2016-05-31-Regaining Equilibrium

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Topic: Regaining Equilibrium

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: The Beloved One

TR: Lytske


  • Edited by Linda Abell


The Beloved One: “After much turmoil in your mind you find yourself sufficiently calmed to think of matters at hand and I am utterly delighted to ‘find’ your spirit door open once more, inviting me in for our usual chat.”

“This is a prime example of how disappointments can vex the spirit to the point where you can lose your spirit footing. Now you know how important it is to let nothing disturb your inner spirit-mind. Let it be an advance warning that inner peace is transient if one is not solidly rooted in the love of the Creator-God, where true peace and tranquility are to be found.

“Disturbing news can be vexing to the inner spirit, but only when you allow it. It can be likened to a test of having more inner work to do to rise above occurrences like disappointments. There is not a human alive on this planet who, from time to time, does not experience vexation of their inner spirit, which is only subdued and calmed by going into the inner sanctuary. Of course there needs to be adequate time to be found to still any restlessness of mind.

Believe me, child, it is this inward turning that sets the sails towards calmer waters. It is truly a necessity that adequate time be found for this. Yes, breathe in deeply and feel God’s all-pervading spiritual life-giving energy feed the totality of your physical, mental and emotional systems; so your nerve endings can unwind and for you to regain your precious equilibrium once more.

“It is the Peace of God hiking in on the blessed oxygen energy. It is free for the taking. How marvelous is the Universal Creator to make this so freely available from Paradise in the respirations of space. These are not to be detected by humans but are the life-line of the cosmos; gravity and anti-gravity dovetail with the respirations of space. Space is the macro in which the micro exists like every breath taken in and breathed out. Enjoy this analogy as it brings you closer to The All That Is.

“In reality, there is not anywhere where the all-knowing and all-seeing eye of the Creator is not. God’s mysterious everywhere-ness knows all the inner reasons of every thought you have ever had: Rest in this knowledge that The All That Is knows also every grief, sorrow and disappointment. His ever-flowing Healing Balm moves on the breath of life.

Become more sensitive to the Mighty Power enclosed in every breath you take. It’s calming and the healing properties are yours for the taking. Just slow down when needed and take a deep life-giving breath.

“God’s serenity then becomes all pervasive, so just allow this ever-so-subtle movement to pervade you. The Love of the Father in Heaven is never-ending. Just breathe it in mindfully and breathe out all negative restlessness.


“The days ahead hold much promise for soul growth for all inhabitants of this planet. For this earth life is the first step of preparation in your mortal existence to become perfect in eternity, made even more special because of the Christ Michael-instituted Correcting Time; for this and all the other planets affected by the long-ago Lucifer rebellion.

“May all souls find their true spiritual equilibrium!”