2012-08-04-Of Spiritual Truth and Equilibrium

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Topic: Spiritual Truth and Equilibrium

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Dr. Mendoza

TR: George Barnard



Dr. Mendoza (MNO-8): “I am a Midwayer Healer, and my daily task of care deals with curing my patients from their physical, emotional and psychological maladjustments. However, in doing so I am limited to attending to my kin, the midwayers, and humans, to be sure. Much of my ‘invisible medicine bag of cures’ deals with the methods and procedures that allow my patients to find their equilibrium through me as this permits them to better absorb the universal energy that is healing and rejuvenating in myriad ways.

“Today I wish to speak about one’s understanding of spiritual truth and how at certain times one’s ill-adjusted equilibrium can distort personal truth. Firstly, there is universal truth, the Creator’s truth, which is borne out of love, and subject to no one as yet imperfect in any way. Indeed, you cannot at your level, my level, or at the status of the Archangels or even Melchizedeks have ultimate truth in mind, except for fleeting moments until you rationalize such. Consider then your grasp of truth when your equilibrium is in a frail state.

“Aha! And now my human friend is catching on to the direction of this conversation, likely giving me the opportunity to ‘preach my sermon’ without him interrupting me. Secondly there is personal spiritual truth, different for everyone because of parental input, your degree of interest, teachings from significant others, and more. There are also the things you read, and importantly, the things you imagine, and consider to be the truth. And so tell me what were your feelings at any time. How was your equilibrium? Your status sound?

“In an irregular world, your world, our world, we are all handicapped to a degree. From person to person our understanding of information about the unseen, the spiritual I refer to, varies considerably, so much so that in celebrating your spirituality in groups, or churches, there is no agreement. And so, as I temporarily put spirituality aside and speak of religion, let us consider how many varieties there are of Buddhism, Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, the Muslims’ teachings. Individual beliefs and truths run into thousands upon thousands.

“You can only be a rookie student at best in contemplating spiritual truths. Tens of thousands of years your senior, I am convinced I do not have a total grasp of all spiritual truth, for the imbalances and irregularities of this rebellious world now in its correcting times, runs in our blood, one might suggest, providing most with the assurance that they, individually have the monopoly on truth, jay, even spiritual truth. Gather now how difficult it becomes to find a meeting place for those of opposing opinions, but it can be done.

“Nothing is more important than for you all to firstly find your equilibrium, decide that you cannot know it all, and follow the appeals of your teachers and prophets to have reverence for your Creator and minister to your neighbor as you yourself would like to be treated. Only by first finding your equilibrium will you find and understand the most important part of undeniable spiritual truth – that there is no division and you are all one.


This is Dr. Mendoza, MNO-8 the Healer, as I am also known by this number. Adieu.”