2013-11-06-A Model of Life

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Topic: A Model of Life

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Oscar


Part 1

Destiny Guardians: “The adventure of your life is not exclusively yours. We are participating as well. We rejoice with your achievements and your spiritual progress. We also suffer your disappointments and up to a certain point we also share in your confusion, maybe augmented a little more by our inability to yell the truth in your ear so you can listen. However, such are the rules of the game and the factor that determines the speed of your progress and how much we can do for you is your will.

Now you perceive the purpose of this message. We desire that you let us do more for you. You have advanced a lot but there is still much work to do. Try to master your fears and your unfounded anxieties, leaving behind your ideas, desires, and expectations that are purely based on the material and the temporal. Accept once and for all that, from your point of view, you cannot see all possible outcomes and you don’t need to, because it is enough to place your trust in your Father and allow Him – through His many spiritual agencies – to guide you and show you the way, which is the place of most growth, happiness, and a greater potential for the creative expression of your personality.

We are pleased when you remember our service and express your gratitude. We know you and we know very well that if you could see everything that we do for you with your material eyes your gratitude and your love would spontaneously flow from your soul. This is true for all Seraphim and their human charges. One of the most desired moments for us is when we can meet face to face on the mansion worlds and you can see those who have cared for you for so long. You will see that even if you don’t recognize us immediately, the familiarity of our contact and the communication with the teachers and guardians of a lifetime will reveal soon how deep and wide is this relationship we started in the material world.

But sometimes we get moments like this one, when the conditions are right to transmit some words and this is a great joy for us. However, these exceptional moments are not necessary. More important are the moments in your daily life in which you choose to do your Father’s will and you worship Him sincerely with the desire to be more like Him. It is then when your soul and us, and all the spiritual influences we serve, work in complete harmony and express a more loyal and higher service to the will of our beloved Creator.”

Part 2

Thought Adjuster: “Just like the models for the atom and DNA have served to create theories and make predictions, maybe we can do the same with the model of an authentic religious life – a life consecrated to the will of God.

The model would represent a personality that is open to spirit. To apply this model the personality must have the supreme desire to be better and must have an object of worship. ‘To be better’ is an abstract term, but when there is an object of worship – like God, Jesus, or Allah – the idea of being better becomes more concrete and acquires a deeper meaning. This model represents the best human life you can imagine, a perfect life. When you worship you attempt to become more like this ideal. This model becomes more accurate with experience and with the wisdom that grows within you.

The model of a religious life implies the following:

The creation of an ideal of perfection.
Make the decisions and actions that are necessary to increasingly become this ideal.

From this model you can make predictions that can be proven through experience:

You will experience improvements in your relationships with others. This includes loving service to others arising spontaneously from your heart.
You will experience increasingly lasting peace.
You will gain wisdom that will become evident in the life you lead.
Your ideal of perfection becomes increasingly more beautiful and complete.
The progress you experience will be consistent.

All these predictions are demonstrable in the human experience and indicate that the model used is real. If you are not getting these results, the model is not real. Remember, only that which is real can produce real results.”