2013-06-09-N. Idaho TeaM

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Topic: Service with Understanding

Group: N. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Henry Z.



Machiventa: Greetings to you my friends, it is I, Machiventa this morning. I am pleased to be here with you to offer any help to you in terms of answering questions. [pause] I did not know if there were any available or not. All effort which is expended towards other individuals in an attempt to help with a spiritual understanding is truly admirable on your part, to take the time necessary to listen and to attempt to share thoughts on personal experiences in areas in which others are having problems. Many times it is difficult for people to truly see themselves as they are. It is necessary at times to have good friends who are not afraid to share with you their thoughts, their observations.

Part of the spiritualizing process is not only a personal process but it is a social process as you yourselves are becoming more spiritually attuned and adept at addressing problems others are expressing, is an ability to hold this sacred space for others, this space of looking at things in a spiritual reference rather than a material or emotional reference. It is true that sometimes the trauma of events are experiences or situations which are tremendously overwhelming for people and it is good to have someone that you can share these thoughts with that can bring them into a greater perspective.

It is easy to feel all alone, like no one really cares, like there is no help, and you feel like all is in vain, in a certain sense it becomes ever the more necessary to be a ground, a point of reference and strength for others that they don't always have to dwell in a negative space of mind all of the time, that you can help to bring an understanding and insight to help tie their boat to something more secure so that it is not out floundering on the water aimlessly. Sometimes it is tremendously tedious helping others, and if it gets very tedious it is important to remember those times in your own personal development where you were burdensome to others and you were tedious yourself in the understanding that you now have acquired. It is important to maintain decorum and respect for others as you yourselves at one time may have been burdensome to others who helped you get through tight and trying times, that may have lifted you through a period of remote darkness yourself.

This whole notion that as you grow spiritually you acquire an understanding, an understanding which incorporates experience with knowledge and understanding. It is this life education that is important to share with others, that they receive a spiritual sense and reference to life situations. Sometimes in the middle of an emotional structure, an emotional process, it is very difficult to detach oneself and look at the bigger picture, why these patterns keep repeating themselves in your life, why you refuse to allow others to help you see a greater application here which could lift you out of the doldrums of bad choices, emotional indulgences, these kind of things. Be of service to these folks. They may be your friends, they may be acquaintances, they may just be your brothers or sisters but they are all God's children and in this respect you are all representatives of the spiritual family of God. For all practical purposes you are ordained to speak on spirit's behalf.

The greater progress of mankind arises from the ability of mankind to understand and foresee those areas, many times, that practical life lessons can actually help others, that they may not necessarily have to go through the lesson to learn it, that they can draw upon the lessons that they already have taken and been tested in to learn. Life is teaching each and every one of you the same lesson. It is teaching you the lessons of respect, the lessons of humility, the lessons of understanding the nature of man and the nature of spirit and seeing that there is a relationship between these two phenomenon.

The days you live in today are great days, for you do not have a grand tradition on this planet. What you are partaking in is a basic grass roots drive to pull spirit out of the ether and to present spirit to the world in some real and palpable form like your behavior, your understanding, your insight, in your ability to connect with others in a way in which they grow and prosper also. It is in this vein of thought that I am interested in speaking with you today, that those of you who have chosen to believe beyond all certainty of doubt, to those I address the task at hand, to become a spokesperson and a mouthpiece of spirit, of spiritual value, of spiritual behavior and spiritual living that you can discern what is best in the moment, for that moment, that all of you can grasp with the spiritual tools that you have acquired to grow in a recognition of this practice of attempting to show forth spirit, spiritual light in a world bereft of spiritual light, a world in which spiritual light becomes suspect, maybe even probable cause. Do not disqualify your certainty of these things, yet qualify your surety through your ability in furthering the distance that the light can travel.


Go in peace my friends. Make peace with others. Help others find their own peace within. Help in bringing the peace that exists into its proper recognition. Just as the sculptor removes the pieces of stone that do not belong there, to reveal the sublime beauty of the figure held within the block of stone, so will you shine light on all of the darkness which must be removed to reveal the inner beauty of the light within all of you. Thank you.