2012-12-28-Merely on Loan

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Topic: Mind

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “It is of unending fascination to me to note how your mind operates and how the thoughts which continually appear on the screen of your mind are instantly reflected into the system. You mortals simply have no grasp of the operation of the human mind. It is an unknown to almost all how the Universal Creator through the agency of the Infinite Spirit is the bestower of mind. Your mind is merely loaned to you during your lifetime in the flesh. You will surrender your earth-mind at the dissolution of mortal life, and at the moment of your resurrection – should you have chosen eternal life – you will gain an new mind with greater capacity for knowledge to build upon that which you have garnered during your earthly life.

“The reason why I am telling you this is because I shall now point out that your earth minds are on loan to you, so you will all need to give reckoning as to how you used your mind during your life in the flesh. Did you use and enlarge your mind for good? Because the capacity of the mind is elastic, and there is always more you can add to it? Oh yes, sometimes it is well and good to take a break from the intensity of stressful thought, as this wears on the mind, just like the physical system can suffer from ‘burn-out’. And this condition can reflect onto the entire physical, mental and emotional system, affecting everything else. So please, become aware of how you use even your body, which is also on loan to you for the purpose of housing your undying spirit. In other words, and one more thing to ponder here, you did not give yourself life. It happened, and continues to happen, by the grace of the Creator and Architect of all life.

“This needs to be pointed out so you can all become more thoughtful about why you have been given life, and if there is a purpose to all of this. Perhaps it may inspire you to gain more respect for life itself, knowing that sooner or later the day of reckoning will come and you will be made to pay back your loans to the Creator. It will be asked of you each how many talents you discovered within yourself, and what use you made of these in your life. Hopefully I’m making you a little more aware about how to spend your life, so when you move to the next level of your eternal existence, you will have fewer regrets because of the knowledge you have gathered here in your earthly foundational life.

“It all comes down to prioritizing, so there is also time set aside to check with your on-board Partner, your Thought Adjuster, also on loan from God. However, you may keep this Partner, and eventually become one with Him or Her, depending on the connection you have established during your mortal life-time. Please consider these matters, and how it is that you live a life of grace and mercy given to you by an unconditionally loving Creator God, so you will not squander this sole chance and opportunity to develop and grow your seed-soul. Life is given to you for the purpose of advancing yourselves spiritually to the next level of eternal existence.”