2014-05-17-A Blank Screen

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Topic: The Blank Screen

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Mentori Spokesperson

TR: Lytske



Mentor: “Here you are once more at your communication device, staring at a blank screen, wondering what words will come to fill it. Yesterday I asked you if you were willing to listen to my words and you said, yes. So here we are at the usual appointed time for you to take dictation, not knowing where this subject will lead you.

“Allow me to clear up this mystery and tell you that I am talking about the screen of your mind, which we can read if we want to, and when we are not too busy elsewhere. Generally, people’s mind-screens are so busy that they often present a jumble, therefore they very easily get confused and forgetful, as there is no focusing or any order in their thinking. Many attempt to do varied things all at the same time.

“Human minds are created to do just one thing well, and ‘multi-tasking’, although often engaged in, falls outside the realm of doing things the way they ought to be done. Here I note you thinking, ‘Oh dear, how often have I done this, because there is so much that needs to be done?’..Yes I am aware of this, and yes, most humans work under stress and start thinking about what needs to be done next. Some tasks will suffer as you are meant to be living in the ‘now’ moment.

“Life consists of nothing else but now moments, which is how time is created. Your nows are just tiny segments of eternity. So, dear one, it is always choice and more choice in the moment as this is what time consists of and so we are back at the eternal 'now' moment.

“In order for you to achieve some semblance of balance in life it behooves you to daily take some time to sit in the Silence to clear the screen of your mind which you can do with the help of your Spark from God within. In reality it is an inner cleansing, so a holy hush can settle over the totality of your being and the whole physical system will benefit.

“Your heart, soul and mind ‘come together’, they harmonize. This helps your physical self, your body, which in turn serves as the temple of your precious Spirit. Everything becomes calm and serene and so a great healing balm flows through you which is so needed to be better able to withstand the stressors in daily life.”