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Topic: Coming Together

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Charles, Machiventa, Serena, LIGHT

TR: Mark Rogers, Henry Z., Cathy Morris



Preparation, Service

Charles: [Mark] Good morning my friends, this is Charles here to join you in your lively morning discussion, some of the discussion being directed towards the behavior of natural elements such as fire. I invite you to carry on with another analogy along the same lines. Observing the basic laws of nature that are quite predictable and observable, it can be said that in order to build a fire, one must first prepare for the event and bring in suitable materials which will combust easily to get the ball rolling and this preparation of forehand envisioning of the event is what one can refer to as the pre-planning stage, the envisioning, the supporting of the environment so that as you move forward with a given event you are fairly certain of the results of the out-coming being fairly predictable because you have observed the laws of nature and prepared simply to activate it at your desire.

Most certainly if you observe all these proper laws of nature you are rewarded with the results you anticipated and you are able then to control this natural force by feeding it and starving it, dampening it or by accelerating it. None of this is miraculous, none of this is beyond the scope of normal life and yet without the knowledge of how to do this, the species of mankind would not have survived until this day. This was of critical importance that mankind became masters over this ability to control this natural force. It truly was the beginning of man working in harmony with nature to provide for its very existence.

To take this into the spiritual paradigm, one can prepare by virtue of service, one can gather the tools necessary by virtue of seeking, one can prepare the environment to be acceptable by laying the groundwork and scouting it out and then as if you have observed all the rules of nature properly, you can expect to bring an ignition into the equation and light the flame and you can expect that it should burn in accordance with your expectation for you are not doing a miracle, you are merely in concert with the rules of nature. So it is in the spiritual domain, you are simply in concert with the rules of spirit, simply being in awareness of these rules and being in willingness to act in accordance with them. It is not that you will perform great miraculous feats as much as it is that you will simply be in harmony and in concert with the natural forces at play which may appear to be quite miraculous but in fact are built in and part of the equation, as normal and natural as fire is part of the equation on this world.

I appreciate as always, the opportunity to join you and offer some contribution for your consideration. I also appreciate your willingness to entertain others and will provide the opportunity for that as well, thank you.

Balance, Spirit

Machiventa: [Henry] Greetings to you my friends, it is I Machiventa this morning to also share in this discussion. A few thoughts that quickly come to mind is this notion of spirit caring. Of course it is easy for me to say that spirit is tremendously caring. It is caring for you individually, socially as a group of individuals and it cares very much what goes on here on your home, your world. What may appear from a point of view, a human point of view as not caring is only ones inability to grasp a larger awareness of the functioning of spirit in your own life for it is this constant and daily functioning of spirit within your own life which should give you the opportunity to realize that the nature of spirit is very much in accordance to your well being as individuals.

It is the function of the spirit that indwells you to transform you into a caring and understanding, a loving and compassionate being capable of functioning as spirits eyes and hands. I would say mind but that comes with a true alignment, with the intended purpose which can be perceived within. It is true that in most life experiments on these worlds of time and space that spirit does run ordered, orderly and tight ships. The wisdom of spirit has allowed a fraction, ten percent of the worlds to enjoy or to experience a freedom from spirit intervention in order to study what it is about the human element which can possibly be adjusted in its original design to help us create a greater human being to inhabit these worlds of time and space.

You know, we in the spirit world in the universe level are not perfect either. We are beset with conditions and situations which sometimes render us tremendously vulnerable also, case in point, the Lucifer Rebellion. The original design for the planet did not particularly come into play on your world, it was thwarted and it's not really okay to use the excuse that the Lucifer Rebellion caused all your problems because you have grown in knowledge and awareness to the point where you realize that things are not in balance and need to be brought back into a balance so that the planet will be able to experience a full and fruitful life, that the people on the planet will also be able to live in equanimity and integrity in a moral sense.

A moral sense is a balanced sense. An immoral sense is an unbalanced sense and on your world you have embarked upon an age in which the moral sense has not kept pace with mans ability to control and contain his environment such as the planet. And you ask, what does man do to help bring spirit into the equation? This my friends, this is a situation which does not have a shortcut. If I were to tell you that the shortcut is love you would possibly laugh at me but in the short run and in the long run, it is love which will bring a sense of harmony to the balance of nature, human activity and human ideology.

You may not all think the same and you may individually discover that there are tremendous differences between you but in the same respect, it is important to realize the similarities between you, the similarities which give you your life, which allow you to breathe and operate on such a planet, that the right for one human being to exist does not take precedence over any other human beings right to exist or experience that which any one individual is able to experience. You are all in this together and at some point things will show themselves such that you will understand that there is a way to bring equanimity and balance back into society.


Natural disasters, in a sense, do just that, they bring people together for a specific function and purpose. Mankind needs to open up to the possibility that you can come together to change the face of things and bring things into balance without being forced into it. It is choice, and it will come down to a majority of individuals choosing the correct choice for the possibility that life can be lived at a much higher level, not by any one individual but by the whole of individuals lives together. The possibility exists and the choice is truly yours. There is not much whole thought which goes into planning life on Urantia. There is a tremendous amount of fragmented thought which allows certain individuals to enjoy what they term is a greater and more acceptable way of living, but at what cost?

If a few of you are living off of the toil of the majority, what kind of life is that? Life is not able to express itself fully if the whole is not allowed to exist on the same level as all life. It is the wisdom of spirit which allows us to watch what is going on here and to not interfere in your problems, in your predicament unless we are truly invited in and even then we will not make an outward show of spirit manifestation just to please you or to correct a mess which you yourselves created. This is something that necessarily man must be responsible for himself.

So the action of spirit is the action within the mind. It is an action which attempts to bring awareness and full consciousness to the individual so that the individual can grasp the full and total measure of the situation at hand. It is in this mind that the solution to the problems of mankind will be resolved. And just for the record, you are not that much over the mark. Yes, you have maybe overshot somewhat but you are still at a point where you are on the brink of no return. You still can make choices but there are default mechanisms within the planet you live on which will begin to turn upon itself as if life didn't exist in order to bring itself into balance.

All of life and the world you live on is a complete system. It is a symbiotic nature which is designed to function as such and there is nothing which has been done which cannot, at this point in time anyway, be corrected, altered, adapted and changed. So in your quiet time, consider this wholeness, consider this perfect life you were given, consider the seed of Paradise which has been planted here in the mud of the planet, in the mud of your mind. Allow this seed of Paradise to sprout, to grow, to express itself. Allow this seed of perfection to bring you to an understanding of correctness, of balance. This truly is the spiritual revolution, to nurture the seed of Paradise in the mud of Urantia.

I thank you my friends for allowing me these few words this morning, go in peace and may our love embrace you, cloak you with warmth, compassion and assurance that as your friend, spirit truly does care, thank you.

Spirit, Grid

Serena: [Cathy] I am enjoying the exchange today about energy and your ability to manipulate energy by sending a unit to someone for their use. We are in a constant state of connection with the Father's energy and spirit grid. This grid was created to enhance the possibilities of applications for external effects on the whole system of this planet. You are individual contact points in relation to a constantly active source. Each of you has the ability to direct the spirit/light in support of the Father's plan. From your vantage point, the need is identifiable in the smallest situation and in all activity it has been official to begin with the small doable activity to enhance the later application of your efforts in larger and larger arenas. You are encouraged to begin. You are encouraged to take small steps but in faith. You will be rewarded by progress as the entire system begins to function at a higher level.

When you see a need, please contribute your intention and move forward. Each step is adding to the momentum and better function on this planet. Through your dedication we will proceed to implement the Father's plan. In this process you will be blessed and supported by all of us on this side. Our mission is poised to begin acting to change the focus of all occupants of this world. We need first to enhance the connection in the spirit system. We would benefit by the awareness of spirit and love. From spirit and love can come the forgiveness and compassion that is the focus of this mission. Let us move together, let us move forward together.


Light: [Mark] Good morning my friends, I am Light to join you as well. I am pleased to think that we may have hit upon another good analogy so I invite you to follow me with your minds eye as I work with the concept earlier presented in the discussion, that being that in order to combine different fractions of the whole it is necessary to undergo the transformation in your thought pattern of realizing that they all do have a common denominator, an underlying significance that runs through all fractions, all parts of the whole as they all relate to the one whole and this makes them easier to combine and trade and add and subtract.

I invite you now to entertain the notion that the common denominator in all cases mentioned, to simplify it to one worldly word, is love. The common denominator of love and the energy that is love is present in all equations, is present in all representations of fractions of the whole. It is the ultimate common denominator which runs through all equations and ties and binds the truth of reality together. And so I invite you to envision that every individual can be likened to a part of the whole that is a fraction of the total. They are seen as this way in how much love they possess, how much of their being is comprised of love for this being the common denominator. The more love, the greater the fraction is and so as you go through your ascension career as a mortal, you are transformed each time into a greater and greater part of the whole, a bigger fraction of the total.

So this realization that we are all based on the same system, we are all part of the same whole, means that you may then visualize, using this scenario, the adding of additional parts of the equation to another when you envision healing for example. The envisioning of raising their percentage of love in their equation, to boost their part of the total and thus increase their approach to the whole and to total divinity. Likewise, it is possible to visualize that every act of every mortal is an equation. How much of it is divine? How much of it is real? How much of it is true and beautiful? What is the equation for any individual act and how then does it contribute to the equation of that individual involved in the act?

Now you are trading back and forth mathematical relationships to represent the trading back and forth of spiritual values, again, based on the premise of love and the quantity therein. This analogy may be quite serviceable in visualizing internally how it is you are trading back and forth this energy. By contributing and borrowing from each other you are merely rearranging the mathematical equation that is in constant play at all times. This life is a wonderful opportunity to add to your equation of who you are, your fraction of the whole and make it greater and greater. Each life after affords you the opportunity to increase your percentage of the total. We work this way as individuals as well as a collective movement, again, all part of the grand equation, a fraction of the whole.

It is always a great pleasure to join you and attempt to bring something worthy of the salad bar that has been offered here today. I bid you all have a good week, farewell.


Question: Today we have spoken as love being the answer and you have talked about the common denominator and the fractions. Sometimes when I think of love, and the definition is God is love, then it seems like everything is love so it is sometimes a little hard to wrap my head around that one concept. However in our text is stated, "love is the desire to do good to others" which breaks it down into something a little more manageable. Later, Jessona added two more: [love is] the intention to share beauty and [love is] the willingness to receive truth. So we have [a definition] of truth, goodness and beauty.

The thought occurred to me that we have God the sevenfold: 1)The Father, 2)the Son, 3)the Spirit, 4) the Father and the Son, 5)the Father and the Spirit, 6)the Son working with the Spirit and 7)the three working altogether which makes seven. Is it possible that this definition could be broadened a little more so that there is a greater comprehension of it [love] for example : 1) Truth 2) Beauty 3) Goodness 4) Truth and Beauty 5) Truth and Goodness 6) Goodness and Beauty 7) Truth/Beauty/Goodness.

Could you confirm or correct that approach and if so perhaps broaden that definition a little bit?

Light: [Mark] Thank you my friend for this question. I am thrilled to be able to use some of your very own discussion to answer the question just offered here today. Let's personalize it some. Imagine a band of people playing music. Each one of those people is as an appliance. They are all different expressions of the fact that the entire band is plugged into the electricity. You see, each one is an expression in its own way of the sound, the tone, the quality, the expression of what the energy that flows through them makes possible.

However, they are all hooked into the electrical grid, they are all transforming the electrical grid through the use of their instrument and making different expressions of truth, goodness and beauty and their version of reality. So you see in this one example we have all these myriad and different expressions all plugged in to the same power source. That power source is the common denominator of love and it runs throughout the system as the power grid making possible all the different expressions of those who would plug in their appliance and utilize it. So, in this analogy you can see all these different aspects from the lights, to the music, to the sound, are all dependent upon the grid, the common denominator, the power to make it all happen. Then it can be transformed into all the different aspects that comprise the experience. I hope this analogy which you yourself provided is sufficient.

Comment: I will have to review this but thank you for your counsel.