2021-01-07-Spiritual Neural Network

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Topic: Spiritual Neural Network

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: We here tonight have come to the realization that we are capable of exercising our spiritual birthright and placing ourselves in the circuit of receiving and being grateful for the grace, for the love on high that we feel and desire to share. Divine Parents, share this cup of communion and joy and appreciation that we have when we come to this well with you, this place of communion, of sharing, of en-circuiting ourselves all in the circuit of love, the embrace of the Divine. Let it be so, even now.


Machiventa: I greet you this evening, I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I am responding to your call. When you open the door and set the place at the table for me I can’t resist but join you in your deliberations and discussions where you are attempting to define and share between yourselves the aspects and conditions and properties which are only tangible in spirit perception. But even now, as mortals of the realm, you crave to know of these things, to identify them, to experience these aspects and determine for yourselves what they are by virtue of your own experience.

You are constrained to limited word symbols and even greater limitations of experience and so you are attempting to put the puzzle together with no real guidance and no complete set of pieces. Even so, you, because of your persistence, continue to make great progress in these personal discoveries of spirit, these individual encounters you have with the different circuits you are connected to, the different personalities you are connected to, the different time frames you are connected to, the different experiences of vast numbers of individuals such as yourselves that you are connected to, the presence of your Indwelling Guide that you all share and therefore are all connected to.

The very family of man is but a gigantic web of expression. Indeed, you, by being a juncture in the great web of mankind, are plugged into everything. It is merely the connection of your spirit switchboard wherein you are able to direct your intentions, your interests and your focus through this mechanism of this spirit switchboard, channeling your energy down the appropriate aspects of the web and making connections for you because it is your desire to forge them and make them in the process. Much like you are able to train your brains to master a certain function through repetition, so it is with your repeated attempts to embrace these spiritual truths, you are forging the very spiritual neural network necessary to easily establish and reestablish the connection. It is only built by your efforts, the connection is created by your desire, your choice to make it so. Then, once having made the connection of your choice, this relationship between you begins and may be eternal if it is of divine value.

I always appreciate the opportunity to stroll into class and receive your attention so freely and willingly. I now allow space because I understand there is a desire to pursue further connection with your Indwelling Guides and Onboard Partners, your eternal associate and I very much approve of your mortal efforts to approach the Divine in this fashion. It is definitely a move in the right direction as you respond to the gravity of the divinity you feel. Let it be so, embrace this, embrace your part in the circuit and be ready to perform your function in creating the bridge, the circuit, the connection because it is your choice to do so, farewell.

Inner Voice: Hello and thank you for such a formal invitation. It is of course true that I am aware of your most inner thoughts and consideration and understand that I am indeed welcome by you to exercise this opportunity, however, your gesture to literally exercise the aspects involved in creation in material form in time and space is a valued contribution by modeling the act of taking thought, refining it into word, and then choosing it and acting. This is how all creation occurs. The Creator adds inspiration. The inspiration must be translated into a form where it may be expressed and shared and the desire to manifest and express this creation with the pursuit of energy involved manifest as the reality that was once inspiration.

And all of you here this evening have mastered some of these aspects in your own lives and are desiring to implement your skills and abilities in the direction of giving and returning some of the grace that has been so expressed and so warmly received that you desire to share it and to project it out for others. This is how love grows and spreads and is contagious. This receiving of love spontaneously creates the desire to share the goodness, to be part of that energy of grace and your efforts at service are the natural outgrowing of this desire to give back, to return some of the love that you have enjoyed, that has sustained you, that you have become aware of, that has benefitted your being, has elevated your experience.

Love is simply the desire to do good to others. It is expressed in a myriad of ways, but that basic urge and sense to propagate good, to spread love, has the natural consequences of experiencing joy and peace that are resident with the grace of love. Once you have familiarized yourself with becoming an active part of the circuitry of love, then you may take greater advantage of the circuitry, of the connections you have to activate and send love out on the circuits you maintain. This is how you are truly able to give back, truly able to show your appreciation, to demonstrate your awareness and appreciation through the channel of service and gratitude.

If you would indulge me in returning to another exercise in the projection of our collective energies, our mortal individuals gathered in this circle and all of the spirit guides attendant in this circle as well, I invite us all to circle up once again with the intention of being in service, expressing our gratitude in action. Tonight I would petition the focus of our attention be the projection, the offering, the intention projected of peace in the struggle, strength in the support and comfort in the fellowship of our shared experience. These offerings of goodness may represent our intention to provide the will of our Divine Parents and the added support and strength and connection that we share with each other.

I invite you to bring your vehicle into greater alignment by focusing on your breath, the inhale being your prayer, the exhale being your projection, your desire made real. The action that you are taking to manifest it is the final step in its creation. So finish the process. Go all the way through the process in faith and realize that it is done, that you have in fact implemented these divine principles and manifested your intention for the healing gift of grace that you would offer supplied with the divine will of the Divine Parents and that these offerings may be embraced by the recipients, those who are crying out for love and you are responding by crying out with love. I invite you to feel the frequency, the energy grid, the circuit that we connect to through gratitude and service. It has a distinct signature, it is a divine tone, a divine frequency and that is why we are so attracted, that is why we pursue it even now.


I bask in the glow of our time spent at this frequency. I very much appreciate your willingness to go to this place, create this place, maintain this connection and pursue where spirit leads you. Insert your loved ones names who you desire to have the light of grace shown. Bring their energy signature into the circle, into the circuit, simply bring them along and introducing them to the frequency is the part you can play. Bring them into this place of divine energy that they may experience it even if they are unaware of what it is exactly. Your willingness to share it with them is enough, your willingness to represent it to them is enough. You are a piece of the circuit and you can share your connections, your awareness with those around you and those who are who you are desiring to send aid and comfort.

Thank you all for contributing your grace, your willingness to share with those who could use it, some of your peace, some of your awareness of the grace, some of your desire to help. It is well received on high and throughout the circuit. It is a great opportunity we share here at these times, coming together to bring focus, coming together to act as collective receivers of this grace, of this opportunity, of this connection. I now take my leave but as I will never fail to remind you, I only take the recessive seat. I await your acknowledgement and recognition as you give me even now and I look forward to our greater and greater connectivity because it is our desire to make it so. That is the greatest demonstration of that manifestation you offer, your willingness to pursue it certainly means you shall find what you seek. Peace to you all as we navigate this together. I will endeavor to remind you, we are always together, the only difference is the awareness that this is so. Good day to you all.