2015-04-04-Rightness of Being

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Topic: Rightness of Being

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske



The Beloved One: “Hardly a day goes by that people on this planet have not felt an ache or a pain somewhere in their body. And yet many of you are taught that they are made in the image of the Creator. Allow me to state that this is somewhat of a misnomer. Only the seed-soul that each carries within them from birth is made in the image of God. Our physical temples are only hosting this seed-soul. This image of the Universal Creator God, is given to each person born with free will, as to how to nurture and grow that beginning little image of the Creator.

“As a matter of fact, all you thinking mortals, by your own effort and struggles through life’s experiences grow into the image of God — if you so desire. It is during this mortal life that you have every chance of developing yourselves through exercise to keep your bodies fit, but what about the mental and spiritual parts of you? Body, mind and soul ought to be exercised in tandem. Doing so, there will be harmony in the totality of each person alive on this planet.

“This is the ideal life to strive for in the short span of life allotted to each of you. The secret is that not many achieve a harmonious balance in their life as one or more segments are out of order. Keep in mind that the foundation of body, mind and soul needs to be sound to build the mental/emotional body, inclusive of your intellectual, social, cultural and spiritual gifts and capacities. Be aware of these gifts and make a sincere endeavor to develop yourselves in all areas of mind, as these gifts build on rightness of being.

“It is not so much what a mortal strives to do, but what a mortal intends to be. It is a way of living, by becoming socially more conscious of a partnership in co-creation with God. It all depends on your free will whether you become an unthinking rudderless person or whether you willingly join forces with your Spark from the Creator within, which is also a gift freely given to all thinking persons. Take time out for communion with this personal gift; which is the connection to the All That Is, as this greatly contributes to your Rightness of Being.

“Oh yes, there will be moments in life when you temporarily forget to whom you are connected; for after all, you are still humans in the kindergarten sandbox of life. To achieve a greater equilibrium in life so you become more solidly rooted in your faith and having adopted as a way of life the Golden Rule of living among each other, you will have more peace in your sandbox where you all help one another and the planet to progress. All would be infected by spreading the benign virus of love and grow their seed-soul in the process with a sturdy faith to advance to the next class in eternal life.


“This is what passing at the end of mortal life represents, a graduation into eternal life with the promise of further learning into an ever-increasing Rightness of Being.”