2015-06-21-The Prayer of Understanding

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Topic: The Prayer of Understanding

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Teacher Ophelius

TR: Chris Maurus


Teacher Ophelius: “Today I would like to lead you all in a prayer. Some of you may not be comfortable doing so or it is not something you are accustomed to doing. Or perhaps it brings up memories of childhood religious experiences that you were not particularly fond of. Others find great comfort and a fulfillment of peace and assurance by relinquishing the burdens of life to a “higher power.” Whatever the case may be, I am here to tell you that prayer is communication. It is considered to be a form of worship in the sense that the Creator’s children (you) acknowledge the parent/child relationship and therefore do you “have the ear” of the Creator. When the prayer connection is established through this form of communication, the faith muscle of the child is strengthened and the trust and bond of the child for the parent grows along with that faith.

“All of you are indwelt with a Fragment of the Creator, the Thought Adjuster, and it is through this Indwelling Spirit of the Creator that the connection is made — it is direct and there is no time lag because the Thought Adjusters exist outside of time, yet are they present in time with your mind mechanism. You are the farthest distance away from the Creator in relationship to your perfection status, yet are you the closest to the Creator — being host to this most precious and priceless fragment of the one and only Creator of all there is. How blessed are you, my friends?

“When you sincerely desire to connect with the Creator through prayer, your relationship with the Thought Adjuster (TA) becomes more personal and soon you will find you are conversing regularly with your TA about many things just as you would a close friend. This is where you want to be, my friends, in a close and personal relationship with your TA. Prayer is one mode of communication that helps build this intimate connection to the TA. I highly recommend it.

“Let us now relax our minds, our bodies, and focus on this personal connection with your TA as I lead you in a prayer. I will address the Creator as “Father” because of the parent/child relationship. You may insert any name or gender you wish here — the Creator does not care what He (or She) is called by his/her children, only that the relationship is acknowledged.

The Prayer: “Father, I am your child and I am here on this world to experience life in all its many degrees of contrast so that I may grow in understanding of your love for me and my siblings.”

Life can be difficult here, Father, and sometimes understanding love is not so clear as I see such suffering in the world, yet I understand that this lack of understanding is the cause of suffering.”

“Please help me understand love at a higher level than what the world teaches me, Father. Help me see through the illusions of the ego and the false love of ownership, selfishness and control.”

“Show me the Truth, Beauty and Goodness that exists around me and help me let go of the pettiness of a wounded heart. Remind me that this life I have in this world is but the first heart beat in an endless life of god-like pursuits in the universes of time and beyond — that I will one day stand in your presence on Paradise and receive your embrace.”

“Help me hold this vision of god-like perfection and finality in my mind when I get caught up in the problems of life here in this world and remind me that these are lessons that will help me navigate the ascension in the worlds to come.”


“I love you, Father, and I feel your love for me in this quiet moment where we connect. I give to you all that I am, Father, and ask that you show me the better way to understanding higher love.”

Amen (in agreement).”

“Peace to you,

“The Circle of Seven.”