2012-10-14-Magisterial Son's Aid in Discernment

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Topic: Receiving Magisterial Son's Energy Presence

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we’re grateful to gather in this forum that we may receive the presence of our Magisterial Son in preparation for His mission of MERCY to our world. Thank you for gathering our energies of heart and mind, weaving us together as one—one intention, one soul, one heart—that our efforts may be amplified through the currents and circuits of your celestial helpers to infuse this planet with more of your love and truth, light and peace, that your will may be increasingly done here on Urantia. Thank you.


Discernment, Truth

MONJORONSON: Greetings one and all. This is Monjoronson. I welcome you to today’s forum for the reclamation of Urantia from its current strife-torn position. Many of you have questions regarding recent pronouncements and information that was recently made available. Today, before we begin to use your focused energies to build the spiritual pressure upon Urantia, I ask you to hold those questions you have within your hearts and allow me to speak into you, that you may use greater power of discernment to help you determine the truth contained within the information provided, and to help you understand what is occurring upon Urantia in a greater context.

Michael’s TRUTH is penetrating into many levels of Urantian consciousness now. You might say that this is creating a great deal of murkiness within the spectrum of human thought. It is uprooting old belief systems, and individuals may go through periods of turbulent thinking and emotional outbursts while they are attuning themselves to these truth currents coming from the higher realms. As you engage with your brothers and sisters who have these types of turbulent energies around them, and to help you stay steady in what you know is of spiritual value, I invite you to open yourselves to me now, that I may speak directly into your souls and help you in your discerning, to further bolster your ability to see from a higher perspective what is real, what is true and what is in Michael’s will. Receive me now, my children. My presence resonates deeply into your being. (Pause)

Magisterial Mission, Change

Urantia has never had a Magisterial Mission. This is an unprecedented event upon your world. Of course you would have many questions about what this means, how this will change your lives. One of the many factors regarding this mission is in the preparation stages to prepare a wide variety of humans to receive me and to serve as associates in order to spread this message of redemption and salvation to the world. You are being prepared in many ways, and today as I speak into you, feel your desire for your abilities—your heart energies—to grow, to become more dominated by MERCY; that you may contain a greater resonance of my being within you in preparation for when I am with you. Allow this MERCY circuit to expand within you. (Pause)

And now, simply hold that intention for more TRUTH to engage your mindal circuitry; that you may perceive what is real and what is accurate to help you in your decision making, to come into a wider perspective of the Correcting Time. Allow Michael’s TRUTH to penetrate more deeply into your hearts. (Pause)

And now, beloved children, I invite you to expand these energies from your heart to embrace Urantia. Let us focus now on the endowment of Michael’s TRUTH to penetrate further into this fabric of Urantian consciousness. It is time for His TRUTH to reign within the human heart to sort out the error and to let that truth light shine brightly. In your mind’s eye, if you wish to use a focusing technique, see the words TRUTH and MERCY embrace the world. As usual, we will seed these energies into the spectrum of consciousness where this will have the greatest impact and begin to alter the mindal conditions in human consciousness. As you focalize these living attributes of the Father from your heart, let your heart swell with love and joy and an assurance that the divine ways are indeed coming closer, penetrating into the very fabric of life here on this world. (Pause)

The grid of LIFE of is upon you now, my children. This is a growing fabric of renewal. It has been long prophesied in many cultures, but I admonish you to look not to the outward or material change, but to the inner change—the change of heart. We have been preparing you for this time when the energies of the heart will shift and reveal a glorious new reality to form and hold a new shape within human consciousness of co-creation with the Father in restoring this world to its rightful place in the universe of its origin. Look not to how this will affect you from a material standpoint, but how you will grow and change internally—in your faith, and in your ability to receive and feel the Father’s LOVE. This is where you will make the most impact in your own life and help others to open to these heart energies and renew their own inner realities. Then you will see social change and the dawn of a new era of truth consciousness emerge upon this world.

So I encourage you to look within, my children, and to make every space available within you for Michael’s TRUTH and GOODNESS to penetrate to the core of your being to renew you through and through. Let us hold this desire for Urantia now that all life may be renewed—all life may be restored in the WILL of the glorious Father. Send your energies from the heart into the planet in your mind’s eye, and we will minister in this field to evoke changes. Allow these energies to penetrate more deeply. (Pause)

Truth is a necessary ingredient for social change. The growing understanding of divine realities will forge this new social order in time as more hearts open to Michael’s TRUTH. In the coming days, I encourage you to ask for Michael’s TRUTH to penetrate more deeply into your own heart. You may have the questions contained therein answered that you may come into a deeper understanding of His plans of correction. Take a few moments to feel this need and desire for more of Michael’s TRUTH to penetrate into the very fabric of your own human consciousness, and know that His TRUTH is His great gift to each one of you personally. (Pause)

Fear not the passing of one age to the next, for it is truly time of joyful celebration as we witness this world, so lost in darkness and confusion, open to the glory of the Father and His plans for the redemption of this world. Each of you is given many opportunities to participate. We encourage you to come into a richer appreciation that you can participate, and that your desires will be honored and seeded where you will be of great service to Michael and this world.

Focus, Communion

Before I leave you in this manner, let us elevate our gaze toward the Father in Paradise. Let all of our hearts conjoin as one as we commune with the Father, especially holding the vision of Urantia within our hearts. We thank Him for His WILL being made manifest upon this sphere.

Father, the children of this world lift themselves and their world up to you. We thank you for receiving them in your LOVE; that your WILL may be made manifest through your GLORY and GRACE. Feed them, Father, and let your LOVE shine through them. Thank you. (Pause)

Father, thank you for your ministrations to these little ones as you infuse them with more of your POWER and COURAGE to help these changes become more operative upon this world. As your WILL continues to unfold upon Urantia, may the presence of their Father Fragments feed them with your JOY and GLORY as all things are being made anew in your LOVE.

My dear brethren, dare to be the courageous lovers of your culture. Pay anger with kindness and forgiveness. Turn away wrathful words with understanding and compassion. Seed antagonisms with peace, and know that every sincere effort to respond in a spirit-like manner will be augmented and you will receive more help to maintain your spiritual equilibrium through these times of change.


I will leave you now, but I ask you to truly welcome these changes with an open heart, for you do not yet appreciate or understand how this will help you in your eternal careers. You will be given many new insights, develop new skills at mastering life and augmenting your status as cosmic citizens. Live in Michael’s TRUTH, my children, and know that it is ever-penetrating to all hearts here. My blessings for the Father’s LOVE are upon you. Good day.