2013-10-24-Active Members

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Topic: Active Members

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar



Thought Adjuster: “Currently the world is experiencing a true revolution. The great discoveries that are being made about the world around you and about yourselves are being multiplied. These discoveries will become true and permanent advancements for civilization as long as your spiritual progress keeps up with your progress in science and philosophy.

If you learn to consider each other as true siblings, as partners in the adventure of a common enterprise of growth, learning, and co-creation, you will be able to freely enjoy the benefits of your intellectual advances. However, if you let selfishness be the “law of the land” the few progresses you achieve will remain in the hands of a few lucky ones and will always be in danger of being lost again.

A civilization can advance permanently when the new generations can stand upon the shoulders of the previous generations and reach even further. The results of selfishness, untrust, and fear is that society will be condemned to always repeat the same mistakes and continue searching for those discoveries that were made before but were hidden from all. This has happened before in this world, particularly during the last centuries, and it is a tendency that must be overcome if you hope to reach the status of a true advanced civilization.

Science and philosophy advance because of the contributions of many, true cooperation, and the interaction of individuals and groups. These are, in essence, group developments. In contrast, religion – that must make an effort to sustain the same progress momentum – is always a personal endeavor, a function of individuals. The mases can be content with enjoying the scientific and technological advances that are produced by a minority, but you cannot remain waiting for others to discover the Father for you. Only you can do it and when you start to enjoy the benefits of a personal relationship with God – the fruits of spirit – you will become an active member of your civilization and your creative potentials will manifest for the benefit of the entire world, and even beyond it.”