2012-07-22-Worship of the Paradise Father

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Topic: Worship, Justice, Gender

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are here today to be conjoined in your love as one heart, one mind, one soul, to collaborate with our Magisterial Son and focus our heart energies where we are being guided. We are so grateful to have his presence here with us today, as we open our minds to you and to all of the celestial assistants who are joining with our efforts today to build more DIVINE JUSTICE, MERCY, RIGHT MINDEDNESS and LOYALTY TO THE FATHER’S WILL upon Urantia. May your will be done.


MONJORONSON: My dear brethren, greetings! This is Monjoronson, and I welcome you to this forum of co-creating the patterns of spirit upon this beloved world of Michael. Today as we continue to focus upon those creative energies of DIVINE JUSTICE, we will add our energies into what you are helping us seed into the fabric of planetary consciousness. During our last time together we started to build this circuitry in the domain of the relationships between the genders. We will continue to focalize some of your energies in this field and begin to add the energies into other areas of great need where DIVINE JUSTICE precedes the MERCY endowment that is necessary in this time of planetary adjudication.

Let us first begin by conjoining our heart energies in worship of the Father in Paradise. Set your gaze in your mind’s eye upon the place of perfection—the home of LOVE, the seat of the Father and all His glory and majesty. Your human imaginations can hardly conceive of this place, yet there is something within your hearts that truly desires to unite where this place juxtaposes in your consciousness. Feel your desire to be in Paradise with the Father, and by your very intention allow the circuits in your being to open as you send your love forth to Him and allow it to reflect back to you. Let us begin, and in a few moments, we will direct your gaze upon Urantia as we seed your energies throughout your planet.

Father, as these tender hearts are directed toward you, receive the love of your children. May you reflect it back into them many times over as they use your LOVE to help this world align in your WILL. (Pause)

Now let us conjoin as one as you focus on DIVINE JUSTICE. Let your mind’s eye gaze upon Urantia, holding the world in this fabric of the Father’s WILL. Feel your desire for the healing of the relationships between the genders. We will move these energies of your heart into this arena as DIVINE JUSTICE infiltrates this consciousness. Feel your desire for the relationship between men and women to open to the Father’s WILL, for the patterns of DIVINE JUSTICE to become more dominant and operative in this part of your planetary life. (Pause)

The seed of contention between the genders was sown many years ago in the ancient past. Let the desires of your heart focus on the healing that this seed may be aligned in the Father’s WILL. We trace back the legacy to its roots and find that seed, and we implant the Father’s WILL, HARMONY, UNITY, PEACE, UNDERSTANDING, FORGIVENESS and COMPASSION into this place. Let your hearts be light as we labor in these fields and repair the rift between the genders in this fabric of planetary consciousness. (Pause)

There is such love to be generated amongst men and women. The pattern of Michael with his consort, your Creative Mother Spirit, is a relationship pattern this world has hardly known. In your hearts, feel the desire for this design pattern go deeper into the fabric of planetary consciousness. Let its foundations of LOVE infiltrate these places of receptivity where the minds and hearts of men and women of this world truly seek to work together more harmoniously in alignment with the Father’s WILL. (Pause)

Allow your gaze to rest gently upon the energies of divine relationships between men and women. We will use what you generate to foster these changes within the planetary consciousness. (Pause)

As the energies of DIVINE JUSTICE commingle with the restructuring of divine relationships between men and women, we invite you to truly focus this in your hearts during your day. The desires for these divine patterns to seep deeper into the fabric of planetary consciousness will do so as each of you takes time to simply focus on what we co-create here. There will be many who will come to your side, you might say, and move this deeper into this fabric. Continue to focus on this desire. (Pause)

Let us shift our focus. In your mind’s eye, visualize Michael’s GOODNESS embracing the world. And then, from your heart, project that desire for DIVINE JUSTICE and Michael’s GOODNESS to combine together to form a tighter tether around this fabric of planetary consciousness. Feel your love for Michael—your Universe Father. He is so magnificent, and in your developing relationships you are beginning to receive a glimpse of His majesty. Let this go deeper now into your hearts as you desire DIVINE JUSTICE and His GOODNESS to come together in a synergistic relationship. We will continue to work in these fields along with you. (Pause)

Let us build the energies of Michael’s GLORY and POWER into this field as well. Again, in your mind’s eye, simply visualize Michael’s hands embracing Urantia and His hands are radiating his GLORY and POWER into this fabric of planetary consciousness as you project your energies of DIVINE JUSTICE into this field. (Pause)


And now, my dear brethren, on behalf of the celestial hosts who have attended this forum, we send our deep gratitude to you. We depart from you in this manner. It will be helpful to keep the field of your consciousness vibrating at this heightened state as you allow these energies to now converge within our own systems and upstep you with the divine WILL you are co-creating with us.

Let this be a time in your own personal lives of transformation. Your Adjusters may truly operate more freely within the circuits of your mind to imprint upon you the Father’s LOVE and His WILL, for surely the days of rebellion are ending, and the new light is dawning in the hearts of humanity. Even though you may not always see the flickers of light in your brothers and sisters, the flames of TRUTH and GOODNESS are beginning to become brighter. And we thank you for conjoining with us to build the fires of LOVE upon Urantia. BE in the Father’s WILL, my dear brethren. Good day.