2014-08-03-Monjoronson Dialogues

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Topic: Free will and Intervention

Group: Long View Project


Teacher: Monjoronson




Free will, Governance

LVP: The question that continues for me is the degree of involvement with Higher Intelligence in the evolution that must occur in human consciousness. There is progress of course but the forces that work toward disintegration, violence, environmental degradation appear to be the predominant elements.

MJ: What you are asking concerns the degree of intervention of Higher Intelligence and what will be left to human free will. There is always a balancing of these forces because the plan for evolution is one of freedom of choice and intelligent progression for the human race balanced by the larger universal governing forces. Much of human myth and history could be more clearly read if the interaction between human and Higher Intelligence, of human and Cosmic Governance, were understood in this manner.

This Dialogue is such a balance. You have the choice to participate or not, to transcribe or to interpret, to provide access or not. There is no forcing upon your will, your individual path of destiny, yet there is a pressure to correspond which you are sensitive to. Something similar, though in a much larger and more intense manner, is occurring for Earth as a whole. The raising of the vibration of Earth’s life force has been mentioned before and it is axial to the transformation presently underway.

There is a noticeable insanity to the forces of human governance, an impulse to war and genocidal conflict, a pursuit of natural resource to the destruction of habitat and global climate, a choice of greed over benevolence so pronounced and so not even in the interest of those who foment these directions, that pathology and indeed insanity are the only reasonable deductions. However, these conditions can also be understood as mis-guided responses to the essential vibration, the underpinning element of life on Earth, accelerating beyond where human forms of governance and economy are simply no longer feasible.

Intervention, Earth

The intervention is geophysical in its purest sense and the earth is responding as She will. I use the feminine form here because indeed the Earth is sentient, conscious, and responsive to the directions of Life. Certainly there is gratitude in the Earth for this elevation because it is the only remedy for the vast poisoning of Earth’s systems down to the molecular level.

The cure for humanity may indeed be biological as the imbalances caused by human pathology are causing eruptions of global pestilence, earthquakes and structural collapse due to resource extraction, violent storms and systemic disruptions worldwide that impact all life on earth and most certainly human life and society.

Human structures have been considered independent of the Earth’s in the abstract concepts of the Industrial Age but this abstraction although in some limited sense a form of evolution is also an expression of again an underlying pathology. Man is not separate from the Earth as Earth is not separate from the Solar System, the Universe and what are rightly described as the laws of God.

What is underway in terms of Earth’s larger progression is emerging through the sub-conscious and conscious thinking of human beings as an apocalyptic phenomenon, in film and other forms of media, and too often in human behavior. The genocidal conflict in Palestine by the government and military forces of Israel is as much suicidal as genocidal. One cannot strike down one’s neighbor, one’s brother and sister in fact, without destroying one’s own self, family and nation.

Violence, Truth

Violence is not contained by the gun or by aggression, it is spread, and like any disease it will continue to spread through the available host until either the host dies and is recycled in the systems of regeneration or a cure is provided. The cure to violence and bloodshed is simply truth, the understanding that all are one in life and creation, and love, which is the binding force, the expression of God through all of life. When human beings actively and consciously connect with that force, in truth, not through the distorting lenses of belief or societal construct, then violence is simply not possible and understanding will prevail.

Balance, Responsibility

Obviously this is not the case in the horror imposed on the Palestinian people, in the Ukraine, nor in the diseases that are gaining a foothold in the most overpopulated and economically deprived peoples and nations. However, the affects of these conditions will not be contained to the victims or to specific locations. The Earth is severely out of balance, as is man’s governance and economic systems, and the accelerating vibration that is cosmic in origin will bring the balance required, at a level that will not allow the former distortions.

The responsibility for those who see and understand this outworking is to interpret accurately and to provide the context for conscious evolution that harmonizes with the acceleration and accommodates it on every level of experience – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual; spiritual being the integration of the human experience with Higher Intelligence. For some this accommodation will seem fantastic, similar to how Noah is said to have been seen by his society. Of course the Biblical story is filled with fantasy and distortion but some of the essential elements are accurate and based on previous earth cataclysm and what was required for humanity to survive and advance.


The voices of Higher Intelligence are coming through many at this time. The problem of discernment, sorting out what is congruent and needed for evolution from what is not useful or accurate, is an ongoing difficulty for each individual and society as a whole. However, that very discernment is part of the acceleration, and those who chose fundamentalist structure and belief over the available progressions in thought and feeling will not understand or be in position to contribute. Those who can contribute to this understanding must. There is simply no other way to express the condition. However, to say “must” is to speak of the larger need, not to discount human choice, which is always respected and at the core of every individual’s path of conscious evolution.


With that specific pattern of choice and discernment let us close this Dialogue.

We will continue.