2020-12-08-Humor and Names

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Topic: Humor and Names

Group: S. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Minearisia, Aaron

TR: Simeon



Minearisia: Greetings, my friends, I am Minearisia, here among you once again, delighted to participate in your conversations, discussion, camaraderie, and humor. My dear friends, my students, my long time acquaintances, I wish to speak briefly about humor this evening, for it is truly a gift that is appropriate to the season of Christmas giving. Humor lightens the intensity of serious topics, while acknowledging serious realities. Laughter is a leavening in any situation, not the laughter of sarcasm, no, but laughter that sees the absurdity ensconced in certain situations that otherwise can result in resentment and a sense of victimhood. When you find yourselves feeling resentful, this is an indication that you are likely feeling victimized and it is an opportunity to reevaluate the situation to find the absurdity and to have a gut felt hearty laugh.


Much of the time, we Melchizedeks and other higher beings are viewed as “ever so serious,” and this is because we, indeed, share with you serious information, but humor, joy, and levity that brings effervescence to the experiential process of living, is of our nature.

And so tonight, I ask you to ponder upon humor. For some, humor can be an inappropriate coping mechanism, a way of distancing. This is not the humor of which I speak. The humor of which I speak is encompassing and unifying.

These are my words for this evening. I am willing to take questions and after the give and take, there is another who would present.


Q1: Minearisia, I hope I’m not totally inappropriate, but I wanted to share some of the humor I’m getting ready to pass out to the people I mail just about every week.

1. The dumbest thing I ever bought was a 2020 planner.

2. I was so bored I called Jake from State Farm just to talk to someone. He asked me what I was wearing.

3. 2019 – Stay away from negative people. 2020 – Stay away from positive people.

4. The world has turned upside down. Old folks are sneaking out of the home and their kids are yelling at them to stay indoors.

5. I need to practice social distancing… from the refrigerator.

(Much laughter interspersed)

There’s fourteen of them. I look at them and I say that’s exactly me… never in a million years did I think I would go up to a bank teller with a mask, asking for money. (More laughter) Minearisia, thank you for allowing me to be humorous.

Minearisia: Thank you, my dear, for adding effervescence to this meeting.

Q2 I have a curiosity question. Thank you for being here. Since we disbanded this group for so many years before coming back together, what were you doing during that time?

Minearisia: My dear, our mission is unchanged. I am part of an advanced group that has been on Urantia for some time, preparing to usher in the Correcting Time. As you have been told, the Correcting Time is here, it is now, and there is much afoot. While I do enjoy my interactions with you, keeping tabs on your personal and collective growth, my responsibilities are many and varied and many of which are well beyond your understanding at this point in your ascension career. Is this of help to you?

Q2: Very much. I just missed you.

Minearisia: I am pleased to make my presence known to you. I have been following your career and have been with you on many occasions. (Pause) If there are no further questions, I would take my leave. My blessings upon you, my friends. Farewell.

Aaron: This evening, we would like to share some thoughts with the working title, “What’s in a Name?”

As we began to develop how we were going to implement this mission on your world, there were many considerations to make regarding how to present ourselves, whether as one being, as multiple beings, anonymously, or with names. You may have read in the Urantia papers multiple times regarding not using names so as not to provide opportunity for veneration and worship of the speakers or the personalities who were presenting or presented about.

So, it begs the question, why, as a follow up to this revelatory presentation, we are here on your world speaking, utilizing our names, or designations, as they may be? What’s in a name? And that question, if contemplated, may give you some sense of the difference in our mission from the mission of the presentation of the Urantia revelation.

Recently, we have discussed, and you have read about, the four and twenty. In some ways, as we developed the mission plans, it was several of these personalities who suggested using names in implementing this mission, for we are not here to impart merely revelatory information, but to find ways to incorporate your world and its people into a reunification process, a reemergence of the familial bonds, and an awareness that the extended family has returned to bring good tidings and the knowledge that we are personalities, as well, working toward the goals of incorporating the recognition of the universal family and the universal plans. The suggestion that we use names was so you could be imprinted with the reality that there are individual personalities, as well as collective groups, working for the betterment of mankind.

So when I say, “What’s in a name?,” it is the difference maker. It is not so you may venerate or worship, but draw connection with, and feel connected to, the presences within the universe that are vast and yet very truly a part of you and your family, just as you are with us.

I am Aaron. It is my pleasure to have presented this to you tonight and we look forward to discussing more with you at another time. I wish you all the best in goodwill and yes, even humor, in the weeks ahead.

Q1: Thank you, Aaron. You asked “what’s in a name” and when I heard you say, “This is Aaron,” I liked it because we know you. I think that names, for me, means that I might know next time more about you. So thank you. I think of all the people that I pass who are familiar and I don’t know their name and it bothers me. I think about where they are from and why they are familiar. So thank you. It’s something to think about, but I am glad you said, “This is Aaron.”

Aaron: It is my pleasure to express who I am to you and in no small part we chose to share this tonight in response to the various personalities who have been passing your way recently. Sometimes you think of all these high presences in the universe, such as system administrators, and planetary administrators, and Creator Sons, and Mothers, but in reality it is a combined unity that we share and we hope that you recognize the purpose for using names goes beyond mere idolization to the connection that can bring us all together in the spirit of our Father and Mother.

Q3: Aaron, I just wanted to comment that when you made the statement about the extended family having returned, it struck a very, very deep note within me. I teared right up. I think that humankind has a sense of abandonment and I guess part of what your presentation to us tonight made me aware of is that sense of abandonment and a recognition that the Correcting Time is here to correct that. We are not abandoned. We are part of a teeming, loving universe, where the other orders of beings are not evil aliens, but are, in fact, helpers. Although I read that in the Urantia book, I don’t always feel that. You helped me to feel that in that moment, so anyway enough of that. Thank you.

Aaron: There is no reason to curtail your thoughts, for it is the sharing we aspire to have with you. One thing you must recognize in all of this, as backward as Urantia may be in awareness of universal processes, you all did nothing wrong. You were just in a place and caught up in a situation where personalities decided to stray away and manipulate, and so the very necessary cutting off of the circuits, and not allowing misinformation and manipulation to spread, unfortunately caused the retardation, if you will, of the plans and purposes for this part of our system, and of our universe. But again, no one is inherently wrong for being in a difficult situation. If you can recognize this, that many of the patterns you have had and that you have worked through and that you have striven to eliminate from your lives as you seek spiritual enlightenment, these were not because of your faults, but because of the situation you found yourselves in. Therefore, as we draw you back toward the new plans, it is important for people on your world to recognize that your potential is as bright as any other in the universe of universes.


I do sense the time is short tonight and so I will end this meeting and look forward to meeting again with you soon.