2016-06-09-About the Many Wombs

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Topic: About the Many Wombs

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas


  • Edited by Linda Abell


Thought Adjuster: “Dear child, a fetus in its mother’s womb truly lives in the moment as it floats in that inner chamber, evolves and grows. Its mind is still empty from all the data that life will bring its way once it emerges from the womb. The only data is the one provided by its still expanding senses — especially its developing hearing that is constantly connected with the heartbeat of its mother and eventually starts picking up some of the sounds filtering from the world outside the womb.

“The womb is its universe and its comfort zone. Then the day comes when it is birthed to this world — this material planet swirling through an even greater womb — the womb of space. A brand new reality emerges as its five senses activate and start relating to the dimensions of this world. Yes, whether or not you are aware of it, this world is yet another womb — a womb where you develop your embryonic spiritual Self — your soul.

“Just as the fetus becomes more and more complete through its nine gestational months, your embryonic soul also grows and develops during your earthly life, depending on the type of spiritual nutrition it is fed and depending on the lessons and experiences it draws from its life occurrences.

“The baby in the womb is entirely dependent on its mother for its nutrition. If the mother is treating her own body with love and respect as well as the life that is growing within her, she will refrain from ingesting detrimental elements such as alcohol or cigarette smoke, to name a few.

“Your initial spiritual nutrition is provided by your parents and your earthly teachers. Depending on their own belief systems, they will steer you in the direction they deem the best for you. Their agenda should be to teach you to stand on your own spiritual two feet so you can eventually sever this type of symbolic umbilical cord that connects you to them and take charge of the decisions pertaining to your life and their natural consequences.

“How do you feed your soul? Are you aware that your life on this planet is yet another step toward a much bigger and finer reality that you will get to discover once your physical body shuts down and frees the finer etheric body that is attached to it and grounded through it? The sooner you become aware of that process, the wiser you will become in your decision-making process. You will come to realize that some of your decisions are very short sighted and that they may detrimentally affect your options to eternal life.


“Dear ones, learn to expand your vision so that it reaches beyond your numbered days in your physical body. Ensure that your soul is adequately nurtured so that it is not aborted due to faulty nutrition. Treat your soul as loving parents would treat their child; do not neglect its needs for Truth, Beauty and Goodness. These are the nutritional elements that will contribute to a well-rounded soul that will carry you through the birthing process of physical death. You will one day leave your birth planet for greater adventures — just as you left the womb of your birth mother.”