2021-01-10-Elevation of Urantia Mind

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Topic: Elevation of Urantia Mind to True Mind of Mother Spirit

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, we are grateful to come together as one unified intention to serve our planet at this great hour of need. Thank you for centering us in your LOVE that our minds may be unified at the higher levels of Personality, Spirit, and Soul, and that we have more clear direct access to our Indwelling Spirits to guide our thoughts where they will do the most good in service to our planet. We ask to collaborate with our Seraphim and all other celestial helpers engaged today. We thank you for the gift of the Magisterial Son to guide us along this path of LIGHT to continue to ascend into these higher circuits of universe awareness. Thank you for deepening your presence in us that we may be steady and secure in what we focus today as your WILL is done. Thank you very much with this opportunity.


MONJORONSON: Greetings, dearly beloved brethren. This is Monjoronson, and I am pleased to join you once again in this forum to build the spiritual energy on the planet for more healing to continue to unfold in Urantian mind. Center yourselves in Michael's PEACE.

Take some deep breaths as you invite His presence to gently expand in you through the circuits of mind in your own personal connection to Him through your Spirit of Truth. Allow your bodies to relax as Michael's PEACE deepens within you. As you make this adjustment feeling the spiritual energy within, asked to be guided by your Indwelling Spirits today. Ask for your mental current to be conducted by your Spirit that all participants on this call may be fully aligned and harmonized within the circuit of the Indwelling Spirit. We will provide you these few moments to engage at this level of superconscious mind that you may be fortified in this dynamic before we move into collaboration with the Seraphim at the collective level. (Pause)

Invite Michael to fortify you in His PEACE and for your Spirits to elevate your minds to the highest levels you can achieve in this moment. (Pause)

The activities of DIVINE JUSTICE are being conducted now. There are many dynamics that are playing out in your material realm that will continue to reverberate through the circuits of mind for some time to come. You will see many of your brethren confused and anxious about what is underway. We invite you to stay fortified in Michael's PEACE and elevated in your thinking that your Indwelling Spirits may guide you through this particular course of change to perceive from the Father's perspective what is underway upon this planet. In this way, you will remain insulated from much of the energetic fallout, you might call it, what is being outworked now. It is a time for individuals to make decisions—to choose the LIGHT, and here is where we invite you to remain in the lLIGHT that you may help your brothers and see that they have light within them, guiding them through this very tumultuous time of reckoning on the planet.

Continue to remain focused on Michael and your Indwelling Spirit for a few moments as we prepare to engage with you at the collective level. Your part adding to the greater whole within Urantian mind for more of the actions of DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail.

During this time of reckoning, we are not here to tell you what to believe. You must make your own decisions about what you see playing out at the material level. What we do encourage you to do is to stay in the LIGHT of Michael's PEACE and TRUTH and to continue to elevate your gaze to your Indwelling Spirits for the divine perspective you need that your mind may be clear with TRUTH and your emotions purified with GOODNESS. Urantia mind is being purged of a great toxin, you might call it. It is the rebellion stain and stigma. Now it is time for this to be fully outworked, keeping in mind that there is a timeline and a trajectory by which this is being conducted. Human participation is paramount, as we have informed you previously. And the more individuals who choose the LIGHT, the more will this scourge diminish and evaporate.

So, let us now engage at the collective level. Remain focused on Michael and His PEACE as you continue to be elevated at superconscious levels of mind. Project these words from your heart with as great love and compassion as you can muster: ELEVATION OF URANTIA MIND TO TRUE MIND. ELEVATION OF URANTIA MIND TO TRUE MINE. ELEVATION OF URANTIA MIND TO TRUE MIND. Feel your desire for this, the need for this to benefit all life here. If you wish you may use that familiar visualization of the planet before you in your mind's eye with these word-energy dynamic spiraling around the planet from north to south pole. What is most important is to have that heartfelt intention with the fabric of Urantia mind to calibrate with Mother’s TRUE MIND—circuits contained within Her majestic being and the flow of information that flows from Her to you, to the world, to all life. Hold the focus ELEVATION OF URANTIA MIND TO TRUE MIND as we begin. (Pause)

The Divine Mother ministers lovingly through each circuit of mind. It is up to you to attune to Her VOICE. What we are assisting this planet to achieve is the broader, deeper, higher recognition of Her VOICE within planet mind. You are all attached to this mind fabric. You might call the mind fabric the whole. Your mind is the part. Asking to engage with TRUE MIND takes you to the bosom of Her BEING and helps you perceive Her LOVE and DEVOTION to you to secure you in Her SAFETY to foster your wellbeing. Hold this intention for all of your brothers and sisters to be able to perceive the VOICE OF THE MOTHER speaking words of LOVE and COMFORT to Her beloved children. (Pause)

ELEVATION OF URANTIA MIND TO TRUE MIND opens new doors into a way of perceiving that gives the Indwelling Spirit more bandwidth, as you say, to reveal TRUTH and GOODNESS into each individual. When you are thusly engaged in the circuits of TRUE MIND, you allow the calibrations to reverberate into areas within your own mind that need to be upstepped to the power of Spirit. Do you not want your brothers’ and sisters’ minds to be purified? Cleansed of error and evil? Continue to hold this focus as best you can through that heartfelt intention to be the truth revealers and way-showers to your brothers and sisters. (Pause)

Invite Christ Michael’s PERSONALITY SOVEREIGNTY to engage now into this collective endowment. Your brothers and sisters need to know who they are and from whom they originate. If you can, envision Christ Michael's PERSONALITY SOVEREIGNTY moving through these circuits of Urantian mind as Mother continues Her ministrations through your true mind Personality essence, keeping that heartfelt intention keen for your brothers and sisters to know who they are at the deepest levels of their beings. Invite TRUE MIND to engage at these levels. (Pause)

Many new circuitry adjustments and connections are being forged. While you are still engaging your thoughts toward the ELEVATION OF URANTIA MIND TO TRUE MIND and Michael's PERSONALITY SOVEREIGNTY to prevail, you may if you wish expand the focus to URANTIA MIND TRAJECTORY INTO LIGHT AND LIFE. URANTIA MIND TRAJECTORY INTO LIGHT AND LIFE. URANTIA MIND TRAJECTORY INTO LIGHT AND LIFE. Add this as another layer to your intention and focus as best you can. You see, my brethren, there is a divine plan for this world. It was created with such care and consideration and now it is time for this divine plan to have more functional space within Urantia mind.

There will be much information forthcoming in the near future that will expand and extend into many years as the cultivation of a heavenly culture is crafted here through human and celestial collaboration. Never for one moment think that this planet is not succeeding in this trajectory. It is very significant to remain faithful to Christ Michael and His plans of REDEMPTION for this world and the other Satania rebellion spheres. As you hold this focus of this TRAJECTORY OF URANTIA MIND INTO LIGHT AND LIFE, invite Michael to show you His HAND steering this world along its course. You cannot fathom His LOVE and DEVOTION to Urantia, but you can experience a portion of it within your own being, especially if you remain faithful to Spirit Within and how your mind is being upstepped in a way that will help you perceive more of the GOODNESS, MERCY, and TRUTH of this particular period of planetary adjudication.


Allow your thoughts to be guided by spirit within and all of these intentions commingle, unify and operate in the Father's LOVE. (Pause)

If you wish, you may also invite DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail to these circuits of Urantia mind. Know that much is underway now and the action of DIVINE JUSTICE pervades this world. It will take some time for this to have its full impact. We ask you to remain steadfast and strong as this continues to reverberate through planetary mind. When you feel lower emotions engulf you, turn to Michael, ask for His PEACE. Turn to Mother, ask for Her TRUE MIND to embrace your thoughts and feelings. Turn to the Father Within to ask to see it from His PERSPECTIVE. Turn to me and ask for more of my presence to embrace the planet.

This is where you have the greatest ability to evoke and impart positive change. It is in the Spirit. We encourage you to develop these spiritual abilities that you may grow in experience and wisdom as humans who are now coming into your greater appreciation of what it means to be a cosmic citizen. Your part contributing to the great whole of the Father's plans for all LIFE. It is both a privilege and a responsibility. And the more you do this, the more love you will receive. You may use in greater service to your brethren to all life here.