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Topic: Economic Collapse, Psychotropic Drugs

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Daniel Raphael



Prayer: Heavenly Father, thank you once again for all of your heavenly and earthly blessings. We know that without your loving kindness and greatness, none of this would have transpired. As we prepare again for our conversational meeting with Monjoronson and his staff, we invoke the presence of our local universe parents, Christ Michael and Mother Spirit to support us and guide us in this work. May it be of great value to our world and bring you glory. Amen.

MMc: Before we begin today’s session, is there anything you would like to say to us?



  • The spread of consciousness globally

MONJORONSON: Our work that we started several months ago, and which we described to you recently, the spread of consciousness through the work of Nebadonia and her corps, has continued apace and is continuing to creep around the world. This is not an instantaneous process, but one that engages the consciousness of like-minded individuals so that they can consciously or unconsciously contribute to this work. We are developing an inter-network and intercommunications or lines of affinity—actions between individuals or organizations and us. This is very much like developing a bare piece of land into a subdivision, where you chart out the key points and you begin developing and installing the infrastructure long before you build the houses and long before the houses are occupied by people. This is what we are doing now; this is supported by the consciousness of those individuals who have volunteered to participate in the conscious evolution of this world, whether they are believers or not. Those with this inclination make a major contribution to our work. It is very personal to those individuals, which is good. They are concerned about the integrity, the holism of this planet, and that is the connection point through which we can add and multiply our contributions.

MMc: I’m glad you said something about your work, about laying the groundwork, the infrastructure long before the houses are ever occupied.

  • The expectation of overt signs

I have had some feedback about some of your pronouncements that things are happening in South America and elsewhere, where people are expecting to see very overt signs of what you are talking about. The time frame that you are talking in is quite a bit in our future, and for us to see something now overtly happening [it] is not necessary that we would see something now. Am I correct? (Monjoronson: Yes.) Very good.

Rights, Corporations

  • The rights of corporations acting as individuals

We have had some response from our audience. There have been several people that have sent in questions to me and I’d like to put those questions to you, if I may. (Monjoronson: Of course.) An audience member would like to hear what you have to say about the corporate financial sectors in the United States operating under the same umbrella of the “rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” as individuals, which for big business translates into the right to pursue profit at the expense of the earth and the rest of humanity.

MONJORONSON: More, please.

MMc: There is in the United States the concept of the corporation acting as an individual, and having the rights of an individual. This translates into big business using those rights to pursue profit at the expense of the earth and the rest of humanity. The larger question is: What do you think about this at this point, and how are we going to alter this in the future?

MONJORONSON: The historic, and even traditional culture of corporations is to exploit and this will not change overnight. If you look at the history of business practices, this is a trend that has risen and lessened over time and it will continue until the three core values of social sustainability are incorporated into their philosophies and into their worldview for survival as a business. You question how will this be brought about is answered by our work already. We have come here to prepare your world for the advent of the days of light and life, and so we have begun to teach individuals through the Teaching Mission, how to live moral and ethical and socially conscious lives. We have introduced the concepts of social sustainability, and particularly the three core values of social sustainability that are at the heart of the sustainability of your species. This is how we will change that.


  • The abuse of freedom by those at the peak of the income scale

MMc: A follow-up question: Now that the control of government is narrowly concentrated in the peak of the income scale, while a large majority down below has been disenfranchised, what is your view of this abuse of freedom and how can this situation be managed in the first steps of the Correcting Time?

MONJORONSON: One question at a time, please; restate your first question.

MMc: What is your view of this abuse of freedom?

MONJORONSON: The hinge word here is “abuse,” and as your culture and your laws are constituted, this is not illegal abuse of authority or power; it is simply the exercise within the full latitude that these entities have been given, or have taken, without defining that with the individuals who are their stockholders, their clients and the people they serve. This, as you know, is unsustainable. As we have said about your social practices by individuals, families, communities and your society, these practices will not change until they are proven to be unsustainable.


  • Economic collapse of unsustainable business practices

As we have said before, there will be cataclysms. One of the cataclysms that will presage the transitional era is economic collapse of unsustainable business practices. This process of enhancing the material wealth of a few individuals, who then have the greater capacity to manipulate and to control those people in legal authority—as your legislatures and your congresses and parliaments—will continue until that collapse occurs. The “boom and bust” process of your global economy, of your local and now your regional and national economies, has now spread to the global economy. The process of boom and bust at the global level will see the destruction of trillions of dollars of investments and of returns. This is highly destructive. Your societies have neglected to include the abuse of economic power in the scale of abuses that does great harm to societies. The unsustainable control of whole economies by a few individuals does injury to your global society. This is something that has not been discussed. Your societies are dormant, sleeping polar bears: they are powerful to change the future, but not until they wake up—they are now in hibernation. Individuals, families, communities, states, regions and nations must realize that for a society to survive, to maintain their existence and to remain sustainable, they must accept their obligations and responsibilities to curtail those abuses of freedoms, as you mentioned, to manipulate the global economy. Your nations, your societies, have not recognized that this boom and bust process is part of the excess and failure, the “learning by experience” curves that there is a better way.

Social Movements

  • Raising the consciousness must be with a directed plan of social action

Let me go sideways for a few moments. The huge numbers of people who are involved in the conscious evolution of their world must come to the awareness, the consciousness, that there must be some social action connected to their movements. It is wonderful to raise the consciousness of a whole planet’s civilization, but without a directed plan of social action, this raising of consciousness will be for nothing. The link between what we are presenting and raising the consciousness is social action that has the intention of improving the lives and global welfare of all the world, of all people. This must be something that improves the quality of life of everyone equally, allows everyone the potential to grow and the capability to grow equally.

There must also be a means by which this sleeping giant can gather its strength. We are involved in those processes. It remains, however, for those cultural leaders, that one percent of the population, to recognize the elements of the future early on. These cultural leaders are innately prescient, that they have an intuitive grasp of what is to be, and what is to become, and that they can recognize those elements of what is to be in those trends, those bits of evidence of progress and conceptual development, which we are deeply invested in developing in your societies now. Social sustainability is not just a platitude that you cross-stitch into a piece of cloth and hang in a frame on your wall.

  • Living guidelines of which way to proceed

These are living guidelines for your thoughts, for your words and for your decisions and actions. They must become a part and parcel of every thought of discernment of which way to proceed, thus these cultural leaders sense intuitively what is to become, and it is this one percent that we need so desperately to come forward, to act; act without coercion, act without obligation and to act without personal regard for personal return, but for the largess, for the benefit without self-regard, to their society, to their communities, to their families, which will assist every individual. These are the individuals who are the leaders who will either aspire to boards of directors, or who will be local leaders who will have an influence.

Global Economy

  • The seeds of destruction in the global economy

What you are seeing in these questions is the awareness of the destruction of your economy, as a nation, and as a global economy. The unconscionable collection of wealth, to a very few, provide the seeds of the destruction of your global economy, which will easily take, two decades to recover. What we have said before is that the collapse of your global economy will also presage the arrival of even greater geophysical phenomena, which will be very destructive. It is because of the collapse of the global economy that those humanitarian efforts to prevent pandemics, to quarantine areas, to come to the aid of those who are afflicted will not be possible. Once this begins to spiral, it will be aggravated exponentially so that when this process begins you will see in rapid order within three years the virtual destruction of your civilization. Many already see this as a foregone conclusion. That is why those who are in power and control and who continue to collect and control the wealth of the world are so active now, because they have seen the “writing on the wall” of the collapse of the global economy many years ago. They have been forewarned; they have done their research.

  • The major collapse of civilization could occur by 2030

What do you think the Club of Rome {https://www.abc.net.au/science/slab/rome/ } was doing 30-40 years ago? They were doing this research because they could see, they had the awareness that sustainable growth is impossible. Sustainable growth is an oxymoron, whether it has to do with population or economic or business growth. There is an end game that comes about, and as their research has found—and as the United Nations has determined—that by the year 2050, or before, there will be a major collapse of your civilization. This has been revised downward to 2030 and it could occur even sooner. We have not included the war-like tendencies of your species to destroy each other, and now to destroy each other by means which are beyond horrific, as viewed by other sectors in the local universe. If your next nuclear war occurs, it will repercuss throughout all Nebadon and Orvonton. It will be something that in the minds and consciousness of those leaders will be aware of throughout all this superuniverse, Nebadon, and particularly this region.


  • Celestial involvement for healing and reconstruction of our world

That is why we have gone to extraordinary efforts to enact, to engage these cultural co-creatives, that one percent of your population. We are in personal contact with almost every one of them throughout your world. Realize that out of seven billion people, there would be seventy million people who would constitute that one percent. These are many people, but many are uneducated, incapable of using the resources if they had them, and most have no access to those resources which could bring about the healing and reconstruction of your world after this destructive era. We are maximizing our use of those individuals who do have access to the resources and who are capable of using them successfully. Many are not believers; many are agnostic, yet they can see within the options we give them through their mind mechanism, the better course of living and of decision-making. That is why it is a no-holds-barred marketing process that we are using to engage everyone who has a positive inclination to assist their world to move towards sustainability.

  • “Where is God through all this calamity?”

Now, to return to your question, because of the avarice and greed and selfishness of your species, which assisted it to survive in the past, these traits no longer make positive contributions to the sustainability of your species. This must change, and so it will through one mechanism or another. Many will say, “Where is God through all this calamity?” God is in the same position, gave you the same options for decision-making that were available to those who preceded World War I and World War II and the Holocaust. Those who made decisions to destroy their fellow brothers and sisters, also had the option to make decisions to assist the lives and sustainability of their fellow brothers and sisters. It is not God’s business to make those decisions, but to provide a positive environment by which people can engage in decision-making. The primary rule of all humans—and I mean those people who are sentient, who can make decisions, who are invested with either the Infinite Spirit or the Father Spirit or the Son Spirit — is to have the capacity to make decisions, decisions that are inviolate. However, [we] do have the capacity to offer every individual options for decision-making. That is why those individuals who consciously make decisions which harm the care and welfare and the very lives of others, is taken so seriously. This affects the life-course and their survival in their infinite journey.

  • Change requires leaders and followers of vision

How is this going to change? It is going to change gradually as we have begun to introduce these concepts to those people who are leaders. Those people who are followers also are invested with these options as are leaders. There can be no movement in your culture and your societies unless there are leaders who are capable of seeing what is to come, and followers who see that this makes eminent sense for their lives and for future generations.

MMc: I just want to be clear: The one percent that you are speaking of, the cultural creatives, is not necessarily the one percent of those at the peak of the income scale?

MONJORONSON: Yes, that is a distinction we surely must make! Those individuals who have leadership capability and capacity, that is the one percent that we are appealing to. Some of those are at the top of the one percent wealthy, but many are not—most are not. Thank you for making this distinction clear to our readers.

MMc: Very good. As I said, basically our government has been controlled by those at the top of the income scale, and those down below have been virtually disenfranchised. Public opinion doesn’t drive the American policy on the domestic scene, or on the international scene. I am told that the average Egyptian, taking part in the Arab Spring, fears the United States more than he does Iran. Is this a true statement?

MONJORONSON: One moment. We make no comment regarding that. You have mixed the context of your question, so that we do not want to provide an answer that may mislead the readers further.

MMc: I understand. Can I try to clean it up a little bit? (Monjoronson: Of course.)

I have been told that the average Egyptian taking part in the Arab Spring, fears the United States more than he does Iran. Is this essentially a true statement?

MONJORONSON: Again, we make no comment.

Quality of Life

  • The synergism between growth and increase of quality of life

MMc: Are there situations where increasing the quality of life does not result in the growth of the individual?

MONJORONSON: Yes, that is true, as you can see around you in your American society.

MMc: Are there situations where there is growth that does not increase the quality of life?

MONJORONSON: You must be more careful with your word “growth.” Growth of what? Growth of wealth? Growth of materiality? Growth of spirituality? Growth of quantity? In the context of sustainability, the increase in the quality of life is always directly connected to growth; growth will provide an improving quality of life. These are integrated; they provide a synergistic holism to social and societal sustainability. [In] the context of how these concepts are used, they are integral with each other. Improving the quality of life means that the exercise of growth has occurred and the individual is able to expand the dimension of their interior life, their thinking, their thoughts, their values, their integration socially with others. When there is happiness in the person’s life that is whole and holistic, it means that there is joy within themselves in their personhood, within their social relations, within their material living status, and that they are at peace with that. These are all integral and in a sustainable society, there are opportunities that encourage every individual to grow and to experience an improved quality of life through their own efforts, and through the offering of opportunities from their social environment.

MMc: In our discussions of the first two core values we seem to focus on them from a material standpoint. Will you explain how these values work out at all three levels of human experience? The material, the mindal and the spiritual, please?

MONJORONSON: I believe my last answer, my last response would answer that question.


  • Today’s humans do not see equality as being “self-evident”

MMc: An audience member writes: He is intrigued by your intention that each of the core values is self-evident to all members of our species. He says he sees little evidence that humans view equality as a self-evident core value for society, and it seems to be inconsistent to him to make the observation of how little equality is valued by humans, and at the same time, indicate that its value is self-evident to all members of the species. He asks for your help in reconciling these inconsistencies.

MONJORONSON: Certainly. First of all, these are self-evident to thinking individuals. Just as it took over several months to write The Declaration of Independence, there was great thought given to those values that were self-evident to those writers. Self-evident is dependent upon curiosity and becoming aware. If one does not question, or curious to understand equality between individuals, but however uses inequality for their self-advantage, then they have not come to the awareness that the value of equality is self-evident. This sounds awfully circuitous, does it not? Certainly it is not evident immediately. One must have a curious mind; one must seek the higher values of life to appreciate those three values as being self-evident. They have not been self-evident for 40-50,000 years, have they? No, certainly they have not become self-evident to humans as obviously as we have presented them.

It is interesting, if you as a mortal would think about it, that these three values of being self-evident should have been recognized centuries ago. You must remember that the opposite side of this curiosity for human values is balanced by human avarice, greed and necessity for survival. Why think about those things when life is so difficult? We bring these values to your species now as being self-evident because they are necessary to save your civilization, to save your species. Your civilization has garnered tremendous amounts of wisdom and experience and social evolution and development. We will not abide by the loss of those investments, those achievements through human neglect. We bring these values to you now as being self-evident and obvious to those people who would appreciate them and appreciate the necessity of engaging the preparation for the destruction of your civilization. It is rather ironic, is it not? That these come to you only after so long and that they were brought to your awareness by your Planetary Management Team. Were your human species to continue on without our intervention, your species would be lost as the dinosaurs. There would be only remnants such as the reptilian species of alligators and lizards and so on. Do you see the parallel?

MMc: Yes, yes I do.

MONJORONSON: Have I sufficiently answered the question to satisfy you, or is there further inquiry needed for clarification?

MMc: My feeling is that equality must become self-evident to the members of my species, or my species is doomed.

MONJORONSON: That is correct. And when this occurs, then you will see a change in the laws, a change in business practices and business policies to ensure that there is enough profit retained for growth, maintenance of the corporation, and the return of excess profit to not only investors, but to the employees, as these are individuals who purchase their services and their products. We have spoken before about necessity that huge amounts of financial capital not be sequestered away from productivity or from those individuals who could use it to sustain themselves. Sequestering huge quantities of financial capital is unsustainable to the very core of your species.


  • A question of distortion in the message by the TR

MMc: An audience member brings up the issue of whether there is a risk of distortion when the TR is also invested in the work of the design team. He says that, “Our experience with TRs is such that there is often distortion in messages,” and asks, “Would it not be a good idea to isolate the TR from the substance of the work of the design team to better insure the purity of the message?”

MONJORONSON: That is one outcome that would receive a “yes” answer, with the exception, however, that the design team is a learning environment. It is necessary that members of the team become discerning members, that they be thinking members. Further, isolating the TR from the activity of the design team does not assure a lack of bias from the TR. In the learning environment, however, everyone is aware and conscious of the possibility of creating bias in the mind of the TR. It is necessary, however, that the TR be present during a good deal of the work, so that the TR has an expanding data base, so that the consultant can manipulate that data base to provide accurate answers.

There are occasions, however, when it is necessary as the author of the question is aware, that the TR be excluded from further discussion in order to assure the higher quality of answers in response from the consultant. The TR must be excluded from those aspects of the discussion that could bias the answers. As we said, this is a learning environment, this is a co-creative learning environment where the team members must be discerning and they must use their wisdom and judgment to know when to exclude the TR. This is a necessary educational and training development to raise the consciousness of the team as team members, so that they can make higher-minded decisions in themselves.

The awareness of the necessity of discernment is to bring individuals in the team to higher awareness of their own biases, their own assumptions, and their own prejudices so that they can operate more evenly, more truly, more fairly in their discussions. As you can see, it is not just the TR’s bias that we are concerned about. We are truly concerned about everyone’s biases on the team. Each individual must be aware of that. In this learning environment, one of the most important aspects of examining and analyzing social topics and issues is to become aware of the assumptions that underlie the beliefs and decisions of the team and of each team member. When development occurs, it will become very apparent to the team when it is necessary to remove the TR from further discussion.

What we have not taught you, and which you must develop, is the process of examining, of finding and discovering prejudices and biases. I now go to the data base of this one, who has read the books by Chris Argyris and others, it states that when someone makes a statement about something, they divide the discussion into two columns: It is called the “right column” and the “left column.” What you state is placed in the “right column,” and you write that down. What must occur then is filling in the “left column,” and the left column is the thinking of the speaker that is not stated verbally. Now we know that all of you have been biased and prejudiced, and that you have fibbed, and you have not revealed all the truth of the situation or topic in your discussions. You keep those certain little notes to yourself in your mind. But in order to discover assumptions, those must be revealed in the open discussion of the team, regarding a belief. When you go to the “left column,” you will begin to see very evidently the assumptions that were underlying what is verbalized by the speaker. Am I clear so far? (MMc: Yes.)


  • Assumptions are not readily observable

So what people say is overt, and is recordable and can be written down; it becomes observable. But assumptions are not observable; they are part of the message that is not revealed. That is why when you are involved with meta-talk and non-verbal communication you are actually reading the assumptions that are going on within the thinking of the speaker. For example, when the person across from you says, “Yes, I am completely in agreement with you,” and they have folded their arms, you know that they are fibbing; they are assuming that you will accept their words and not see the assumptions underlying their thinking. They are assuming that because they state this so forthrightly that you will accept it. But being observant, you see that the individual has crossed their arms, which is revealing of the comments of their thinking in the left column — unrevealed thoughts.

Social sustainability is not possible without this tremendous transparency. Transparency, particularly concerning the topics of discussion in teams is essential. There are many things in your personal lives that are none of the business of anyone else, and this type of transparency is not necessary. You do not need to reveal everything about your personal life, only those things which pertain to the topics of your discussion in the design team.

Now, back to your original question concerning the biases of the TR: Those can be very definitely overtly determined through the process of discernment from team members when they know how to engage the process of discovering the functions. This type of inquiry is necessary for your designs to become sustainable, because those assumptions about life and living, which are not revealed, will eventually become the factors which spring a hole in your design and will cause it to fail. When you see the design team as a learning environment, then you will see that all processes become engaged and become revealed and conscious in the minds of the team, and that when they are not, then there is disaster ahead.


  • Definition of “meta-talk”

MMc: Could you clarify the term “meta-talk” for me?

MONJORONSON: Meta-talk is… let me give you an example or show you about this: Meta-talk is communication outside the words of what is said. When I say, “I have an egg in my hand,” you may look at my hand and you will see, yes, there is an egg there. And so it is very obvious that my hand holds an egg and that it rests there, and we are dealing with something concrete. But it may be, within the context of the discussion that I am using this as a metaphor, that I have this egg in my hand, and yes, it is a chicken egg, but metaphorically it is an opportunity that is undeveloped, which has not been incubated, which has not been prepared for the new life that is inside. And so, when you hear the words, “There is an egg in my hand,” you see it as a metaphor for something else. The meta-talk is that this is a metaphor. If you were really a dense person, literally and auditorily and learning-wise, you would say, “Yeah, and so what? You have an egg in your hand; so what?” Well, they have totally missed the meta message of the egg in the hand, and so the person who is thoughtful would see this on several different levels.

So, when you listen to a person talk, you are hearing what they are saying, but you are also hearing what they are notsaying. You are hearing what they are leaving out, and you are also listening to what they overtly include and want you to focus on, rather than what they are not saying. You are also observing their body, their facial expressions, how they hold their body, how they toss their head when they speak, how they use their hands, how they fold their arms, how they hunch over when they are talking when they are seated, and so on. These are all signs and signals of communication. Meta-talk is 80% of what is said. When you listen to only the words, you have oftentimes missed the message. There are books that have meta-talk in their title, as some that were published many years ago; there are also books about non-verbal communication. These truly underlie the major skill assets of a psychiatrist, a clinical therapist, and a psychotherapist. When a psychiatrist or psychotherapist is listening to you, all they have to go on are the words that you give them, but through their training and their education, and through their own working and understanding of the human mind, they can interpret what is being said in many different ways. This is the meta-talk.

MMc: Thank you. A discerning person would pick up on the meta-talk. Am I correct?

MONJORONSON: If they are trained in doing so, yes.


  • The use of psychotropic drugs interfere with celestial communication

MMc: An audience member writes me that he thinks that chemical addiction is a far deeper issue than just mere escapism. He feels the escape though is instead a strategy to cope with the emotional pain associated with childhood trauma. Would you comment on this, please?

MONJORONSON: The use of psychotropic drugs is highly detrimental, whether they are prescribed by a physician, or whether they are used illicitly. There is the escapism that some use to hide from the reality or from the trauma of their childhood; there are those individuals who use prescribed drugs and those which are not prescribed, for adventuring, for excitement, for controlling their thinking, and those individuals who use drugs legitimately to cope with the difficulties or vicissitudes of their physical being or mental being. In all cases of drug use, whether it is legal or illegal, over the counter, or under the table, or across the pharmaceutical counter, psychotropic drugs that affect the mental and emotional working of the mind cause the individual to be insulated from the energetic contact by celestial beings. It is no wonder that the vast majority of individuals in developed countries are out-of-tune and out-of-touch spiritually, because they are self-medicating or medicating through prescription.

The cost of using drugs is very high. It retards the spiritual growth of the individual to engage the normal conflicts and tensions of daily life. Many prescribed drug users are escaping from the realities that they have created; and escaping from the consequences of the decisions that they have made in the past, and most of those usually involving financial and occupational decisions. The cost is extremely high because if you are using some psychotropic drug that numbs your mind, it protects your mind from this type of thinking [and] it also insulates you from the energetic contact by celestial beings. It is no wonder that many of you do not hear us, or that your minds are so busy that you cannot hear us, because some of the drugs are meant to do that; they are meant to keep the mind off center, out of focus, so that the individual cannot focus on any one kind of destructive mode of thinking.


  • “Busy minds” block contact with celestials

Many people have highly active minds where thoughts are flying through their minds at a tremendous rate, and so they take drugs to bring focus to their thinking and balance. This has the same effect: it insulates the individual from our contact. You see, the energy that we bring to you through your mind can only occur in your mind when it is still—for conscious contact, that is. If your mind is so busy that it cannot accept our input, when you are otherwise occupied, then we cannot be of influence. I hope you are beginning to see how important it is that the one percent of those cultural creatives, how important [it is] that they come forward to participate actively in social action movements, because they usually have peace of mind, that they are still and centered, balanced and grounded, that they are already mystics, or that they are in daily communication with their guardian or celestial teacher. You must also realize, dear friends, in your society that when your economy breaks down, so will your medical services, and so will your prescription services. There will be a tremendous awakening of mental, emotional distress in your world to a degree that will make you feel as though every community is coming “unhinged.”

MMc: Yes, a scary thought for somebody like myself, who has devoted much of his life to taking care of people and seeing that they try to stay “hinged.”


  • Parents must assist their children in learning the tools of thinking

MONJORONSON: There is another aspect of the lesson here, that deals with social sustainability, and that social sustainability as we are speaking about, is not possible without parents assisting their children to grow up knowing how, and having the tools to engage their own thinking. So, you see, it is a very gradual process of developing the inner/mental/emotional skills and tools in people so that they can deal with their own problems, worries and concerns in their minds, and so that they can teach their children how to live balanced lives even with social and emotional and physical traumas around them. This is almost essentially completely missing from your society. Where once children were told how to engage problems and their worries, very few are engaged positively by their parents, but they are simply taken to their doctor, their psychiatrist for medication and counseling.

There are definite tools that can be given to children early on in their life of how to deal with trauma, whether it is huge trauma or small trauma. Trauma is always relevant to the individual. When you begin to look around you and you see individuals who successfully traverse through immense trauma, coming through the other side unscathed and well balanced, you wonder, what skills did they have? How did this happen? Whereas, another person who has the same education, the same social economic background, is engaged in this traumatic situation and is ground to a halt and is incapable. Surely, there is something in the mind, in the thinking of the individual who is successful, that the other individual did not have. This is part of the social sustainability of your society: call it the psycho/social/emotional sustainability of your society. These skills must be taught. Children do not get them innately through the process of growing up; quite the opposite—they will learn from others what they have done and oftentimes that is to use drugs.

MMc: Yes, I can see how education would change the perspective of individuals completely. I’d like to come back to this whole topic of drug abuse because it is something that affects individuals and society adversely and there are many different drugs and many different reasons for their abuse, that I would perhaps like to devote a session to questions about what are the roots of the problem and how it affects the individual society, and what are the most effective remedies for this.


  • The change of the web site of Monjoronson.com toSerara.org

I would like to ask you a question, or inform you of—although it is probably more in the form of a question. Monjoronson, the web site that once bore your name, now bears the nameSerara.org. It says that you have mandated the name change and that you will continue to use the name “Monjoronson” with some TRs, but you will use the name “Serara” for all official communications in the future. Your comments, please.

MONJORONSON: As we have said, names are not important. It is the consistency of the message that you can discern. If you discern differences between the messages from these two different sites, then you have two different sources, do you not?

MMc: Yes, I understand this. I mention it solely because our listeners are going to see this and wonder, and I am happy that you made the distinction here. Thank you.

We are at more than an hour now; would you like to make any closing comments?


  • Discernment is a crucial skill!

MONJORONSON: I cannot tell you enough, or strongly enough, how important discernment is. Some people want to be misled because they do not want to decide. Some people do not want to be misled, but have failed to [develop the] skills that enable them to tell the difference of what works and what does not work, what is sustainable and what is not sustainable, aware of themselves of the need to discern. People who are so self-assured and unquestioning of their own thinking, can oftentimes be easily misled. Thank you.


MMc: Thank you, Monjoronson. Your answers today have been very thought provoking and very helpful for me, and I am sure they will be helpful for our audience as well.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome. We wish you a good day and to stay in the light and walk in the light, and to be in touch daily with your Thought Adjuster, and to discern what your Thought Adjuster tells you. This is a high requirement, is it not for a mortal mind? The unobserving mind is an ignorant mind. Thank you and good day.