2020-09-03-A More Perfect Pattern

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Topic: A More Perfect Pattern

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Inner Guide

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: I ask that we send our petition out to the universe as a collective antennae. We now set the stage for this gift of grace among us and between us and our spirit components. I invite us all to enter that spirit arena that we have within, that citadel of spirit, unassailable by outside forces, that place where we will sit in acceptance, in gratitude and peace and in the desire to commune with spirit presence.


Pattern, Perfection

Michael: My beloved, I come in response to your petition. I am your Father and I hear the cries of my children. Your petition always meets with my awareness and I come to you now in response to your petition to be supported in this process. We are all working to facilitate and maintain this process we are engaged in and I appreciate that this effort required may seem great at times. Requiring of you to return to spirit means you must take active control of your internal observer and you must be willing to forsake the many numerous distractions that abound all around you, each one of them seeking your attention and demanding your time.

When I walked among your brethren, it was often my habit to go off in the hills and be with my Father, our Father. I did this as a method of returning to center, returning to spirit and having returned, one has a greater sense of secure footing. When you are required to take the next step in faith, when the opportunities before you provide you with the opportunity to take a step in faith and when you try the way of lightness over dark or to shoot for your highest ideal, if you fall short, it is still a grand improvement. But when you are flooded with the bad news of life it is easy to become depressed and be in despair over the magnitude of the challenges before you. My dear ones, this is normal, this is natural, this is to be expected. You sense that there are many shifting boundaries and dimensions and you are realizing that your previous footing does not seem so secure.

This is your chance, your opportunity to rebuild into a more perfect pattern, your life, your choices and your being. You create how you react to all that is going on around you. You establish the conditions for your own life based upon how you react to all the stimuli that’s out there. So that means you can choose to go visit as I did, our Father or come visit me. I offer you my personal request. This is my desire to stand with you and help you in any way I can, to be with you as we are now in fellowship and assure you that all is well. Yes, there may be choppy seas, there may be turbulent winds which we must endure but every storm passes, every experience fades away in time. These experiences of today will be but the memories of tomorrow.

So I invite you to create the new direction if everything is becoming distorted and in need of being reshaped to be suitable, to be appropriate, to be truthful, beautiful or loving. If things need to be made more perfect, this is what I ask for you, to join me in co-creating more perfection, more divine pattern because it is our desire to do it. If you choose to join me in this desire then we can work together and I can work through you and manifest my desires. Let it be so as you will choose. Do not forget how refreshing it is to return to the well to receive the fellowship, the touch of spirit that you so desire. I wait for you at the well. I will be ready to hand you the vessel so that you may drink the cup of our fellowship and of our relationship.

Be at peace even though it may be required of you to exert yourself when the winds are strong and the currents blow you about, to regain your course. Much may be required for you to restore your direction and calm may be some time in coming, but none of this is beyond you. You have even been made aware that the storm is upon us. So be it. We shall weather this one as we have ones in the past. Let us be creative together. Let us be co-creative in the process of changing this world as it is rebuilt in a more perfect manner. My love I bring to you all. I cherish the opportunity to express that to you. I am grateful for the effort of even the instrument and I now send with you my blessings of peace. Be of good cheer, we are in this together. So be it.


Practice, Presence

Mark: Holy my goodness Michael, thank you so much.

Inner Guide: I am here at your request. I am here because we have this arrangement and agreement and you have recommitted again in this process which has again opened the door as permission has been granted, your petition has been accepted, your prayers have been heard and now I am here in response to your request. To review to some degree, there has been a lot of discussion lately regarding the enhancement of this circuit that we’ve been referring to as the “Thought Adjuster circuit.” This is very true, there have been a lot of changes lately and this is one of them. We have been eagerly awaiting some interjection of energy into our efforts and now we have it. This boost in the energetic field of this circuitry is boosting the signal strength just as some frequencies you hear on the radio are barely audible and others are quite clear. This change in circuitry is having a similar effect on the receptivity of the participants, the coming closer of the frequencies, the closing the gap between energy levels. And so it is with such great pleasure that we are seeing the response from all of you as we seize the moment, as we seek to ride the wave, to take advantage of the motion, the direction, join in the purpose of moving forward following and creating the path.

Truly this is the opportunity of a lifetime. This is the goal of a lifetime, to simply be fully present in the moment, engaged and involved is a lifetimes worth of effort. One must exercise if they are going to run a race. They must prepare and condition their muscles to be able to endure the challenges that they are expected to face. Without such preparation, one could never expect to do well in that circumstance. The same is true with your spiritual conditioning. One must spend time in the gym. One must keep their fitness level, not lose their edge or their skills. This you all know to be true based on personal life experience but have not thought to transfer this awareness to this spiritual aspect of your being you are trying to develop and grow strong. You must spend time in the gym. You must actually do the repetitive motion of returning to center, of coming back and that is what I endeavor to help you with. I am your buoy out on the open water. You may come to me and you may tether to me and I will hold you steady as the currents go by and will bring you back to center you so that when it is time to navigate again, your compass is correct and you have recharged yourself with faith. Come to me and I will always be a safe place to ride out the storm. I am forever a place you can return to and simply be safe.

Your brother/Father has reminded you that He went to the gym, He did his exercises. He got himself prepared. He spent the energy to develop that part of his being and therefore it was strong. His faith knew no bounds because He had spent so much time in connection with his Divine Parents there were no doubts or reservations or uncertainties in his life of living in faith. He went to the Father regularly to ascertain what was the Father’s will. He also offered himself as a vehicle to assist others in the process, to be the example, the way and the light. This is an opportunity that is afforded to you as well. If you have been so blessed in your lives as to have come to a familiarity with spirit and be able to return back to center at command, then you are a ready agent, you are a fine tool to be used and we may work together. Michael has just requested as much and I am “onboard” literally for whatever plan you would like to adopt, whatever direction you would like to go and whatever method you would like to use, I will assist you in developing that aspect of your self as long as you will come to the gym.

In the early days of your Teaching Mission there was a great emphasis on the practice you refer to as stillness. It has fallen a bit out of favor and so I would like to request that we change that. It is never out of fashion to commune with your Divine Parent. It is never a bad choice or a wrong option to attempt to develop your spiritual capacities and to desire to simply commune with others who are also spirit beings. You are designed to do these things. I am designed to assist you and Michael has created all of this so that we may have this relationship and that He may observe and share in our growth as we mature and blossom and become the beings we are destined to be in spirit. All of this brings such joy and reverberates throughout the universe. Literally, the angels do sing.

Fortunately tonight I have this podium as a result of your granting me this opportunity and your willingness to extend your faith to encompass it. I am more than happy to utilize it as best we can. I believe that I have provided some food for thought but I am restrained by my lack of awareness of interest or direction, I merely bring you this rather generic lesson on going to God. If there would be any specific interest or questions I would open up the floor at this time.

Comment: I merely wanted to thank you Mark for T/Ring, it is a huge responsibility and thank you Michael for your words of encouragement. In study group today and the Pocatello group, it’s the same message, come back to the stillness and the connection with your Thought Adjuster. I loved the part of recommitting and comparing physical exercise to spiritual exercise, so thank you.

Thought Adjusters, Circuits

Comment: What I wonder is, in the Thought Adjuster circuit we are building, does that spread out to everyone?

Inner Guide: Thank you for your question, as a matter of fact it does in that once these circuits are established, they are readily traversed and usable. The circuit that is among the Thought Adjusters of all the sentient beings may be accessed and it’s possible to reach out and send energy, receive inspirations, understand perceptions, or enjoy fellowship. It is also what may be referred to as an “Akashic library,” and there is between all of the circuits everything that is experienced. Your Thought Adjusters, your Mystery Guides, we are all here in “record” mode. We are observing everything. We are recording the miraculous transformation of a material being bestowed with a spirit component, go through the transformation of learning that they are not solely material beings but have an eternal component to them.

The whole program is designed before you; first to become aware that you are spirit, then to desire it, to seek it, then to find it and this whole program has been put in place for you and you are now somewhere along the path. It is literally a method that must be followed in this process for you to go through the necessary steps for you to even embrace that which you are slowly becoming. So if I am recording all that is spiritually significant and all the others are doing the same, that means that circuit now contains all the experiences. It literally is a consciousness of its own and we are here and now actively engaged in seeking how to connect, how to flip the switch and make the connection. So, I very much appreciate being extended this opportunity to attempt to use word symbols at this time to describe the efforts which are wordless.

That being said, we will make every use of any form of communication, as you witness even now, that you will invest in and proceed with sincerity and conviction of purpose. Mountains will be moved to bring you awareness and understanding. You may use innumerable forms, including this one, but we will take every effort. It may be an inspiration, a flash of goodness, a glimpse of a better higher way. The more you are in stillness, the more you will get this contact because you are creating the environment conducive to do so. And this stillness is your recommitment, is your petition on high that you offer again, that you will return to this place of center, this place of spirit, of clarity and focus because you choose to go to the gym and get it done. Thanks for coming to the gym. [thank you]


It is I who feels such great gratitude for this opportunity we have been graced with and have also co-created. In this circuit that we have formed to do this on this occasion, we have given life to this portal, we have brought this opportunity to reality. We have conditioned the environment and created the method and we have been rewarded for our efforts. Thank you all and I will release you from the gym. Thanks for coming, good day.