2020-12-04-Relative Versus Absolute Truth

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Topic: Relative Versus Absolute Truth

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Knowledge is an eternal quest; always are you learning, but never are you able to arrive at the full knowledge of absolute truth. In knowledge alone there can never be absolute certainty, only increasing probability of approximation; but the religious soul of spiritual illumination knows, and knows now.” (UB 102:2.4)


Thought Adjuster: “Diverging and often illusory perceptions of truth cause great divides among humankind, demonstrating that they do not own the absolute truth. How could they? They emerge in an alien world through the birth canal as brand-new evolutionary creatures. Their virgin mind immediately starts recording their eventful personal journey toward their purpose of the ages: to become a shimmering facet of love-in-action orientated by the reliable and universal truth divulged through the pioneering spiritual work of the human Jesus.

“The positive always has the advantage over the negative, truth over error, experience over theory, spiritual realities over the isolated facts of time and space.” (UB 102:6.7)

God sets the gold standard of absolute truth. As a human being, your homework is to initiate a sincere and eternal life-long quest to expand your ‘truth vocabulary.’ Just as a child outgrows its clothes and has to switch to the next best fit, life will enlarge your truth portfolio through personal experience and epiphanies.

Much of what you embrace as truth is relative, which requires flexibility in its interpretation. For example, your outdoor thermometer may display a 37F low, while your indoor thermostat reports a 70F high. Both readings are correct in their relativity. Your age is another example of ever-changing ‘living’ truth. What is true today will be inaccurate tomorrow.

Those who cannot let go of ancient truth find themselves in a handicapping predicament, as they are clinging to illusionsdelusions that prevent them from being receptive to the latest truth upgrades intent to meter out enlightening booster shots.

Instead of resenting being ‘corrected,’ a sincere truth-seeker will express gratitude when he is ‘set straight,’ putting to good use the buildup of reliable elements of truth that perfectly fit in the mind-boggling, multi-dimensional cosmic riddle.”