2015-03-31-Fusion on Hold

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Topic: Fusion on Hold

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Samuel of Panoptia

TR: George Barnard



Samuel: “This is your Teacher Samuel. Aaron and I greet you all. We are here with our respective guardians and we can also see you all clearly right where you are. You have all your angels there: one Secondary Midwayer, one Primary Midwayer and you have two student visitors from an advanced world in this very sector. Remember now: where two or more of you share time in meditation, there our Creator Son will also be with you.

This world, more than almost all others, provides the opportunity for both Aaron and me to balance out what we will each have to offer our respective Thought Adjuster upon the celebration of our fusion. Today we cover in a short talk the Celestial Teachers working with mortals — such as Aaron and me. And we are covering the reasons why they will be there most often when they are having their fusion on hold and less often when they are already fused.

“The majority of your Teachers are making up for something that is not quite balanced — especially in the case of the males. They may have been specialists in a particular profession, a particular means of earning their living and they have developed spiritually, but they have not developed in a balanced way. On most worlds the males are the hunters, providers and business leaders. Most often they will decide to later catch up in the social sense — apply to become a Teacher.

“To spend a season as a former mortal Teacher with the likes of you allows them, as it allows us, to become a more balanced individual prior to fusion with our Adjuster. It does not necessarily mean that we are lacking something or that fusion would be impossible for us under the present circumstances. It simply means that we each wish to offer ourselves to our Thought Adjusters as more complete and learned beings. So often it is the case that the female of the species, through taking care of children, through doing more general work, has a lesser reason to become a Teacher then do the males.

“Those who spend a season as Teachers commonly feel that they are more ready for the process of fusion and once fused; using the great mind of the Thought Adjuster and being involved in lessons in groups, there is less chance to find the time to teach mortals.

“I remind you now of what Machiventa Melchizedek told you about Teacher Seth. Seth did his season of teaching with Jane Roberts and moved on. And it was Bzutu who at a later date made clear to you that those who feel they want to offer more to their Thought Adjusters may request a season of teaching. That is precisely the situation in which Aaron and I now find ourselves.

“I will only speak for myself. I was very much a specialist. I was involved in ethical bio-engineering in both agriculture and horticulture. This indeed took all my time at the cost of a more balanced and sociable life. It is for this reason that I chose to become a Teacher and I was fortunate to be accepted as one on a planet I heard so much about: Urantia. That is my situation precisely.

“One must also consider that former humans, now fused, are in reality a new being. They have the enormous God-mind and experience of the Thought Adjuster and if they are involved in teaching it is more often with the likes of us — a little further advanced than you are.


“I trust that I can make clear that with the supervision we enjoy before we are ready for a lesson with you there be not much in the way of a difference between a lesson coming from a fused Teacher to that of a Teacher who has his fusion on hold. It surely depends on how advanced the student would be. I thank you for going the distance with me. This is your Teacher Samuel. Both Aaron and I wish you a great afternoon — all of you assembled there. Adieu.”