2013-10-14-One With God

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Topic: One With God

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “In this world, as you walk upon the material dust of this earth, you can be as close to the Father as you will be in Paradise. If you reach the shores of the eternal island you will see with your spiritual eyes the physical presence of the Father, but this visual perception is just an addition, because you would have gotten to know the Father well during your ascension journey and you would have enjoyed an increasingly intimate relationship with Him, to the point that you will feel one with God.

This experience of closeness and friendship with God is open to all beings in creation, regardless of where they are. Those in the local universes may not be able to “see” the Father in His Paradise home, but they can be as close to Him as finaliters are. Even mortals on their native planets can experience this closeness through faith. The incommensurable distances that separate you from Paradise are insignificant because God is already within you, just one thought away, so in your experience you can feel it as close or as far as you wish.

The attainment of Paradise is a reward for the victory in the long struggle for perfection. This achievement is available to all, regardless of how long it may take. Each creature with the sincere desire to know the Creator and come closer to Him inevitably finds Him. The Father does not deny His presence to anybody and it is His great delight to be increasingly closer to all His children in the universes.

In all the endeavors you start today, right here where you are, try to choose those that will bring you closer to God and therefore provide you with the greatest satisfactions. This is how you will experience being increasingly closer to the Father and the greatest of satisfactions.”