2021-01-03-Time Will Tell

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Topic: Time Will Tell

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Thought Adjuster

TR: Anyas



Thought Adjuster: “Humankind sets a variety of artificial dividing lines within the intangible element of time. The first day of the year, the commemoration of your planetary birthday, or Day One of a personal resolution can act as reset buttons. Your hard-earned achievements pepper your life trajectory with additional memorable landmarks, as you invest yourself mind, body, heart, and soul.

Therefore, it is important to set worthwhile goals whose accomplishment will benefit your entire persona, thus making it optimally operational. If enhanced physical fitness is your objective, you will soon notice that you simultaneously experience emotional highs as you keep pushing yourself to beat your personal best. The gradual birthing of your staggering potentials also fattens your self-esteem while legitimately earning you the appreciation of your peers to the point of becoming a positive, inspirational figure.

Set realistic goals for each venue of your life, aiming at self-improvement. It is ludicrous to exclusively concentrate your efforts on the ephemeral fitness of your physical embodiment, while cutting short the eternal life expectancy of its mental, emotional, and spiritual components.

Your best bet is to entertain high spiritual aspirations, which will naturally prompt you to get ‘all your ducks in a row.’ The mandatory next move is to act upon them. Such is the ineluctable ‘cre-active’ process.

What gets you out of bed in the morning? Is it merely the enticing aroma of a fresh cup of coffee — your first sensory indulgence? Assuredly, love is the best motivator, as it encompasses your passions, talents, and relationships. It takes you into positive emotional territories that prompt you to soul-nurturing actions.

It is also your lifeline to the Divine — an umbilical cord of sorts. By making love-infused decisions, your life will soar to unsuspected heights. You will experience blissful energy surges — the tell-tale, addictive hugs from your divine Indweller who irresistibly responds in kind to your positive impulses.”