2020-12-22-Value of Service to the Whole

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Topic: Value of Service to the Whole

Group: S. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Michael, Lynda

TR: Simeon



Daniel: It is with great joy that I greet you each this evening. I am Daniel, your friend, guide, and teacher, embracing this reunion of dedicated souls who have committed to be part of the dawning of the light on your world. I welcome you to this grouping of like-minded souls, seekers of truth, students of beauty, and desirers of goodness for all. This night I will be part of a tandem lesson addressing the importance of social connection, of family, of friendship.


Over the past several months, the messages that have come through to this group have focused upon the necessity of aligning with the First Source and Center, of bringing God’s perspective, God’s love, and God’s presence in every moment, in every interaction and decision, being present with God throughout the day, and we have made this presentation in various ways and through various personalities. Now this evening we wish to focus on the social component, because you are social beings that do not exist separate from one another. You were designed to need one another, and it is part of the educational program of being a mortal being to learn how to be complementary to one another, to enhance each other’s strengths, to support one another’s interests and desires, to achieve unity from diversity.

The world today is focused on domination, on competition, on self and self-aggrandizement. In the current culture, those themes have gained in volume over cooperation, unity, support, etc., and we know how deeply each of you and your brothers and sisters yearn to be part of the common fabric, while being valued for each of your individual contributions, your individual “specialness,” so to speak. One of our purposes in communicating with you in this manner is to assist you each in knowing how valued and loved you are, and by recognizing your value it frees you to recognize the value in others and assist others in seeing that value in themselves.

While there is much more to explore in this issue area, this topic of social interaction, I will end it there for myself this evening. During this special season that recognizes the human birth of our Creator Son, Michael of Nebadon, I wish you the great joy in knowing Michael personally and knowing Michael’s love for you each. Farewell.

Machiventa: My friends, I greet you once again. I am Machiventa, here to share with you tonight an example of social camaraderie. As you know, one of the measures taken for your world after it devolved into rebellion and then default, was to institute the four and twenty counselors, one time citizens of your world, including myself, to oversee and provide advice and instruction related to the progress of your world. Each of these beings, as individuals, had ascension paths for themselves, and yet when provided the opportunity, they gladly chose to remain and serve for the world of their origin.

The progress that has resulted, despite you sometimes feeling it not being at a level you would wish for, was far greater than it would have been if these mortals had chosen to simply move on and grow into the next phase of their ascension. They became a social body with each other. They worked through differences of opinion and enthusiastically delved into the problems of your world, looking for opportunities to shed light and bring higher meaning and resources. Even as the adjudication of the rebellion occurred, and they were once again afforded the opportunity to move on, they requested to stay again until your world and the other worlds in quarantine were brought back into the fold, so to speak, and connected once again.

I share this because it is an example of individual beings finding more value in the social development and progress of the whole. While each will certainly grow immeasurably from these experiences, the motive to be of service to each other and to those who came after them stands as a pillar of the possibilities of spiritual achievement.

On your world now, socialization occurs in isolated spheres, but as a whole there are still barriers to the realizations between countries, between social groups in your countries, and that ever-long struggle between individualism and brother and sisterhood. These are the areas that we look to involve ourselves in in the time to come as we seek to bring your world forth into connection with the system. It is a foregone conclusion that your world will have to learn how systems operate healthily together.


Lynda: I am Lynda. I have been given the privilege of punctuating this meeting with a few final words. My friends, charges of my dear colleagues, we recognize the unusual circumstances of this holiday season and your longings to overcome the necessary physical barriers that are part of this year’s celebrations, and I do use the word “celebration,” for indeed does the truth of Jesus’ birth, his bringing the promised light to Urantia, ring for Christians, and the truth of the coming of light rings in other religious traditions. And so, keep the light of God’s love central as you share the gifts of the season with your families. Keep friendship alive in your hearts, and enjoy peace. Now my friends, I bring this meeting to a close. We of the teaching staff are looking forward to great progress with you and each other in your new calendar year. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Farewell.