2018-11-22-From Thanksgiving to Thankgiving

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Topic: From Thanksgiving to Thankgiving

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Thought Adjuster: “The celebration of Thanksgiving has been long ago declared an official ‘Holy-Day’ in some countries, such as Canada and the USA. The date may vary, but the underlying intention is the same. Families and friends gather to convivially break the bread and partake in the abundance of a lovingly prepared meal. The entire population focuses on expressing heartfelt gratitude for life’s manifold blessings. Yet, from your down-to-earth perspective, you cannot fathom the magnitude of the positive vibrational ripple effect it unleashes. When hearts open in gratitude, they simultaneously become receptive cornucopias for more spiritual abundance.

Gratitude is an emotional booster that, when practiced collectively, exerts a powerful synergy. Sadly, many among you only practice it consciously on very limited ‘special occasions.’ What about the remaining days of the year? Why shut your hearts after expressing the gratitude they feel? Why not rather use this occasion as a ‘heart primer’ and turn it into a daily routine of spiritual hygiene? How much transformation would you witness in your life from a thanksgiving to thanksgiving?

Why not make a personal commitment on this particular day to be more prolific in your thanksgiving? It would act as a powerful catalyst for the ‘reformation’ of your inner world, as gratitude cannot cohabitate with grudges or resentment. It is an ‘either-or’ type of situation. You are all well practiced in the 'or' case scenario and have suffered from its many adverse effects in your personal and relational well-being.

On this day of Thanksgiving, express thanks for all the highlight of your life — past, present, and future. Yes, do include the future in your expression of appreciation, as it holds the promises of many more reasons to be thankful. As well, by doing so, you take the driver’s seat of your destiny, programming your “God Positioning System” toward a carefully selected sunny destination. Such is the sustainable quality of Thanksgiving — a premium emotional fuel.”