2013-03-11-Untold Riches

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Topic: Untold Riches

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “In your meditation this morning you began to vaguely realize what untold riches are awaiting all who endeavor to walk the walk of faith in an unseen God. In His unending love He gave each mortal will creature on the planet a special Gift of Himself – a Spark to guide each mortal through the long and exhilarating ascension path towards perfection. The end-goal of this journey is Paradise. You may literally stand in the presence of this Great being who was, is, and always will be the Creator of the unending advance of evolution. This will allow each evolving creature to contribute their special gifts, still hidden during their foundational earth life.

“Life is so full of promise that no mortal creature can even begin to comprehend what riches are locked up within their selves. Life is absolutely to be honored as no one can give themselves life, no matter how they might try in the earthly laboratories. For Spirit is the only one who gives the spark of life. It has been mentioned before and needs to be mentioned again, that whenever anywhere a conception happens, it is the Infinite Spirit who gives the life-Spark for the conception to be successful. Therefore, realize that there is simply nothing that can happen without the all-knowingness of God. Each conception is noted and also the circumstances during which this co-creative action takes place. At present on this planet, this act is often thoughtlessly consummated, and it is the sincere hope on the part of the celestials that the humans in ‘sandbox earth’ will finally grow up to realize the tremendous gifts they have been given, and choose to honor each other as such.

“Life carries many hidden gifts within itself, and they are the untold riches which at this time will hardly come to fruition due to the squandering of many young lives in senseless wars. How this planet could have bloomed if all these promising lives had a chance to develop and realize some of the wealth hidden so deep within them! Any developed gift represents a thank you note to the Giver, who knows what each mortal is capable of becoming. Do you truly realize how gifted you all are? Consider the untold riches waiting to be developed in each one of you. Your divine blueprint carries those as-yet-concealed gifts, which will come to full fruition during your experiences in eternal life, should you choose to gain a personal living faith in this foundational life.

“This is the most important choice you will make – to develop your faith and allow yourself to listen and act on the guidance from the Spark from God within, and tap into your hidden wealth of untold riches.”