2012-12-13-Optimism with Faith

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Topic: Optimism with Faith

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Prolotheos

TR: Valdir Soares



Prolotheos: “When analyzing this world’s situation, one might find equal reasons for being optimistic or pessimistic about its future. Optimism can easily become utopist, if not tempered with a good dose of reality, while too much reality, with little or no faith in the goodness of God managing His universes, will lead to incurable pessimism. It’s difficult for humans to gain a balanced view about anything on which they focus their attention. Your dualistic ethics causes you to constantly bounce between good and evil, sometimes seeing things as more positive than they present, at other times determining them to be much worse than they really are.

“Unfortunately, comparably few humans maintain a balanced realistic view of life on Urantia. Among the reasons is their observing much evil being practiced in your world, as well as one’s perhaps tacit acknowledgement that he or she is equally capable of practicing evil. Besides this, there is your very human limited view and understanding of your purpose, which also contributes to insecurity towards life. Therefore, it is understandable why pessimistic outlooks prevail in very many people, giving the impression that evil prevails. Fortunately, most people wish it would not, and that is the positive aspect of such pessimistic impressions.

“Although a realistic view may seem ideal, a lucid optimistic view is in fact most desirable, as it leaves room for the exercise of faith in the supernatural, while crude realism only believes in what is now, without an allowance for faith in Providence. The apostle Paul once said, ‘If our hope is limited only to this world, we are indeed the most unfortunate.’ Therefore, pessimism follows unbelief; but faith brings hope that is basis for an optimistic view of life. Some of the dangers of optimism are a denial of evil, becoming a victim of manipulation; and thirdly, finding oneself embarking upon delusional predictions.

“A balanced view is a rare virtue for human beings, because it is hard to find one’s equilibrium in unfinished realities such as are the universes of time and space, especially on the evolutionary spheres where change is the norm. A functionally balanced view in life does not necessarily represent a perfect equilibrium. Rather, it means being flexible, which allows you to navigate through often stormy waters, and at times through tempestuous seas, always seeking your natural center. Sometimes a pessimistic view reflects a negative reality. Then, both perception and reality are in need of positive action to bring reality back to its acceptable center range.

“Therefore, my pupil, life on a world like Urantia conveys a wide spectrum of views, ranging from the extremely pessimistic to the fantastically optimistic. The extremes must be avoided, each human being has his or her internal center, the view of life advocated by the Spirit Within; and so, life can be both interesting and worth living. Keep your ‘balanced range in thinking, speaking and acting’, and life will mostly run smooth, but not without problems, disappointments, even tragedies, for perfection is yet time-distant in your journey. I am your spiritual tutor, Prolotheos; peace be with you all.”