2020-12-01-Seraphic Planetary Government

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Topic: Seraphic Planetary Government

Group: S. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Michael

TR: Simeon



Machiventa: My friends, I am Machiventa. I would take a few moments tonight to speak with you regarding your conversation and question regarding my status on Urantia at this time. The statement is true that I am here on your world as the Planetary Administrator serving in Michael’s stead. I have accepted this position for a long as Michael wills it, and expect to be here from now until the ages of light and life. I would take questions if you have any this evening, my friends,


Q1: Thank you. I do have a question. I found the Seraphic Planetary Government paper fascinating, recognizing all the changes that were expected in the near term. I would like to know about the role of the twenty-four, if they remain active? For they seemed to have a very significant role.

Machiventa: Thank you for your question. Of the twenty-four, including Abraham, our previous governor general, all have been offered reassignment and, at this stage, none of them have accepted it, for they would like to stay within the system of Satania until all of the isolated planets come out of quarantine, and want to participate actively in the progress here on Urantia in any way they can. This is a unique time for our system and our universe, as well as for you here on your world, for these opportunities are not common. If there is one mantra that exists amongst the ascending and descending orders, it is that desire to "experience all there is to experience" as we move toward the eventual destinies of light and life. So it is not a surprise that any would forego active ascension to remain steadfast in the local mission at hand, for there is no race to the finish, so to speak, only what can be experienced now, and each moment, on into ascension and the settling of the spheres, systems, universes, in light and life.

Q1: As a body, as well as individually, are they continuing to function as a body, having passed on ascension for now? I’m thinking there is synchronicity in a body that is different from an individual, and I’m wondering if that experience as a body is useful at this point in time?

Machiventa: Yes, I understand your question, and yes, they are still working in unison with each other, coordinating and cooperating with the various agencies, including my own and the other planets. (quarantined or previously quarantined planets)

Q1: Thank you I don’t know why that is of significance to me that I find it heartwarming that they’re still here. And of course it’s heartwarming to have you here as our Planetary Prince, no longer vicegerent. So thank you for speaking with us.

Machiventa: You are welcome and while I may be more permanently present at this time, my view is that I always am serving in place of Michael in this role.

Q1: Understood, thank you.

Q2: Well, I just want to say, I have a celebrity crush on you. I have since Abraham introduced us, so I’m so glad to hear from you. I just love you.

Machiventa: There is an affection that can grow as a result of the recognition one has, that others are serving for their benefit. Also, I recognize the attachment to history, both as received in the Urantia papers and via these communications over these past many years. We do hold affection for you each, as well, for although you cannot see, you believe, you have faith, and have chosen to cooperate with us in the creation of something beautiful, something grand, that is at the foundational status, that can only continue to grow moving forward. We will always remember these times as we progress, and as you progress through the universes. This is the essence of camaraderie. Thank you for sharing your affection.

Q1: Machiventa, last week, Lanaforge assured us the system was open and that your government was getting all the resources you needed in order to reclaim Urantia and I wondered if that’s something that’s shareable with us? I’m sure there’s so much that’s so far beyond our comprehension, but I'm wondering if there’s anything you can say about that?

Machiventa: There is not much I can share specifically regarding all that goes into our efforts, but recognize, as you have read this paper that was suggested to you this past week, the sheer numbers of beings, even in isolation, who were present and working for your world. Even then, the resources were significant. Imagine now, as things have been opening up, the increase in the numbers of beings that can be present and the capabilities that they bring with them. The revelation also refers to the divisional archangels headquarters which allowed for certain communications that would not otherwise be present during a system quarantine.

But as far as the larger picture of all that is going on, some of this must come to fruition first before you could even comprehend what resources, both in personalities, in the implementation of circuits, and other associated factors that are available… (Pause) Just rest assured that much is happening, much will happen, and as you each continue to seek that inner guidance, you will become more aware over time, of the prevailing mission we are undertaking together.

Q1: Thank you ever so much.

Machiventa: Thank you for allowing me this opportunity tonight to communicate with you and respond to your inquiries. I will recede at this time and let you know that there is another here to share for a moment, if you will. Goodnight.

Michael: Greetings, children, I am Michael, here with you this evening. I am the sovereign of this universe and your Father/Brother. I welcome you into my arms. I welcome you into the season that recognizes the light I brought to this planet roughly 2000 years ago, and I encourage you to spread the light of Christmas love throughout the season. Do not be disheartened by the commercialization, by the weariness of your political machinations, by the onward grinding of living a life on an experiential world. No. Keep my light alive in your heart, extend my love and mercy to your fellow men and women, and above all, be of good cheer throughout this season. Thank you for listening to my words this evening. I bestow upon you my ever abiding, uplifting, encompassing love. Be at peace. Farewell.