2012-07-15-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Learning/Teaching

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Elyon, Socrates, Michael

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris, Henry Z.



Learning, Teaching

Elyon: [Mark] Hello my friends, Elyon here to visit the classroom again. I will carry on with one of the threads offered in the discussion, that being the observation of the role that you play in the process that we are engaged and developing and building. There is a concept you are quite familiar with in your schooling system where at first you enter on a beginner level, you build upon the lessons learned over the many courses that you are served and this provides a greater and greater platform for you to build upon, even greater and greater concepts and courses.

Then at some point, one is considered accomplished enough [with] the material that they have been provided that they are elevated to the level of a teachers assistant. In so doing, they work side by side with the instructor of the course to help in providing the materials needed to accomplish the task of a successful delivery of the lesson of the hour. While this teachers assistant may begin working behind the scenes or in the background, they are mentoring under the instructor, and as part of this process. Eventually they are brought forward and even given the opportunity to instruct the class as part of their own individual training.

This is where we find ourselves with you at this juncture. You have been provided the materials over these many lessons. You have taken to yourself this material and built great foundations upon which more and more lessons may be added and you have even moved up in the ranks from classroom participant to teachers assistant and even from teachers assistant to ones who are capable of moving into the position of instructor. All the while, you enjoy the support of the great mechanism behind you, the great school of the universe.

Then, after having been prepared in this way, one moves into greater and higher levels of education wherein they are in charge of their own instruction and they pursue their interests and get advanced degrees based upon their own internal drive and initiative. This great launching point of sending one off for higher education is a great transitionary step because if one applies themselves at these higher levels and masters their curriculum, then they are widely accepted and known as the experts of the day, as the new professors, the new instructors to the next generation for they are witnessed to have traversed the entire program and achieved this level of mastery.

It is such a joy to watch spiritual ascenders go through this process and achieve these different levels and accomplishments which allow you to accept and achieve greater and greater accomplishments. All the while this is part of the normal and natural evolutionary process and you are merely unfolding the potential that is inherent within you. You are merely availing yourselves of the institutions provided for you to accomplish this unfurling of yourself. And all this is according to such a grand plan, such a gigantic enterprise that it is truly miraculous to observe this process in action, this truth in motion.

It is indeed one of my greatest pleasures to have been joined with you through some of this process and witnessed the changes in all of you as you have grown and changed and expanded to accommodate ever and greater truths. You are miracles in action and you are learning now to expect such miracles as a routine course of your experience, even more-so you are learning to lean on these truths and act as if you are certain of these truths, therefore the truths cannot help but exist and manifest as so expected.

Thank you for the opportunity to throw a few words into the pool of understanding today. I now step to the side to allow this forum for others, thank you.

Group: Thank you Elyon, we appreciate hearing that this morning.

Elyon: It is indeed my pleasure I assure you, to have this association and share this experience with you. The opening of yourselves to accommodate me and us in this process is one of those spectacular miracles to behold and to cherish as holy, as one of those extensions of faith that transcends mortal limitation and clearly demonstrates the presence of indomitable spirit. My gratitude is surely for you for providing such a grand display, thank you.

Cathy: Following our previous discussion of Socrates, I believe I have a transmission which appears to be from Socrates, I will read it.


Socrates: [Cathy] You speak of me as non-spiritual when I am full of spirit. My questions led the thought to the smallest component and key aspects of the truth. I was constantly aware that spirit was the form that an experience embellishes. I also was the student while acting as the teacher. It was an organic process, a natural progression, of revelation of the many aspects upholding the truth of reality. I was in amazement and joy in observation of both life functions and the processes that created them. There was a misconception that we were in innocent naivety but the reality was quite different in our time. We were in revelatory discovery of life's mysteries. We were able to worship the magnificence of the world around us, of life's creation. We were constantly surprised and uplifted with the truths uncovered. It was a time of great revelation and we were fortunate to be able to recognize the truth. In all of this exploration we carried a spiritual view and reverence for the mysteries of our Creator. In your time, you have the opportunity of revelation. You have the capacity to question and to reveal your own truths. You have the divinity within. You are the answers to your own questions.

Action, Understanding

Michael: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Michael, wishing you a warm welcome. It is good to address this group, to listen to your various discussions, your awareness, your observations, and how it is you are able to discern the light in all matters. All of you are in a process of growing spiritually. You are all coming to some greater understanding of the divine source which is within you. The greater understanding of this divine source is revealing itself in how all of you are interacting with each other.

This is true of your little groups which I am addressing. It is true of all groups men and women all over the world, all are gaining understanding, awareness. The understanding of the Father's will, the purpose and meaning of life is a tremendous and great thing. As individuals, you are only capable of accessing your part in it. This part greatly contributes to the whole by slowly making it possible for others to discover their part in the whole. How you as individuals come to this understanding is of less significance than the understanding and the determination to act upon this understanding, for in the real world, the real nature of Father's will, it is acting upon this understanding which is important. It is your ability to choose and will into being which creates the greater significance in understanding the larger ramifications of the Father's will.

Even though the Father's will is tremendously important to you, you are just as important to the Fathers will as is everyone else. There is no ones contribution which is greater or more significant. What becomes greater and more significant is the ability within yourselves to grow and transform the very nature of your being by this understanding. Therefore things like belief, faith, hope, and trust are like electrons surrounding the nucleus of an atom. They are aspects, variables, which surround the significance, the importance of your choice and your determination of will to act upon these choices.

It matters not how you come to understand how to act but that you act, you do act in the understanding which you have. Sometimes it is tremendously difficult from a human perspective to comprehend the dimensional and layering aspects which this reality of growing in righteousness and goodness indicate. You sometimes cannot see exactly where you are. You feel like you are in a gigantic ocean treading water and this is okay. If your head is above the water you are in the correct position and in time you will see the shore, you will see the greater ramifications of your acts. You will begin to see positive consequences, you will begin to comprehend the order in the seeming chaos which surrounds you. You will be able to stand firmly aground knowing that your faith, your belief, your trust, has brought you to kneel before the greatness of love and the respect which it brings all men.

It is good to have you all onboard. It is good to know that if even one person in billions understands, that this is leverage, that in time a greater percentage will understand until that day when understanding begins to rule, that you can begin to live without just reacting to things, that wisdom and understanding, knowledge and counsel, are hardwired into your spirit for a reason. If I am the teacher, you are all my teacher assistants. You all act in my grace and my stead in this ongoing process we call life, the ongoing manifestation of truth, beauty, and goodness, that they may dwell fully in the hearts of all men.


My children, initially it was out of purpose that I chanced to come to your world. But since coming to your world I have understood that the purpose was to fulfill a dream which lived in the hearts and minds of all men and I am the dream catcher weaving all dreams into one lovely warm tapestry which surrounds all of you, this tapestry of love and light. Continue to live and enjoy life my children and in time that which you need will be supplied to you. Go now and continue to live in my love and my light, that one day all men on this world will enjoy my peace, thank you.