2013-01-31-Gathering Places

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Topic: Gathering Places

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Secondary Midwayer "Jack"

TR: Gerdean



Prayer: Michael and Nebadonia, our beloved Parents, we come to you as your obedient children, seeking to please you, wanting to know how we can serve in this divine Family. We are eager to learn the lessons that life presents us. We know that you’re with us, overseeing our growth every step of the way; that you’re there for us if and when we want to talk to you about what we are going through. You’re there for us when we fall and skin our knee, or when we hear unkind things. Give us courage to walk within your will when it’s more than we know what to do with. Be with us this evening as we enjoy each others’ energy and the presence of one of your teachers, or more, who speak with you and for you on behalf of Our Father. In your name we pray, Amen.

0802-AB JACK here, playing host for the Teacher Corps this evening. We have no agenda. There is a resource of material for you, but what do we tap into?


This juncture, this moment reminds me of work we’ve done with George Barnard who has been quite dedicated to promoting our existence and eliciting support for our efforts on your behalf. He talks about that Construct, you know, where you can go into the Akashic Records and access so many things, so many beings. Very interesting technique he has developed and promoted. So many things come out of the human mind and imagination, many wonderful things that are inspired by the relationship you enjoy with your indwelling God Fragment. They project concepts to your mind and your mind grasps what it can and makes something of it.

Actually, that’s pretty much what all you mortals do. You get an idea and run with it. It is quite interesting observing at what juncture you start to run with your ideas. It’s been a lot of trial and error it would seem, so far. But lately we’ve observed some who are promoting methods of mobilizing the mind’s powers to create deliberately more advanced concepts of civilization and government, religion and spirituality, social constructs, alternative life styles, alternative thought processes … very exciting and interesting stuff you are into, which is great because it helps to balance and iron out those unsightly wrinkles that exist in the more animalistic areas of humanity which are so destructive and disturbing.

Keep up your good work. Keep up the efforts to promote truth, beauty and goodness. Help keep the light burning. This is really all we are asked to do.

And when we have a means, a method by which to make these dreams materialize, we do indeed get quite excited and exuberant, as do you. We observe your fledgling wisdom growing, your leadership efforts. You are indeed contributing to the fifth epochal dimension, civilization. The thing is, when we’re sitting here around the campfire, as it were, and all is peaceful and creative, we can think in terms of what we’d like to see if we were to create light and life, if we were given the opportunity to here and now to put something into effect that would contribute to our goal. Getting out there into the trenches however, is occasion, often, to throw up your hands and hurry home to the sanctity of your own sanity.

Well, just remember that as you do, as you remember to embrace the still, quiet voice within as your greater reality, as your sustenance, as your support, you project that kind of energy out into the atmosphere and others sense its presence and they begin then to clamor for it and demand it until they learn how to ask for it and surrender to it, which indeed is part of the process. So often we see you (as the scripture goes) -- you see a barricade and you seek to knock down the door instead of finding the key wherewith to open it. The fields are littered with doors.

One might ask, “What do you need doors for anyway. It only separates.” Well, you know why. You are a student of this existence; you have come up through the ranks and remember how important it was at one time to hide yourself away and protect yourself from marauders, predators, and vigilantes. This is why there are doors. And so when they are torn down, when people are exposed, they become even more fearful and its hard then to instill anything of wisdom into their consciousness. It’s very hard to make sense with someone who is in panic. They first must learn to be still. Yes, there was a time when you would get someone’s attention by a slap in the face or a cup of cold water thrown in the face to break the hysteria, so as to bring in reason. Sometimes it’s just a matter of letting them spin their wheels until they exhaust themselves.

But I ramble. And there are opportunities here this evening for some genuine service. As I said, I am acting as emcee for the Teacher Corps. There are many here and they know it is Light Line and so I am going to ask you to summon yourself to ask or contribute. To get in, to get on-line, to get out of ‘mute,’ you press star six [*6] and that will free you to express yourself; then you can go back into quietude by pressing that same code. If there are those who would like to come forth to ask questions of the Teacher Corps, you are welcome to do so.

I have a question here from someone who asks, “Why do you stress a question ‘of the Teacher Corps’? What about the midwayers, or the celestial artisans, or Monjoronson or Bzutu?" And I say in response to that, it is because of the equipment I’m using as a T/R here who can be quite effective in some areas as opposed to others where she is less than helpful. And so I steer you into a direction that might be fruitful and effective. Are there questions?


Gary: Yes. This is Gary, Jack. I was just wondering if anybody was familiar with the Inner Silent Voice dot com. It’s a way of communicating with, I guess, Maia, children of Belize, and I was wondering if what they were doing there was going to be expanded. Might they-- There’s a certain group of children they started with and then some individuals here in the States and especially down in Belize that are working along with, I guess, all of the celestials and they are advancing themselves as people by … it’s hard to explain. There are so many studies that they talk about. I was wondering if you are familiar with that at all.

JACK: Not intimately, no, but I am familiar with its intent, and I know of Maia. Of course, I know about the inner life. And I will say that these are values that are popping up all over the place. Belize is going to be noted if for no other reason than its glamour. Who doesn’t want to go to Belize and have a spiritual experience? It’s a bit like Sedona, Arizona. It’s the “in place” for spiritualists, shamans and the like. There are centers, points of light, all over the planet that tend to draw this kind of energy, and that’s an area that has a very nice draw but it does not have everything and it’s not necessarily good or bad, it’s just part of the evolving culture. But that in itself is a good thing because it s a culture based on divine affection, relationship between humanity and divinity; it involves a care for the human condition and a reverence for the spiritual condition. It honors life and so what’s not to like? Most of these movements, helpful as they are, have some nugget of imperfection that makes them as notable as their value. That was not clear?

Gary: Yes. Yes, because they talk about setting up merkabahs, or light anchors. Alsom they mention the word Maia actually came from the word Melchizedek and Our Master Spirit Aya; that the name Maya was a combination of those two. I read most about what they had to say but it seems they had divine intervention many years ago, I guess with the Mayan people; now they are in the process of trying to correct all the atrocities that the later Mayans did, like they were talking about different caves where they had human sacrifices where they were cleaning up those areas. Actually talked about going to Turkey where Van and Amadon were -- the second garden, I guess. I just found it interesting.

JACK: There are many similarities between all movements and there is a thread of truth that runs through them all. They are all part of a grand tapestry, no doubt. We are allies.

Gary: Well, that’s good to know. Thank you. JACK: Certainly. Are there other questions, or other interests?

Reneau: Hi. JACK: Hello.

Reneau: Then … if you do have access to information and things that are happening around the world –not just Belize and the United States but – is there enlightenment happening there among communities and people and nations around the world?

JACK: Yes.

Reneau: Are angels of the nations … are we actually progressing here or is that my optimistic viewpoint?

JACK: Well, like Sisyphus pushing that rock uphill, we are progressing, but it takes effort. Yes, of course, there are points of light around the world. As we said earlier, there may be more in some areas than others. People of like mind tend to gravitate to certain areas where they convene, where they gather because there is strength in numbers, and so there are indeed communities of people around the world who protect and uphold and defend one another’s faith and truth and thereby give off their light. Many of these are ancient lights indeed, but spirituality has been around a long time. God has been here a long time. And people have been reaching for him for a long time, through one means or another. And over time you are finding him, and as time goes by your searches and your conclusions and your next efforts are advancing, are progressing.

Yes, give heart; be encouraged to know that there are faith sons and daughters all over the world that are giving off their light. It may not be a light that you would inherently … that you would recognize socially speaking, but you would recongize it inherently because you know the spark of light when you see it. Whether you speak the same language or not, whether you eat the same foods or wear the same clothes, you can see the spirit in others when that instant appears.

There are also, of course, many lesser enclaves of people who have something they believe in, that they bond together to support and protect. Many times this is political or materialistic -- and not particularly spiritual -- except that they do represent values that participate in the process of advancing civilization and as civilization is maintained and advanced, the light of truth is more able to shine clearly. As you foster leisure, you have time then to contemplate concepts and theories; you have the luxury then to observe your interactions with others and their interactions among themselves and so you learn how you affect each other and how that might be improved, be it through improvements in language -- in words or the way words are utilized to convey information -- or gestures, or rites and rituals.

In the many, many ways you communicate with others you convey something about yourself that can contribute to the advancement of all these things of worth.

When you idealize introducing man to god, you need not wait for them to shake hands. You need to only introduce humanity to that which has value above and beyond what he had imagined, and this is a step in the direction of perfection. Any step away from ignorance, any movement away from prejudice, any slight education or work of art is a contribution toward the Supreme, toward light and life, toward the progressive nature of the ascension plan and yes, there are people all over the world doing this. Some are more advanced than others but some more charming and so each group effort has something to say for itself. It seems that with the fifth epochal revelation and with your own enlightenment as a result of pondering these imponderables, you have such a new and improved perspective.

You have something others don’t, and while in part that is quite true, you also must realize and appreciate that the Book is one venue and there are other ways that divinity makes its way into humanity. The Teacher Corps is one of them. And the sister groups all over the world that wage peace and offer suggestions in terms of energy, hydropower, solar power, organic gardening, water purification, drip system irrigation, all these things are part of the solution, and yes, by all means, they are overseen by the angels, the angelic corps that are assigned to up-step you, to up-step this world, and we midwayers often take instructions from them to assist in their efforts.

The angels of the nations includes all the politics, seen and unseen, from high to low, from Washington DC to the back lot. The angels of health, as you know, are involved in research, experimentation, hospitalization, all manner of nurturing and improving the senses of their many patients, at all stages of life from birth through death. Absolutely, there is tremendous oversight. The seraphic government is hard at work, working with and through the humans who live here and who seek to be of service whether they subscribe to certain theories or not, whether they believe a certain way or not, whether they find God in the same way as others. These are irrelevant.

The fact is they are motivated to serve. Yes, they are also motivated to get paid, but there are those who are inherently giving and loving; they are just docile people who enjoy helping and caring for others. These people too need to bond together as like-minded and create communities of like-interest. In time, these communities of course will become powerful enough in their own right that they will be able to sway the populace, they will be able to tip the scale, and the riff-raff will be erased by one means or another, and of course, as thoughtful human beings, compassionate and caring, you will let your light so shine as to see to the fruition of those steps that must be taken in order to attain the planetary goals that are in store for our world. I am certainly assisting to the extent that I can and I’m sure that you are as well, but be further assured that it is going on all over the world, like a busy organism that it is.

Does that give you comfort without false hope?

Reneau: Yes. JACK: Is there something else?

Reneau: I suppose we should add the element of patience and “in God’s good time” to just sort of know that good things are ahead in the future and we have to work through it all.

JACK: Yes, patience is a virtue. And there are many other virtues. There is certainly no point to push things through. You know they speak of ‘spiritual pressure’. There’s nothing wrong with applying a little spiritual pressure as long as you don’t get pushy. Because if you get pushy, people dig in their heels and it takes twice as long. So it’s not just a matter of maintaining the virtue of patience; it’s really a very practical matter. It makes sense to keep your eye on the goal and on the players and encourage them to do the right thing as you see it, as it is understood by the commonwealth of your points o flight. But it’s not incumbent on you to direct the show, nor is it anyone else’s task to run the show and everything in it. Guard against that type, in fact.

While leaders are important, yes leadership does matter, how you lead is at least as important as whether you lead, and how you lead is really the more interesting question and far more satisfying to observe. And it is, in fact, something that any of you can do. It goes to that saying that if you handle well those little responsibilities that you are given, then you are trustworthy enough to be given bigger responsibilities. That is not to say that everybody wants bigger responsibilities, but you can certainly take some pride in knowing that you have invested your talents well; you have been a good steward. Nothing wrong with that kind of self-esteem.

Recognizing it in your fellows, also, and among your peers is socializing your beliefs and this too advances the kingdom. It introduces man to God, the evolving God the Supreme.

Those who look for God in any fashion will surely find Him. Indeed, he has already been found.

I have not relinquished the microphone all evening! I seem to have been getting inspiration from our celestial peers that have been here in the wings, as it were, eager and willing to comply with the needs of the day. We have scant moments left. Is there yet one more question?

Gary: Not so much of a question, but they say the midwayers … that you are closest to us than any celestial being and I know you’ve been here for at least 35,000 years and I know I don’t have very much patience and want everything to happen yesterday, so I just give you credit for I guess hanging in there as well as you do and I appreciate all that you’ve said tonight. It’s really helped me. Thank you.


JACK: Thank you, Gary. You pay me a great compliment indeed, but I should tell you, in fairness, that most of that time I acted like a juvenile delinquent. I was not any too helpful to my primary midwayer cousins, nor to Melchizedek, but when I saw Michael, I was inspired to get it together and so my maturation has really been relatively recent. I had a lot of experience, but I don’t think it was that relevant to divine destiny -- although I did have a lot of fun. But since I have -- [end of tape]