-creatively bringing about the healing of your planet through our efforts, co-creatively, with those who are in alignment with us. For those who do not wish to work with us, we have absolutely no complaint. As long as they believe in the afterlife, they have a “map” that will assist them into that afterlife, once they die. For those who do believe in the co-creative healing of this world, who are in alignment with these beliefs, then it is upon their shoulders and our shoulders that we will take the responsibility, the duties and the work and the vision of Christ Michael, to fulfill.

Now, if you were in a tug of war, where one side of ten people has hands on a very large rope, and ten people on the other side have their hands on this very large rope, and each is tugging in their own direction, would you not want those who are pulling on your team to pull “with” you? (MMc: Yes.) Of course, for if not everyone on a team of ten is pulling with you, then you will be pulled to the [other] side and you will fail. The major importance of this metaphor is our desire to succeed, to fulfill the design parameters that Christ Michael has set about with his staff to heal this world co-creatively with mortals. We do not wish you to try to convince people of the necessity of their participation on our team. If they are unable to see the necessity of their participation through the information that you provide to them—and that truly is your only obligation to strangers—is to reveal Christ Michael’s plans to them and to others whom you meet — then those who see the benefit of what you are doing, would want to voluntarily come forward to assist. My friends, these will be the most effective co-creative partners that we can possibly engage. These are the ones who we want to work with. We want to have people on our team who want to work with us, who want to enhance their spiritual skills and actually make decisions among the options they have in this world, to take action that helps themselves, their families, their communities, their world and Christ Michael’s domain. Is this clear? (MMc: Yes.)

So that is the reason why we admonish you not to try to convince people to participate. We want people who have that clarity of mind, who have already been touched with spirit, who already have access to the source of wisdom within themselves, that God presence, that interactive relationship with their Thought Adjuster—whether it is conscious or unconscious on their part—to participate with us. Those individuals will be most effective. What you have found in the Teaching Mission program is that many come on board, and many leave. Out of approximately ten to twenty thousand people, who have become aware of the Teaching Mission, how many now actively, powerfully remain? Far less than one thousand, my friends. Now, what is that? That is less than five percent success. This is a high return, if you take into account that marketers in your industries feel that if they receive a one percent return on their marketing efforts, they have been successful. Pollsters, who make telephone calls or send out mailings, if they receive three percent, they feel hugely vindicated and supported in their efforts. In this early stage of Christ Michael’s Correcting Time, we have not anticipated greater success than one percent. We are not pessimistic; we are not skeptical; we are not critical, and we do not bite our tongues or our lips, considering these issues and what you would call, failure. One percent can be huge. Our program, therefore, is to make this information known to many people.

Urantia Movement

  • Christ Michael’s work did not end with The Urantia Book

I further say to you, that you are wasting your time striving to convince your conservative friends in The Urantia Book movement. They have the information that was also channeled to them in the form of this book, and they refuse to accept what you are doing. How is it that Christ Michael’s work ended with The Urantia Book? It did not! It continues on in every generation. The work that was done to reveal that wonderful document continues on in the lives of many of you, and we support that. We want you, and we need you, to participate. Just because individuals have the awareness, the knowledge and the information, does not require a wholehearted decision on their part to participate. Further, we are quite aware of your differences of opinion within the Teaching Mission and Magisterial Mission and other programs. This is normal and this is natural, that this should be so. We, on this side, speculate; but, we do not compete, we do not try to convince the other of our logic or reasoning. We simply speculate as a way of “revealing revelation” of what our thoughts are, and this is how new insights develop and new wisdom is generated. I hope these answers have been helpful to you.

Thought Adjusters

  • How the Thought Adjusters work with mortals

MMc: Yes, they have. I am aware of my own inner guide, that Fragment of the Creator that works to adjust my thinking to bring me back to the Creator. He provides me with many of the answers to questions that I have asked. He also has often supplied me with answers to questions I have not yet asked. Is this consistent with the way the TA works in the minds of men and women? (Monjoronson: Yes.) Do TA’s ever give the same information to a group of individuals at essentially the same time? (Monjoronson: Yes.) So, individual revelation is not necessarily individual?

MONJORONSON: It is individual to that person, but it is not necessarily uniquely individual.

MMc: Are the TA’s sometimes directed to do this by the Father?

MONJORONSON: They are the Father! There is no separation between the TA and the First Source and Center. They are as integrated with the “mind” of the Creator, as a thought you have within your own self. There is no separation. However, we advise you to think in terms of not the power and eminence and presence of the First Source and Center being here with you here on this planet—if that were the case, your planet would be vaporized from Its presence. The material realm is incapable of withstanding the spirit force of the First Source and Center in face-to-face situations. Therefore, the Will of the Father is expressed in and through the Thought Adjusters work with individuals. Therefore the Father is not separated by its Thought Adjusters, but can work in unison through its Thought Adjusters, with multiple individuals, or the whole planet, if it chooses.

There is oneness and wholeness between the First Source and Center and its billions and trillions of Thought Adjusters throughout the universe. The capacity of the First Source and Center to “think” is beyond your comprehension even in terms of the fastest, most capable computers that you have on this world, on this planet. Just as your microchip architects are beginning to design master chips that have independent operations within it that are capable of independent processing, so too can groups of Thought Adjusters on a planet work together to reveal what is needed ahead for your planet. Do you have any questions about that so far?

  • The Father’s work on Urantia

MMc: No, I don’t. We have received reports that the Father is working directly here on Urantia.

MONJORONSON: The Father is working directly here on Urantia, but not personally and in Its personal eminence and presence.

MMc: Yes, I understand that.

MONJORONSON: Your questions are very useful to help clarify much confusion in the minds of individuals who have been thinking and speculating about the presence of the Father on Urantia. We want to pursue this with you, as you are able to assimilate it and formulate new questions.

MMc: So the Father has the ability to affect change here on Urantia by working through his Fragments? Working though his children, basically his celestial children and also his human children?

MONJORONSON: Yes, well said.

MMc: The Father and all his minions with the possible exceptions of us humans are working in concert to bring about the re-establishment of Urantia on the road to light and life.

MONJORONSON: That is correct.

MMc: Very good. Would you like to add anything to what I’ve said so far?


  • There are no active agents of darkness left on Urantia

MONJORONSON: Yes, there are no active agents of darkness who are now interfering with Christ Michael’s plans. There are of course, remnants of darkness that remain and those are being enlightened.

MMc: That is a great hope; that is a great comfort to me to know that the individuals that represented darkness have been removed from Urantia and the way to light is open to us without it being blocked by individuals who will stand up and try to keep us from that end.

MONJORONSON: Yes, “you,” meaning all of humankind, have enough difficulties controlling and taming and teaching your minds to think only of the light and to think more in depth than black and white, or day and night. The dualism that was so obvious to the Zoroastrians is no longer eminent or a viable thought process in the circumstances today, but most are now discovering a gradient of most aspects of life, rather than this bifurcation of reality.


  • We are “one”

MMc: In a transcript by George Barnard, Machiventa Melchizedek reported … “There is no division between us. We are one. We are each other. From our celestial viewpoint, we simply cannot be separated.” It is from our trivial human viewpoint that we see separation with those across the veil. Would you like to comment?

MONJORONSON: He is correct. It is a statement that is so accurate that it would be lessened by anything I would say additionally.

MMc: Beautiful thought. I’m not sure that most of us here would agree with it, but it is a beautiful thought.

In our April 20th sessions you said—or this one said for you—that Christ Michael’s Correcting Time plan “was written by himself, it was reviewed by authorities on Uversa and approved by the Creator Son and the Infinite Spirit. I believe that should read the “Eternal Son” and the Infinite Spirit. Am I correct?


[Note from transcriber: That is an error that occurred and was not caught during proofreading. If you would like to correct your copy, it can be found on page 8 of CWM #48, under the topic, “Assignment to Nebadon, Christ Michael and Urantia.”]

MMc: Was asking, “how many times you had incarnated as a baby” considered a curiosity question?

MONJORONSON: Yes, that is a curiosity question. Once is sufficient as proof; a million does not make it more true.

MMc: I understand. I’ve delivered several babies and for the life of me, I can’t remember how many, but certainly there were more than one and less than one hundred. I would have to look at the records in order to ascertain exactly how many.


  • Lesson on “materialism” and inevitabilities

As I was working on the Instruction Manual, I found it necessary to paraphrase the thinking that predominates our present era, our present paradigm. I found that our present worldview values the material; its goals are wealth, power and its means are competition. Would you say that this assessment of our current worldview is accurate?

MONJORONSON: Yes. Let us work on this as a lesson. What is the cause of all that?

MMc: That was my next question. Where does it come from; how long have we had this worldview?

MONJORONSON: As long as you feel lack. Individuals who have a different worldview have also a different universe view of their relationship to the Divine. Rather than seeing the universe as limited and their access to all good as limited, they have a point of view that the universe is beneficent, benevolent and the receipt of all good is unlimited for them. We see in the future that this old global worldview will change when many of the constraints and restraints of abundance are removed. One of the huge negative paradigms on your world is the limitation of energy. The world sees its access to energy as limited to the geophysical resources of this planet. However, all advanced civilizations have surpassed the petrochemical/industrial limitations that are prevalent on your planet. They have energy sources that are based on universe energy. This energy form can be applied in several ways, either directly or to use it break down other natural, completely recyclable components.

When an energy source becomes unlimited, then the cost of it becomes negligible. It would be as though you had an independent energy source on the power pole outside your house that had no connecting lines from a central petrochemically powered, or nuclear powered energy center. It would receive energy from the universe that is non-temporal and non-dimensional, and then distribute the electricity from it to the houses it is connected to. Once you pay for the energy source mechanism among the community, then it is always paid for and the only maintenance that would be involved would be the electrical lines to each house and those connections.

If you want to see panic in the economy, this development will surely bring it about. And my friends, this development is as inevitable as is the decline of human population due to over-population. There are some inevitabilities that can be delayed, but in the end, those inevitabilities will come into existence no matter how powerful the restraint has become. What I am saying is that this is another development, another vector that is coming to intersect with a course of your future in history. As managers of the social and spiritual evolution of a planet, in this case Urantia, we must ask, “What is the best time to have this development occur?” The answer is that it best occurs with other disruptions—social, economic, political, military disruption—that have developed naturally along with other circumstances. It is like a person in tremendously difficult straits in their life as they pray to God, “God, life is hard, it couldn’t get much worse, so bring on anything else that needs to be worked on. Let’s get this over with! Let’s move on to a constructive course.”

What occurs, whether it is in the life of an individual, or in a whole global civilization, the delay of inevitable developments only creates a longer extended era of disruption and disharmony and separation among people. Yes, individuals may profit financially from this, but at a huge cost to the global civilization. As I have mentioned, and others have mentioned to you, Christ Michael’s Correcting Time is global; it is universal; it is for all time. It will not leave any inevitability as a stone, unturned. Though the future is going to be, as you would say, “very interesting,” when all of these vectors begin to come together, either simultaneously or in close sequence. These are all coming forward before too long, and when I say, “before long,” that means it could be anywhere between now and 2030 or 2050 of this century.

MMc: Certainly the situation that we are in now is kind of… I think some of us have felt the shoe drop and the second shoe should drop and most of us are waiting to see it happen. I think there is a great anticipation of something more out there, and a feeling that our own governments and our own systems are incapacitated too, to help us during this time.


  • The ineffectiveness of current central organizations on global issues

MONJORONSON: Yes, the greatest fear of central organizations is that they are incapable of controlling, or that their authority is insufficient to control the developments that are ahead. They do not have the means, also, in forcing their control, that there is no plan to bring alignment into the inevitabilities and there is no plan afterwards for when they do occur. You see the work of the Correcting Time is eminently necessary to bring about an organized, coherent future for this planet.

You will see that most of the major developments will all be global. Even local, regional developments will have a global impact. If there were an earthquake and tsunami in the Los Angeles Basin, it would have a huge effect upon the global economy, not just that region. This can be said also of other economic areas, whether it is Singapore or Hong Kong, or all of Tokyo, as these are major centers of population. One hundred or two hundred years ago if they had a 9.0 earthquake it would not have been of much global consequence, only local. But because of the integration and inter-relationships of your major population centers, what affects one, now affects all. When you begin to see your world with this type of integration that already exists, you realize that sovereignty issues are preventing your world from moving ahead co-creatively.

  • The European Economic Union

I will give you an example: Your world is currently writhing with anxiety over the economic problems of Greece, Spain, Portugal, France and Italy. [The European countries] have an economic union; they have many things in commonality, and now you see them all scrambling together to try to heal the sore spots. If these worsen there will be a virtual collapse of the whole economic area. What occurred is that small and unwise nations made financial obligations that later, if it collapsed, would require the whole to heal that area, to maintain stability. The problem in this large economic region is the problem of sovereignty, where individual countries in their own domains can create problems, which have an adverse effect upon the whole region, and perhaps the whole global economy.

Efforts to have a unified economic region are not successful and [are] unsustainable when issues of separation are maintained. Yes, you can travel easily from Italy to Britain, to France and so on, but the economic problems that occur in Italy, for example, do have an adverse effect upon the entire region. I would not say that this European Economic Union was a half-baked idea, but it was not a complete idea. It was bold and it demonstrated tremendous leadership initiative, but they have forgotten that it was a developmental decision, that there is a need later on, developmentally, to then expand this region so it becomes more and more “one.” Yes, in the future, those sovereign boundaries will be dissolved, yet there will be very distinct language regions, cultural regions and ethnic regions. But the problems that the Union was striving to eliminate are still existent and only partially controlled or developed. It is now time for the Union to consciously evolve itself into its next developmental step.

You are wondering why we would bring this to your attention, you as individuals, where we are speaking of global leadership to individuals, and many of you are absolutely not interested in this. We recognize that, yet we want to bring it to your consciousness because your consciousness has a global effect, if you project it that way. We reveal these things to you, to expand the global consciousness of the human population on this world so that it becomes more and more integrated. It is essential that you realize that your thinking and your consciousness truly does have a powerful effect on the other seven billion people on your planet, whether you are conscious of it or not. It is our wish that you would develop your consciousness, and the consciousness of your thought, so that you are consciously aware of projecting harmony, oneness, union and wholeness upon the social integrity of the world.

MMc: Your answer to my last question was very replete. Unfortunately, in the introduction manual for design teams, I was not able to give such a replete answer, but I did state that our present paradigm has us almost at the brink of collapse and that it is not possible to have lasting peace, stability and sustainability as long as we, as a people, globally cling to this worldview. Is that accurate?

MONJORONSON: That is correct.

MMc: I find in these sessions that I go through a lot of changing gears. Sondjah accused me of trying to second-guess him. That isn’t quite the case; I’m trying to align my thinking with yours, and I find that I keep having to change to increase the gear ratios of my thinking as we go on here. (Monjoronson: Good!) Early on, I asked you a question in regards to sustainability and healthcare. I asked you how are we going to finance a sustainable healthcare and I was shocked when you answered that that it was not the first question that should be asked. My reaction demonstrates how deeply our present worldview has affected me, and I think that it is engrained into most of us. Yesterday, I talked with my wife about trying to establish a new healthcare system and she said, “The people in Washington are in charge of that.” That was her feeling, yet, that isn’t yours.

MONJORONSON: I work for a different “government.” (Laughter.)

MMc: I wondered if you had any comments about changing the mindset or having the mindset changed around me. This relates to our original question of how you convince people. I guess you just… there I am trying to change my thinking on the run.

MONJORONSON: And your question is, or what is your position now, sir?

MMc: I think that the new paradigm that’s basically coming out in the manual, the values that are the same as the three core values—the quality of life, the equality of the individuals and the potential for growth—goals of this new paradigm are peace, stability and sustainability, the means of these goals are to nourish the needs of the individual and the individual will then nourish the needs of society. This paradigm is wonderful; it is one hundred eighty degrees from what we see in the old paradigm, and certainly something that we can use, we can use to modify our thinking and also to modify our future, so that we have a much better future than what we have today. Would you like to comment on that?


  • Our co-creative responsibility for changing our world

MONJORONSON: Yes. I would like to go back to your earlier statement and that is, it is your co-creative responsibility to participate with us in designing a new, sustainable healthcare system. Let me give you a parallel that is familiar to some of you who are older than fifty years old: For many decades, generations, automobiles used direct current generators to produce electricity for the lights, ignition and to recharge the battery, but it was very inefficient. The return of electricity for the amount of effort that was involved was only improved by making generators bigger. Manufacturers began to realize that an alternator that generated alternating electricity at high rpm’s, or even at an idle, was far more efficient in producing far more electricity with less weight. They did not stick with the generators, did they? They decided that they had a better design that was more efficient and effective, with fewer parts and less maintenance, and so they installed alternators instead of generators and put in the necessary regulators to make the system work in the new generation of automobiles.

  • The design process is different than the implementation process

Your responsibility is in the design process. Your responsibilities do not include worrying about how to finance this. When you design a new community clinic that adheres to the social sustainability guidelines and values, this design will eventually be accepted as more efficient to the community it serves. When you begin working with this design, you will realize that the parameters of the clinic are far more than simply [improving] physical health. A community clinic is also involved in the mental health, emotional health, spiritual health and social health of the patients it serves. When these measures are taken into account, then the size of the clinic will decrease because it will serve the holism of human life in its entirety. Its effectiveness will be increased, and local health costs per patient will decrease. I continue to tell you that social sustainability is a systems approach, and being a system itself, it also engages other social systems in a society. Your responsibilities are not about financing or funding. It was not the designers of the alternators responsibility to think about the production process or the integration of the parts stream that would be required to do that. They simply designed the most efficient, effective alternator or generating source of electricity for an automobile. They were not confusing themselves with other parameters. Your effectiveness as a designer will be limited by your own worldview as it is now. When you have the focus of being a designer, and you maintain your own mental/emotional focus, then you will do far better and be far more effective. Does this help explain?

MMc: Yes, the emotional and mental focus of being only the designer and not trying to worry about the implementation part of it.

MONJORONSON: That is correct. You will find that when the implementation team begins to think about the design, they will have some additional design comments to make for amending and improving the design, and that collaboration is highly important for the eventual installation of a new functioning, medically sustainable designed clinic.

MMc: As my father would say, as a master machinist, he ran a department at Douglas Aircraft and made parts for airplanes and missiles, and he was constantly complaining that the designers had not looked ahead to figure out how their particular designs were going to be made, and that was his bailiwick; that was what he had to figure out, and he was very good at it, and he taught me to be good at it, so… designing things and making them work, I’ve done pretty much most of my life. He taught me how to make tools and use those tools in order to make things. It’s going to be an interesting time for me.


  • Importance of reflective, critical thinking

MONJORONSON: That is why it is important to use reflective thinking, critical thinking and to call upon your celestial friends for celestial insights that will shorten the time needed in your design work, and also to make them more effective. You see, the socially sustainable design teams were designed themselves to incorporate an integrated, co-creative relationship between mortals and the celestial realm. The worldview image of individuals in your world will eventually change to understand this. We are here; we are existent and we are not going away. Though there are many millions of developed people who do not believe that we exist as capable of having actual, conversational dialog with them, we are striving to make inroads everywhere possible, so that we can. It is only through the co-creative relationship, operational relationship that your world will become sustainable, that the huge problems that face this world in all regards will be resolved peacefully, completely and functionally.

Human beings simply have too many impediments in their existence to accomplish that which is beyond their lifetimes and beyond their mind’s comprehension. By having a functioning, ongoing relationship with the celestial realm on a daily basis, many of the problems that you are striving to overcome can be done so in a much shorter time and effectively. We hope you see this; we hope you appreciate this. Being involved in a co-creative relationship is not a victimization unless you think it is. It is not a critical statement to you unless you think it is. We are not here to make you feel “less than” we are, but to simply rise to your highest potential, to express your living reality in day-to-day living in your personal life, your family life, your community life and your social life. We are here to empower you, particularly if you have the vision of yourself as being capable of being empowered. That is again why we ask you to solicit support and participation from only those individuals who are in agreement and alignment with these beliefs.

MMc: Thank you, Monjoronson. I don’t have any further questions today. Is there something that you would like to say in summing up today’s session?



  • Words for the readership

MONJORONSON: Yes, we would like to see you stop arguing among yourselves and to be more agreeable with each other. You have so much wasted motion in your own minds individually, without having to argue with others. We ask you to open yourself to your Thought Adjuster and ask that your Thought Adjuster work with other individual’s Thought Adjusters to bring this wholeness about and these agreements about between individuals. We project our consciousness of oneness upon you. We ask you to receive this, to accept it and to implement it in your lives. We bless you as well; we bless you with wholeness of mind, integrity of intention and in service as a function of your life—service to yourself, your growth and other individuals, other people around you – selflessly. Thank you and good day.