2012-08-25-Michael's Birthday Celebration

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Topic: Michael's Birthday Celebration

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Cathy Morris



Michael: Even though I am not as one among you, nevertheless you have indeed orchestrated a party for me and have furnished an invitation which I accept with deep gratitude, not only for this singular event which you are engaged in at this moment, but I accept all that you do in deep gratitude for I see as you go about and are in service to my other children - I see. Acts such as this one we witness today together are visual reminders of the energy behind this construct, this idea that you all pull together and pool together to form. It is easy to see that all has been made in preparation and in readiness for festivities to occur, and indeed you should expect nothing less than festivities to occur.

Such is the glory and grandeur of an expression of love such as you give me on this day. But I call to witness that all of you, each of you, act in small acts of kindness and love, which are equally as potent and powerful. Simply the smile to another suggests your friendship of help and caring of attention. All these are as grand acts in the universe although played out with much smaller fanfare and much less attention drawn. I recognize that you all who gather for this occasion also celebrate me even as I celebrate you. You all appreciate more than just on this day or at this time, my contribution, and you carry some measure of this inspiration with you throughout your day and throughout your lives and I see it flowing from you as it has become a part of you and yours as a gift to give to others.

When I say yours, I really rejoice in the fact that this love is ours to share, that I am somehow part of your becoming divine beings in process. Any parent takes a certain amount of satisfaction in observing the children grow up and do so well and be so good. It is impossible not to feel as though you are somehow connected and have some responsibility to bear in the equation and this is certainly true. This I feel about you the same way, proud of your growing up, proud of your reaching out to your brothers and sisters. These expressions of love are where I feel most closely connected to you, most closely associated with you for I recognize where these stirrings of love come from and I have made it my purpose to be examples of these expressions which emanate from the Father. I am indeed honored and humbled as I witness each of you make your attempts to convey your purpose, your representation of the love of your Divine Parents.

In this we truly do share unity of purpose. We are as brothers in this regard, as similar individuals both trying to express that which we know to be of divine characteristics. And so I try in my way as I do in this moment here and now. You try in your way with your experience and your perspective and I tell you that they are equal in the eyes of a loving Father who sees us both as having fulfilled our mission and our purpose. Of course our missions change as we grow and change and as our capacities expand to embrace greater and greater versions of truth, beauty, and goodness.

So I encourage you all to be prepared to embrace a change of mission, and by this I mean that as the student has grown, more and more is expected of him. At some point, as part of the learning process, it becomes required that the student becomes the teacher that the learned become the ones to instruct. As we proceed forward as a collective, as the gigantic whole that we are, there will be those who have come to spirit and reconciled their relationship with spirit and have a grasp strong enough to hold on to of their relationship to all that is.

I speak of you here assembled. You have made it your business as it were, to seek out the truths and you all witness that you been provided with what you have sought. You have indeed found, and therefore you are the students who have embraced these truths and have a grasp strong enough to hold on to so that when paradigms shift and there may arise a great instability, it need not offend your position, it need not distract from your mission. Rather, you are the ones with a strong enough hold on the truth, a great enough grasp to withstand the buffeting about that may come from change, because in spirit you have come to truths which go beyond the temporal aspects of change, truths which are permanent in the face of change, truth that you are loved, that you are part of a loving universe that cares about you as an individual, truth that you are part of a great family that includes you as a cherished individual. These truths transcend all temporal matters and therefore, you who have these truths may be strong, may be certain, may stand firm and rely on these timeless certainties.

As you all know, to those who will believe, all things are possible. You have grown to believe, you have come to belief individually through your own individual experiences. Now, having arrived at this state of belief, it is now required of you that you believe this statement of belief, that in fact, all things are possible. This is the dimension we are entering, when we will be furnished with the opportunity to execute this simple statement, for when things are all in a state of flux, all it takes to form reality at that point is a vision, is an idea, is an inspiration and all that is in flux can then formulate around these seeds.

So I invite you to keep in mind my dear ones, that not only do I desire to be with you throughout this process and make formal petition to you through this means at this time, to be invited by you in to share the journey. That is all that it takes, the simple gesture on your part, to invite me to be included with you as the process unfolds. Not only do I request to join you but I hope to bring reminder to you of this simple and basic truth that you have at your disposal: "To them that believe, all things are possible." So simple and yet such a profound truth that it has yet to be grasped. These word symbols have yet to be fully embraced and executed as though they were true.

Perhaps, over the course of this gathering, we might keep in mind this statement and refer to it and each individually challenge yourself with this statement. Challenge yourself to ask, what about this statement is not true? What about this statement stops me? Where do I find any resistance to this statement? How do I align myself as an individual with this truth? This would be a worthy exercise to engage with at any time but perhaps in relationship to each other, discussion may be generated or observations may be made and capacities may be enhanced.

I pray it be so but then I have already an overall awareness of how it all turns out, you might say, what the final chapters are if there were final chapters in this episode. I know that all is well and all is certain and all is peaceful. I only pray that you can join me in my knowingness of these things and be with me at peace and in certainty and with conviction and act as you have been told I acted in my life, knowing with absolute certainty, that if I believed, and I did, then in truth and in fact, all things are possible. My life was simply living by this statement and what transpired was the result of my conviction.

Thank you for remembering me on this occasion and on every occasion that you act in my stead. I will be readily at hand throughout as more come and join you in festivities designed to celebrate my birth. I assure you, just as you celebrate mine, yours is celebrated equally, yours is embraced with the same significance and purpose because you are as I was, born a child, a babe of the realm but with a divine endowment, a piece of the Eternal First Source and Center. This is always cherished and relished and holy and individual and an essential part of the whole, such as I was, such as you are.

I now step back and will remain in attendance throughout, observing your festivities with my deepest appreciation, thank you.


Light: [Cathy] I am pleased to connect with everyone to rejoice in the birth of our Father, brother, Creator Michael. All the worlds rejoice in his accomplishments while on this world. The streaming light is just a marker, the sun just a reminder of the light each of you brings with you to this gathering. I encourage you to spread the light and love for miles around, to fill the atmosphere with light and love. I marvel at the brilliance I perceive from this side. The universe rejoices with you as the glow spreads abroad on this world of the cross. The light is indeed moving through the darkness, it is changing the very being of each one on the planet. The light will continue to grow, it is a miracle of love and redemption for this troubled planet, it is indeed work that will profit from your attention and participation. Together we move forward with Michael's plan, together we will triumph over the darkness and error in this world. I am blessed to be with you always.