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Topic: Familial Connections

Group: S. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa

TR: Simeon



Machiventa: Everything begins with a step, and along the way, one chooses their way forward toward eventual destinies that may be real or imaginary, true or false, in the sense that your choices to pursue reality are beckoning, and each time you follow, the power of a circuit is strengthened.

Will you live purposefully, to be awake, focused on the good you can do, the truth you can learn, the righteousness you can pursue? Or will you live lives filled with distraction, focused on filling time with base observations, novel data, passive scroll, or satisfying urges and needs at the expense of looking for answers, or at the expense of looking for knowledge as a means to propel you further to incorporate understanding each day that can bring you to a different level of awareness?

Will you go to rest each night thinking about the new ideas you heard about, read about or saw, that could enhance your understanding and provide some level of growth? Or will you turn the light off after exhausting your time with distractions and random thought without purposeful intention, to passively observe social channels, entertainment channels, without really seeing a way forward, but rather finishing the day feeling like something is missing or that something has been missed or that another opportunity is not fulfilled or wasted?

These times you live in provide manifold distraction. At the core, the majority of people want to know that thing which will fulfill them, and they are searching, waiting to see something that moves them, that inspires them, relaxes them, or makes them laugh or cry, that touches them. But so many are without anchors, without the foundational data to provide a basic starting point or home base where they can bring the new information in and explore it and expand their foundation to incorporate the new ideas.

Unfortunately there are areas of human existence that border upon transitional breakdown. The family is one of them. A dilemma exists in how to create familial patterns when so many come from broken homes, from disconnected patterns, from alienating environments that are missing the cooperative and supportive nurturing and guidance that are key to building families and community. Spirituality is another area. When so many of the world’s religions have been upended, forgetting the primary spiritual mission of bringing people closer to God and developing that personal relationship. Rather, are they so often presented with political, social and economic realities that have unfortunately distracted religion away from their primary purpose to know God and pursue higher understanding, instead promulgating the do’s, the don’ts, and the affiliated political and social repercussions rather than giving that foundational spiritual support people need.

So the question arises, how do you, as a society, as a community, as a world, reestablish the foundations of family and spirituality in a non sectarian manner, in ways that begin to provide a sense of belonging to something?

Let us make it clear for you, my friends and all who would hear this. You are a part of a large family of beings, at the very beginning of your spiritual journey, and yes, without lots of understanding yet as to how things are. But you are still part of a universal family of God, a spiritual energy synthesis that draws all willing beings toward an eventual destiny of cooperation, cohesion and unification. You are not alone, not as a world, not as a country, community, nor as individuals.

Each person can find that connection to what is real, what is purposeful, and, quite frankly, what will give you the motivation to move forward toward reality and set aside the distractions as a primary tool of passing the time. We encourage you to seek within, for we are agents of the One Source that has created all of us. As you find the One Source and connect, you will find us within. Each day it is possible. Spend time in quiet reflection, in stillness, turning your thoughts toward the questions of the universe, the questions of your time, the difficulties of your day. Bring all of those things within, even if for just a few minutes and we are certain to meet you there. You may not know it verbally, but you will begin to recognize a sense of connection to something larger than yourself, that will make you feel a little more like you are not alone. It is here within that you can be guided to understand the best courses of action each day, the steps you can take in response to the good that happens, and in response to the bad or difficult things that happen in your life.


I am the acting planetary spiritual administrator for your world, Machiventa Melchizedek. I am speaking through one of those who has cultivated a connection, who desires to learn, to hear, to understand the truth and share it. This is not a perfect process, for you are human, but rest assured that in your motivation, if you reach toward the Highest Source of all things, that source will respond, whether directly, or by sending one of his vast realm of spiritual beings or team of beings to your aid in any way possible, to bring you the realization you seek, whether you understand immediately or in eventuality, for we are family and family seeks to help one another. Know this.

This is a message for humanity, just one reflection of many areas that we utilize to try and connect with you and begin that process with another being who can also learn and develop, who can cultivate the same connections through their desire to find truth and to do what is right and what has purpose and will fulfill you. There are many available to respond to your reaching toward the Highest Source, regardless of how you perceive that. Just know that every reach upward by a child of God will find a corresponding downreach to respond to even the faintest flicker of hope, of desire, of faith.