2013-10-21-Organization, Purpose, and Life

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Topic: Organization, Purpose, and Life

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “The human mind soon realizes that only through order, increasing complexity, and intelligent control, the things around us can be sustained and even improved. Without intelligent control everything inevitably ends up being a victim of the second law of thermodynamics, everything continues towards eternal disorder and its final dissolution. However, in our mental life and in our experience, we realize that our minds and our ideas tend to build a mental framework increasingly more complex and a more complete description of the world around us. Can this latent purpose in all of us be only the consequence of an accident in nature? What reason would the universe have to break its own laws? Can a system that has always exhibited the same laws of behavior suddenly change them? If the law of entropy is a constant in the universe, how can beings inclined to defy that law arise?

Perhaps organization, purpose, and life are the basis of the universes and not the exception. This would explain well the reason why this world is populated by beings exhibiting these characteristics. The existence of human beings would not imply a rupture of the laws of the universe or an exception. From this alternative point of view, the existence of human beings is a logical and expected consequence. The results of evolution, at least the ones we can appreciate in this sphere, are logical. Nature organizes itself to express its laws more faithfully.

Why do human beings concern themselves so much with the end of their individual existence? Animals do not seem to care too much about their disappearance but there is something in human beings that insists on imagining that there is something beyond death. There is something internal that is not considered part of the matter and mortals suspect that their body is not the whole of their being. And these suspicions are so intense that are hard to suppress. If man was purely material, it would not be possible for him – or her – to imagine things beyond matter, but this is in fact what happens and it has happened since the dawn of humanity.

Through faith human beings can connect to the intelligent purpose behind the existence of the universe. Thinking beings can manage an increasing understanding of this purpose and it has the capacity to reveal itself to His creatures, evidencing an intent and a relationship that is much more than personal. The purpose behind everything is much more than a person, but it cannot be less. The entire creation is evolving toward higher complexity and a better expression of truth, beauty, and goodness, and the One who knows the maximum expression of these attributes must be the most glorious being, the goal to be reached and the origin-model of what is expected at the end of evolution. This is God, our universal Father.

This may not be a philosophically rigorous demonstration of the existence of God, but it is a reality that the human soul cannot deny. You can suppress it for a while and you can ignore it, but there will always be something inside of you that pushes you to see beyond everything around you and to raise yourself above the matter, towards realities you don’t know yet but you suspect do exist.”