2013-10-17-Knowledge and Experience

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Topic: Knowledge and Experience

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “Since all of you possess the presence of God within your being it should not be a surprise that revelations of truth have come through the words of many of you. The great variety of the forms in which each one expresses the truth he or she discovers in the experiences of life lies in the differences of perception that exist among human beings. That which for one is a powerful light that fills the soul with hope can be a peace feeling that is the elixir of existence for another. These descriptions are just two different ways to interpret a similar experience by two different persons.

It is possible to find inspiration in the words of many sacred books, that are just the interpretations of the religious experiences of those who wrote them. Many pearls of truth are hidden in the pages of your sacred books, as well as in your literature, your poetry, your art. All these are avenues of expression through which mortals have tried to shape and understand what happens in their inner world. The mind will always attempt to consolidate the religious experience within a conceptual framework that makes it more understandable, more real, and this may not always produce good results.

While you study the thoughts of others always keep in mind that it is in experience where a true value can be understood. Each one should strive to live their own religious experiences. This way you can understand better those things you try to understand through intellectual study. There is no document, even if it is filled with the most versatile prose or the most artistic verses, that will ever describe the sensation of loving another as well as the experience of falling in love can. The difference between what you read and what you live can literally be heaven to earth.

The danger or attempting to preserve religious experiences for others lies in the human tendency to crystalize knowledge, forgetting that the understanding of the truth must always advance and complete as wisdom develops. A life attempting to understand and live the will of the Father always offers more complete revelations and allows experiencing the divine love with increasing clarity. This is how a human being can move closer to the Father and understand Him better each day.”