2012-07-11-A Lesson on Feelings

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Topic: A Lesson on Feelings

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “It will be useful to discuss feelings, because of the weight they carry during one’s life, and behaviors developed early in life. When there are deciding moments in which a ‘door to greater development’ is closed, a child may take that moment as truth. For example, when a little one is repeatedly told that he or she is no good – worded in sundry negative phrases – the child can only feel bad about the self. Low self esteem may develop from such verbal abuse, the source of which slinks away in memory, to rarely surface because of a trigger, or not at all. The burdens may endure for the rest of the persons’ lives. These are some of the extreme cases I am speaking about. These cases can give rise to sundry mental aberrations, because such individuals may never feel wanted. These sensitive souls might also become loud and harsh people, fighting for a foothold in a world perceived to be antagonistic.

“There is an array of hidden mental irregularity in connection with low self esteem. The abused can turn into troubled personalities, who always ‘need to be right’ because they would otherwise feel insecure. It takes the building of a strong character in a person willing to meet inner problems head on, and work through them by learning different coping skills. Mental resilience can provide new insights and therefore different ways of doing things. Things must not necessarily be done in a way ‘they have always been done’ in the past. Such is non-progressive behavior. You all have the gift of creativity in you to consider matters in a different light. It is what makes all of you the unique beings that you are. Nobody is the clone of another, so it is impossible to always think alike.

“Being around people who are different to you may create a problem in getting along with them. However, it may also open new ways of understanding and empathy on a deeper level. Herein lie lessons which could not be learned in any other way. It is not required that you should be alike, and agree in all circumstances, but it is required that you listen to someone else’s viewpoint and accept the nuggets they contain, for your further personal growth. It is at these times that insights arise which may set one free from bondage – enslavement to the past, ever so redundant because of the fallacies it contained.

“It is very important and very liberating, when you finally begin to realize that all of you are equally loved by the infinite Creator God. You are all equal in His eyes, as God is no respecter of persons whatever standing they may attain in society. This would only bring added responsibility because of the reckoning this entails as to how you attain and disperse of your wealth. The feelings attending you in your life will either lead you closer to the All That Is, or lead you away if they stand as a burden between you and your emotional and mental freedom. In this way your spirit languishes in imprisonment, because it has never been set free, due to your feelings which keep you hostage. Please, you can set yourself free by coming into the Stillness of your heart. It is never too late to start seeking, and practicing My nearness. This is your greatest salvation from the ties which bind you to selfishness.”