2021-01-05-You Are Unique

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Topic: You Are Unique

Group: 11:11 Progress Group


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Michel Levasseur


Monjoronson: “Hello my friends. Monjoronson here, and on this day, I want to convey to you some information which has never been conveyed to you in the past.

My friends, open your hearts and imagine the greatness of the eternity around you, a vast eternity without beginning or end that is filled with love.

Urantia is part of this reality, of this eternity, and this planet was the planet of the last bestowal of your Creator Son, Michael.

My friends, Urantia is a decimal planet and as you know, decimal planets allow the creation of life in a different way compared to other so called normal planets. It is a fact that on Urantia the life that has been created has produced what no decimal planet has been able to create in all of the eternity of the universe.

The rebellion has caused great harm and evil and that has led to a different evolution of life and evolutionary race: humanity. The human is a totally unique race in the universe, you are unique as an evolutionary being and this is mainly the result and the cause of the rebellion.

You may be surprised to learn this, but indeed, the human race, YOU, are unique. Despite the fact that the evolution of the human race has never known true spiritual life, it has been able to become greatly spiritual without ever having been able to live spirituality in a completely rebellious world.

You are now facing a world of darkness and despite this we are able to see the light in most of humanity. You are unique, my friends, and you are a part of this universe and eternity. Now you know that the rebellion also had positive sides that came out of it.

Good bye my friends.”