2021-01-12-The Power to Change Perception

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Topic: The Power to Change Perception

Group: S. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Daniel, Abraham

TR: Simeon



Daniel: As you go into your stillness, allow the embrace of eternity to displace the concerns of time and seep into those quiet places of mind. Let your physical being merge with the energy of the universes of which you are a part. Find peace in the quiet, that love may emerge as your primary awareness.

Greetings, my friends, I am Daniel, guide and teacher, here with you this evening to share a few thoughts regarding the situation facing your nation at this time. My friends, although you did not speak of these things, we are fully aware of your anxieties as you watch the unfolding of events, the entrenchment, the sense of vindication on both sides, the potential for more violence and for your very institutions to be shaken and challenged. My friends, I am not here to provide forecasts, but I am here to encourage you to take those steps that help you to find peace, to find hope, and, in so doing, to be lighthouses, beacons of light to others struggling in the stormy seas and in the dark of night.


It is the sense of being a victim that needs address. Too many times in all walks of life, across many activities, people do not recognize their potential and their power of perception. We have attempted to share with you over the years that you have the power within you to change your perspective of a situation, to experience gratitude in the face of adversity, to see opportunity in a setback, to find multiple opportunities to be of service in any calamity.

Part of the situation you find yourselves in as a nation and as a people of Urantia, is a desire to be smaller than you are, to take the easy road of shifting a challenging situation to another, to pass on a growth experience and say, “Oh, I’ll catch it the next time it comes around,” to want it to be the fault of another, and this is rampant at this time.

My friends, my dear students for whom I have great admiration, respect, and in whom I delight, I wish to offer you a sturdy hand, that you may be willing to look inward and understand how your attitudes and your belief structures and your intolerances contribute to the social fabric. I commend you for those many successful moments that each of you have when you recognize an attitude that would benefit from adjustment, when you mentally change an area of growly discouragement into an opportunity to practice one of the fruits of the spirit, whichever fruit is needed most at a particular time.

All of this, my friends, is predicated on your connection to spirit and your willingness to spend that time sincerely seeking the Other, that you may manifest to your fellow brothers and sisters what a love-dominated life is like, that they may see in you, a person of good cheer, who sees the positive, not from the perspective of denying reality, but in choosing to embrace those opportunities provided by that reality.

Thank you for your willingness to listen to me this evening. There is one other who desires an opportunity to address you.

Abraham: When people are afraid or uncertain, it is at this point that things are most volatile, for suspicions can arise and perceptions often are clouded by the shadows of what you think is happening or may happen instead of what is actually occurring or instead of thinking about what you can bring to a situation. When you are uncertain, what is most needed is connection to your spiritual center, or the recognition of that love for you. Often, the predilections, however, are to push away, attack, or to focus on what is wrong, rather than to become connected to what is right, or to seek that connection.

As you engage within your own minds with your brothers and sisters, family, friends, and strangers, recognize that what each most needs to hear, see, or feel, is love - that they are loved, that you are loving, that you care, that you embrace them, or acknowledge them as valuable. It is too easy to point out what is wrong as a first measure, what is wrong with another or with another’s thought instead of embracing your spirit core and to engage from that place, to enlighten in a different way, that seeks first to assure someone that you care before providing correction.

Many on your world, our world, are experts at seeing what is wrong from their perspective. Our encouragement to you is to look at how you can engage first from a desire to connect rather than divide, to perhaps ask someone you are having a difficult time with to pray with you about these matters rather than exploring how they may be incorrect in their thinking. If you can see it as a defense mechanism to disagree first, then perhaps it will allow you to flip the switch, so to speak, to seek engaging in another way, perhaps seeking the deeper question that a person really wants to ask, wants to hear, or wants to explore, rather than the disagreement.

It’s easy to use mantras like "pro-life" and "pro-choice" and never truly discuss the fine realities of valuing human life at all stages and valuing that ability to allow people to make their decisions for themselves. Whether it is gun control, healthcare, social security, or any number of issues, if there is no core of commonality or connection to recognize that you value each other first, then it is too easy to disagree.


Utilize this time period before you meet again to, perhaps, seek within and ponder these questions and thoughts with our Father and then look at the opportunities throughout your week - whether you are talking with someone, watching the news, thinking about a subject - to think about what question might be more important to ask or to talk about if you are seeking true understanding with one another. Maybe it is not the surface platitudes or mantras or rallying cries that are important nearly as much as looking to the core of how true communication can occur when connected to spirit and allowing that presence to cooperate with you in your efforts.

I am Abraham. I want to thank you for the opportunity to share with you, my friends, and look forward to your dissemination of the thoughts from Daniel and myself as you go forward in the week to come.