2012-10-04-Progress, Rebellion, Joseph Smith

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Topic: Progress, Rebellion, Joseph Smith

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Midwayer Jack, Frank, Paulo

TR: Gerdean, George Gordon



0802AB JACK here. I don’t usually get spiritual, but it wouldn’t hurt for you to take a moment to thank the Source for the opportunity and the forum that we’ve got here to use to communicate together. It’s a handy-dandy device, the telephone, much like the Harp of God that is a device enabling those of us who are more dense to pick up on universe broadcasts. I don’t pick up on universe broadcasts, in case you were wondering; I do however have opportunity to converse with almost everyone who comes by, and particularly the student visitors, as we tend to play host to them.

We live here, you know, and know our way around, much like when someone comes to your town you can tell them were to go in terms of good lodging or good restaurants or ‘must see’ cultural events. We are in a position to answer questions, up to a point, and in exchange we are able to inquire about them -- where they come from, what they are doing here, where they are going -- and so our understanding of the universe expands through that exposure but, like you, we are not permitted to travel around; we’re stationed here, as it were, and we’ll do our stint happily, and so much more happily now that we have this bridge built that enables us to reach out and touch one another in the realm of morontia communications.

There are a number of visitors this evening. Perhaps George would like to go first this time.

George: Thank you. Certainly. I’ll try to get in the zone and see what comes through.

FRANK: This is Frank. You don’t have to extend the invitation to me twice for me to seize this opportunity to address my human counterparts, my celestial brethren and sistren who wish that they had the opportunity that I have had to communicate and I consider this a privilege and never shun my responsibilities. For those who are new, I am a personal teacher of this my human subject, a very complex individual who means well, and has a heart.



Tonight I wish to speak you about progress … progress of your civilization, progress as a planet. Those of you who have read The Urantia Book know for sure what your ultimate destiny will be. You have been introduced to the idea of a planet reaching certain stages of life and life; however, you can see many are eons away from that reality. At this time, then, you as a human being can work towards experiencing light and life within your own consciousness, within your domain of activity. You can progress to the point where you eradicate fear, envy, jealousy, the need for revenge, all those negative traits; you can replace them with loving thoughts and action, toward those who may have offended you. It might seem unfair that you should give up the right to get even, the right for you to even the score, but you are in fact retarding your progress when you engage in such pursuits.

It is only you who can elevate yourself to a place the point where these trivialities of life do not impact heavily on your mood. You transcend the moment, so to speak. If you continue to transcend the moment, you eventually will transcend the reality that you find yourself in. It is by this technique, that the Master, when sojourning on your planet, arrived at such a state of light and life, so did the life of Enoch and Elijah.

It is interesting that throughout all of human history, so few individuals have attained such a high state of consciousness, a high state of selflessness, but it is not beyond your grasp. It is only difficult to attain because your hands are filled simply by holding on tothings that have no spiritual fulcrum. Those things will not propel you to the next level of existence. It is time now to replace the things you hold on dearly to, replace them with new and higher meanings. A practical approach is to engage yourselves daily in wanting, wishing, longing to do good to everyone you see, longing and wishing to help all those around you. It is by doing this that eventually you will do such things as second nature. You will do such things with the expectation of no reward.

If you might be presumptuous, consider yourselves acting in God’s care to assist someone who has been praying for years for something, but it is you, through the divine entity within you that spans the entire universe. It is through that entity that Father of all will direct, give you direction, that you the human being will execute His will in that person’s life. It is you who will reach out physically and interact for the divine personality, for the divine will will be enacted through your actions. This is not difficult, my friend, to attempt because the reward and the benefits is growth, progress. It is so difficult sometimes that so many of you spend so much time on what is called mere trifles of life.

It is your thoughts, actions, lay down the departed into the morontia existence; put coins in the piggy bank: loving service, even thoughts of people, even those who might have offended you, so you might shake off the shackles of human nature, so free your hands so that you might hold on to this new existence. That is the progress we endeavor for you to attain and when it happens to the individual you are touching, it sets off a chain reaction and the human psyche comes to the fore. It is through that portal, it is through those actions, that the spiritual progress of the civilization you now find yourself in, will be enacted. Those collective agents are also doing their part to awaken individuals from the long slumber.

Evil doing, evil thinking, tradition that you find yourself in as a culture, even though the threat of war hangs over your planet. The selfishness of people has escalated with a degree of selfishness of whole nations of people, whole races of people. People find security in the sword, people find security in arms, but those things are just temporary appeasement, so the progress I implore you to experience is to take action, take action of your own lives to influence and control your own mood; replace those bad feelings with thoughts of good wishes, thoughts of doing good, remembering things you have done that were good, remembering good things that were done to you. Use reverse psychology on your own self to lift yourself out of that state and in due course the ripple effect will go throughout the entire human race.

It is not difficult. It is a simple approach. Experiment with it. Try it a few times. Try it with those you might resent the most. You might not have the courage to say something to them out loud but you might just try to replace that feeling of resentment for a feeling of hoping that one day you and that person can exchange pleasantries and be friends. You might just maintain a smile when you are in the person’s presence. You might just do that to change the mood, but we are not asking you to do anything outside the realm or range of human achievement.

I take my leave of you now. My subject is quite tired, but I am glad for this experience this evening. I wish you all the best in your endeavors and remember you are indeed on the cutting edge of information as it pertains to what happens on the other side of the curtain. Good night.

JACK: Goodnight Frank and thank you George. Jack’s back, enjoying the ambient atmosphere of a personal teacher such as Frank who is so capable of giving group lessons as well as personal lessons. This is the thing that happens when you practice Stillness and get to know your personal teachers – you find they are able to hold forth with the best of them, for not one of them is without the credentials necessary to uplift humanity one at a time, as are all the teachers and helpers of The Correcting Time.

I’m not feeling any particular urge or any particular direction. There are, as I said, a number of teachers here but none of them are coming forward. Perhaps what we might do then is engage with you, the listener, somewhat. If you want to engage with us, which I wish you would, press star six on your hand-held device and that will open the avenue for communication. If you have a question, if you would like to hear from a particular teacher, if there is some direction you could give us, that would be helpful.


Cults, Tradition

Mark: Yes, I have a question. I have a historical question. I have heard, or at least I have read in transcription Monjoronson speak approvingly of Joseph Smith, father of Mormonism, but I’ve also heard a number of historians on this side of the veil who have called him a complete charlatan. Is someone there who is witness to--? I’m sure there are many here this evening who are eye-witness to that situation. Is there someone there who is willing to give us their considered take on Joseph Smith? Please.

JACK: I will handle that, although I am not sure I will be able to satisfy your need. I was here. That is to say I live here, but I did not take any specific interest in Joseph Smith. Of course, we all observe what anyone is doing that has repercussions, and a lot of people throughout history have behaved in ways that have repercussions, Joseph Smith being one of them, but in terms of history, you will appreciate that a person’s actions at the time may not be as great as they are in retrospect, and, in fact, humans tend to write their own history and/or the history of their movement or their nation after the fact and in glowing terms.

The fact is, there was a lot of chicanery going on in the early movement of Seventh Day Adventists and Latter Day Saints. Their history is rife with a number of things, persecution being high on the list, and sexual deviations being low on the list, but even though those were a part of their history – and many other things – they have emerged as a mighty … I want to say “nation” because they are very clannish and loyal to that clan above and beyond the loyalty to their religious leaders which is as enthusiastic as you are about Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. And so there is a little bit of both, as you can imagine.

Joseph Smith was no saint, nor was he a total fraud. There are other personalities in that religious movement … or I should say movements, because they had their internal strife and divisiveness, as many do. And each one of the leaders has his own powerful contribution to make, power being the key word. Some folks seem naturally born into power, or know how to wield power; it is most often, if not always, at the expense of the meek, and so when you get a religious movement comprised of meek people who believe that the meek shall inherit the earth and that it is pleasing in God’s eyes that you be meek, and non-demonstrative, or non-egoistic, it is easy, then, for someone to maneuver / manipulate their way into herding people into behaviors that are wrapped around beliefs that may or may not make sense if seen from “outside.”

And so we have cults and this is certainly a cult, it certainly began as a cult, just as Christianity began as a cult and … what can I say? There is a wide range of anticipated behaviors involved in any such a development. There will be some very unsavory characters as well as some truly noble souls. I am not here to point fingers at which is which, for generally speaking, the noble souls can be very unsavory and the unsavory ones can also manifest some very noble traits, so it’s not for me to say who are the heroes and who are the villains -- except to observe that this is what happens again and again, over and over.

And these cults grow and morph over time. If they don’t progress, if they don’t catapult themselves into ways that advance their people, or their God, they will rot from the inside and die away. So those that are emerging and thriving can be studied to see where they might be in this cycle, whether they are just coming into power or whether they are just leaving. And whether you want to have anything to do with them or not, there are many ways to go, many religious to wrap yourself around or surround yourself with that can provide guidance, counsel, and comfort. There is much to be gained by a cluster of fellow religionists, as you yourself have seen in the Urantia movement.

The people who believe that the Urantia Papers are the fifth epochal revelation have a bond, a certain like-mindedness, and they learn to tolerate each other’s peculiarities because the overriding significance of their religion, their belief, propels forward that element that chooses to retrogress or limit itself as if it had never been. It will fall away, while that which has value will come forward. Eventually, what comes forward will meet up with and eventually bond with other cultures of value and in seeing the value of one another, there will emerge light and life on the planet, and that’s appropriate because it’s not like everyone has to be the same. Not everyone has the same belief, or history, or influence, or the same concern.

Mark: Um-hum.


JACK: I should say “the same God” because everyone has the same concerns in terms of -- they want to have a safe place to raise their children; you know, those fundamental things. But all good people want that, whether they are progressive or retrogressive. Generally speaking, those are just human concerns that you care for your young and want to make life better for them. It is a bit more than that in creating civilization, especially a spiritually-based civilization, but our planet has not yet seen much of that. There’s been a lot of talk about it, but it has not yet been actualized.

The three divisions of government: the executive, administrative and judicial as it exists in your government, is a good start but your leaders have a long way to go before they are representing their people and their government as ideally as we would like to see. And yet it has begun. We remember that this planet is retarded in many ways, including politically, but it is not deficient; it is not hopeless.

I have gotten way off track, but then again perhaps not, for there is certainly a consideration in the current electrified environment of your political system. You have a black man and a Mormon running to be the leader of your country and no matter which wins there is no doubt that his people will be not only affected by his being in office but he will affect the nation because of who he is, that being, one of them. You cannot have Mitt Romney as a President without having the Mormon faction as a major consideration, any more than you can have Barack Obama as a black President, without having the black race a serious consideration. And both have something to say for themselves and both have certain needs that could be addressed.

Look at history in general, overall. It’s been a good time to have a black President. It might be a good time to have a Mormon President. But only time will tell.

Mark: Um-hmm! Well, thank you, Jack. Very interesting. JACK: It is very interesting. Mark: That’s good. A very canny answer. JACK: C-a-n-n-y? Mark: Yes. JACK: Thank you. Mark: Thank you!

JACK: Are there other questions? [Long pause] It would seem we are having a short night. Perhaps you feel you have been cheated by not having Tomas, or Merium, or Andromadeus, or Paulo, or Charles or one of the TeaM speak. Hold on. Let me see if any of them are willing to do a few words. One moment.


PAULO: This is Paulo, and I will certainly take the helm for a moment. For those of you who do not know me, I am a part of the Teacher Corps and my specialty, if you will, is rebellion. I generally serve where rebellion is rampant. And even there, I generally head for the thick of it. I spend a great deal of my time in the war zone, or in the rooms where peace talks are being held. I will be spending some time in Washington DC in the next few weeks. There is great conflict and tremendous rebellion going on. There is rebellion that occurs invariably in competition. It’s like people get fired up with competitive nature and forget what they are about. They become irascible and emotional and illogical. They just become belligerent and hostile for no reason. Because the political edge is so great, they become threatened and vicious.

It’s not work cut out for everyone, but it is an important task. It helps when they actually want to cooperate and make peace, when they want to get along, when they want to follow common sense and good will, but on a planet this backward, it’s hard to find that … except in the personal lives of the millions of people who are good people who just want to get along. There are fortunately more of them than there are of those who want to take over or push their way around, either push their way up or push others down. Those are the ones who are, you could say, “rebelling” -- rebelling against potential, against the status quo, against boredom perhaps, but they require a lot of work. The thought adjusters have little opportunity to function without some kind of stimuli, some impetus, some fulcrum. And I try to provide that. I’m very grateful for the angelic corps that help me and my kind in these situations of constant conflict where it is so hard to find the peace that passes all understanding and almost impossible to express it socially.

There is of course a lot of posturing and pretending to be civilized, but underneath is this tremendous antagonism, all this falls under Rebellion because it goes against the grain of love, of order, of clarity and fidelity. It’s a way of life that is antagonistic, antithetical to the spirit. Not everyone has the gumption to work in such a realm. It’s very difficult, and so those who do work in that kind of environment need to be nurtured lest they become swallowed up or burned out or rendered ineffectual. Those are the ones at risk. Those are the ones who could use some prayer energy.

I say Washington, D.C, but that is only where it is most obvious. Your town has a city hall. Your state has a capital building. You have your own politicians and political offices and public servants. They take a lot of flak from the imperfections of a material government. Some bear higher-ups who may not be on the level. There’s a lot of undercurrent that goes on, seen by some as downright deception and yet there are people conflicted by what they must do in order to survive, to provide for their family.

There is a lot of work to be done here on the planet, and so I commend you, you who live here and work here in whatever capacity. And I will say no more about that.

Thank you.

Student: Thank you.


JACK: It is time to call this meeting to a close. Thank you all for being here this evening, and thank you, George and Frank, thank you, Gerdean and Paulo, and me, too, Jack, for being a part of this merry band of workers in the field. What a dynamic array of workers we are, high and low, rich and poor, far and wide. Let your integrity show. Let your little patch of light and life surround you and precede you as you go about your day, revealing to those who would see you as breast.

Blessings upon you all until we speak again. Later!