2013-10-18-The Bridge

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Topic: The Bridge

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “The new discoveries in neurology suggest that many of the things that previously were considered as mystical or religious experiences are really consequences of the workings of the brain. Things like the experience of being outside your own body, or feeling what others feel, can be localized to certain areas of the brain. Religious people will face a great challenge when science robs them of all the “magic” they have used to base their beliefs.

Indeed, it will be a great trial for the faith of human beings when science shows them that many of the things they have considered as part of the spiritual realm are in reality physical and predictable manifestations of the normal functioning of nature. A lot of what human beings consider religious is based on superstition and in the deep impression that arises in a human mind when it encounters phenomena that cannot be totally explained. Many events that mortals cannot understand are placed immediately in the box for mystery and magic – or “God’s things”. This is an easy and unfortunate way out because it prevents for a long time the honest investigation of these phenomena often regarded as taboo or something that must remain hidden from humanity.

The advancements of science will effectively remove these superstitions and absurd beliefs that in reality do not add any real value to life. This may be a great challenge for the shaky faith of half-believers, but the more spiritual minds among you will find additional reasons to marvel by the complexity and the variety of creation. Besides, thanks to the advances in human knowledge religion will have the opportunity to focus in the basic and the fundamental – to establish an increasingly closer relationship between the individual and the invisible Father.

The existence of God will never be demonstrated using material terms. This would be like attempting to explain the workings of the internet without the existence of computers. Any conceptual approximation to the idea will never come close to the experience of using a computer to speak and see another human being on the other side of the planet. To understand God, you have to describe Him in spiritual terms, and to reach this level of intellectual understanding you have to become a spirit through a long discipline of evolutionary and ascending progress throughout creation.

However, just like you don’t need to understand how packets of information and transmitted through a network in order to use the internet, you also don’t need to fully understand God intellectually in order to establish a relationship with Him. Here and now, with the mind and the body you now possess, you can start to know God personally through faith, and this is only possible through the sincere desire of becoming increasingly perfect, more like the Father.

In essence, religion is simple: it is the personal effort of each individual to know, understand, and become like the Creator. That is all. It does not require a great study plan nor the acquisition of great knowledge. What is required is simply that a creature searches for her Father. This unleashes all the spiritual influences to work upon an individual and through the Thought Adjuster – the presence of God inside each human being – build that bridge into infinity that directly connects God to a human being.”