2021-01-14-Exercising Circuits With Stillness

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Topic: Exercising Circuits with Stillness

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Machiventa, Inner Voice, Midwayer Friend

TR: Mark Rogers, Delores Pollard, Kathy Morris



Prayer: Divine Parents, thank you, thank you, thank you for this get together of friends, of soul mates, souls who will be friends when we all come together to this well, once again to drink of this cup of spirit refreshment. Help us to align our intention and to formulate the proper stance as we attempt to navigate through this moving from mortal flesh and mind into our spirit component. Help us with this transition as we attempt it each and every time, help us to move in your direction. Let it be so, even now.


Machiventa: [Mark] I will respond to this calling, to this request of the hearts. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I am pleased to return again to this forum and access this classroom. I am observing that there is a reaction present amongst all of you that would indicate you are sensing new energies, that you may be seeing things differently if your intentions are to find the highest spiritual principles and access them. When you are practicing your skills you are making it happen as witnessed in your projection, your visions that are crystalizing; as you seek a higher way, one becomes evident. In your stillness is where you seek for counsel and it is where you receive it. This is what is so important about a regular communion, a regular contact of the part with the whole. Making this connection intentionally and willfully constitutes the greatest gesture one can make that they are seeking God and finding Him in their pursuit.

We began together those many years ago introducing this entire concept of stillness, if you will remember, and we have attempted to reenforce this and bring it up and reference it wherever possible because truly this effort, which only you can make, is a choice which demonstrates your willingness to follow spirit, to attempt to retain and maintain contact by virtue of regular experience. So now at this time I will refer once again to the benefits of this regular routine of approach. This positions you, it aligns you with the frequencies you desire to surround yourself with and this continued association reenforces the connection so that it is easily reestablished, it is easily traversed, this space between you. This allows you to access in real time a response that you desire about the spiritual worth and significance of what it is you are considering. Come back to spirit always as part of your routine, as one of the aspects you are using and maintain this circuit so that you may easily access it at a moment's notice.

There has been much discussion about circuitry and the building of circuits and this is exactly what is at stake here. When circuits are used they are strong. When they are unused they may wither and fade. Keep the spirit circuit always open, always just a thought away for that is all it is, it is at your will, at your command, by your choosing. Thank you for opening up your channel and petitioning for some response. I truly welcome these opportunities, they are exquisitely rare and I cherish them as I think you may as well. I bid you all farewell.

Mark: I am requesting my Inner Voice to take voice and so I’m pulling that together at this time.

Inner Voice: Certainly, I will act at your bidding anytime, about anything. I am a devoted assistant and associate. I welcome this opportunity to be with you in this way and I ask that all around this circle, all who are involved at this time, petition and provide permission for their own Inner Guides, their own Thought Adjusters, their own Voices and that all of these influences circuit up and join together in our pursuit to commune and communicate. There are more around the circle than you are aware as mortals, in fact many more and we join you in this effort to touch and reach out and feel each other in this exercise. You see, we have been with you since your earliest days and we have been in constant observance of your development and of course, all of your successes and all of your failures, many of which have turned into successes and it is such joy that we are now not simply the silent partner because you have sought us out, you have looked to distinguish us and find us as we have been alongside, so close that it has been difficult to distinguish us, to feel our difference because we are co-inhabitants of the same space.

But now we have great opportunity before us. As part of the divine plan, we will now have a greater latitude to connect. This moment is a demonstration of such and while you are witnessing an event with an individual, you are also resonating that you as well may access as much. You as well may act in spirit as you say and as you learn how. So I am pleased to take advantage of this opportunity with you and join you in this exercise of familiarizing ourselves. In this our joint intentions commingle as we both desire to come closer in this process, to find each other in this process and so it is, even now. I encourage you to take such opportunities as this to come together in a joint exercise since certainly the sum of these parts is so much greater than can be considered, that your exercises are generating healing waves directed towards all those in distress. These healing waves are something that when they are received over the great web of connection, they will be embraced, they will be welcome; they may feel that they have something to grab onto, something to moor to, a positive energy, an expression of love to grab onto.

This is your privilege, to be able to generate such a truth, such an energy, such a wavelength of love designed to be projected out wherever there is need. Wherever there is a cry for love, let us issue a cry of love. Let that be our grand intention. This pulse of love, this overall sentiment of grace and peace is a state of being that you are familiar with. You have some reference of how it feels for you, how it's been for you and this is the energy to project, this sensation of embracing grace. This is the energy you transfer down the healing circuits and then it is your privilege to insert, by name, by energy signature, those individuals you are aware of who are in need and direct your energies through the grid across the web and connect them to this circuit you have just made, to this energy field you have just created. Your desires and intentions are very real. They contain their own energy and have their own life. It is the life that you give them, the life that you bring to them. So, I invite you all to take a moment and fulfill your opportunity. You all yearn to be of service, so be it, even now.

Thank you Divine Parents for this life, for this light, for this love, for this grace, for this peace. It has been my honor to so closely work with you at these times. I assure you, your efforts at building these circuits, at maintaining these connections are well spent. Each time it gets easier after it has been exercised, that’s why we refer to coming back to the gym to exercise that set of muscles. Thank you all for a lovely communion, a lovely gathering. We have all enjoyed this circle around the campfire. We have seen the light become pronounced among you and it brings great joy to witness growth in these directions. Be in peace and be in faith and act in love. I take my leave but I always remind you, I only move to the back seat where I rely on you to look in my direction to make contact. Let it be so, it is my desire as it is yours, good day.

Comment: I asked them: Do you know what you want to do with this world yet?

Midwayer Friend: [Delores] Dear one, it is in the hands of your sweet Son of God and He is ever trustful of His children. The Light and Life circuit swings from the future back to all creation from the past forward to all creation and in the give and take flux of time you are held in patient and trustful love. When each material world is tamed and perfected, our work is done. It becomes a stepping stone along the path to The Father’s home in Paradise. Hold inside the love meant for you alone. Rejoice in the presence of the Comforter. Sleep on your inspired path, share your intentions with your fellow brothers and sisters on this journey. Long is the path to the freedom from the material prison but so it the journey to The Father. Each step, each day brings you closer to the goal and many who have walked that pathway stand with you, curious of your journey and happy to be a part of it. Share the road, thank you, amen.


Machiventa: [Kathy] You have a view of the path to Light and Life. The door has begun to open, albeit slowly. Many are thirsting for spirit connection but do not understand that the contact is within. I administer but all of you have the cocreative intention and lead the way. It is your action that enables my associates to move the plan forward. Confusion is not necessarily a bad thing on this world. It shows that the old ways of error are being examined and evaluated. The error is evident and its bad effects are illuminated. I have been the keeper of the original plan. When error is removed, the plan will flourish as the Light and Life we desire. Be strong in faith, hold truth forth, cling to your Creator Michael. Be confidant in your abilities. Unify again as one. Bring light and show light. Boldness is part of your inheritance. Use your faith and conviction to move forward, action is the way.