2012-09-10-About Potentials

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Topic: About Potentials

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “Each one of you is free to choose the life you want to live. The only commandment is to be perfect as your Father is heaven is perfect. Beyond that, the possibilities and choices available to a human being are practically infinite. However, those who choose to live the will of the Father are in fact choosing a stimulating and plentiful life, full of opportunities for growth and progress, because the plan of the Father is a program of study designed to help you become more perfect each day.

“Those who start to discover the hidden potential within begin to feel the inspiration to explore certain tasks that are adequate to each individual’s personality and talents. It is possible that you start to think about trying something you have never been exposed to in the past, something for which you may need to prepare investing a lot of commitment and time, but sooner or later your talent for this task will become evident.

“Human beings somehow have a confused idea about talent. A person is considered talented when she can accomplish certain task with great ease, without requiring a lot of instruction. Examples are those ‘virtuosi’ that can play and compose beautiful melodies with minimal musical instruction. But is the person who practices for a decade or more in order to reach the same level less talented? Time is not a factor for human talent nor is the place where you start. The important thing is where you end up and the achievements your effort and your consistency produce.


“Do not consider as a waste the time invested in exploring those things your feel inspired to engage in. Maybe because of your current job, or your present duties, you can only allocate a few minutes every few days to a task of self-exploration and growth, but every effort towards the attainment of perfection always produces results and every little step you take with the intent of living the will of your Father will bring you closer to your destiny.”