2021-01-19-How You Can Serve

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Topic: How You Can Serve

Group: S. Idaho TeaM


Teacher: Michael, Daniel

TR: Simeon



My children, I am Michael. From the human perspective, these are tumultuous times, and from the spiritual perspective, we see these times as being significant to the potential further progress of your world.

What I ask you each to consider, is how you can serve. True service is led by motivation, a desire to do good to others. How you do things in your lives and the reasons you do them are as important as the actions themselves. The core of your relationship to me, to my Father, and my consort, is paramount. Developing your sensitivity to the spiritual energy that is surrounding you and within you will allow those manifestations of spirit driven action that can influence the lives of more individuals than you can count, for each time you endeavor to share unselfishly and in a love centered manner, know that the influence of one has the potential to expand exponentially.

So as I share with you, recognize this, that you do not lose sight of each opportunity in your effort to try and influence the whole. Regardless of your status, your position, your circumstances, your age, you are able to spread the love of God with another in brief moments, in extended circumstances of dialogue and sharing, and in ways yet to be imagined, both individually and collectively.

There is no thing so important out there to be accomplished that should take you away from the realization that the kingdom of heaven is within and is shared each time you do a kindness for another and show care, concern, and a loving nature. I appreciate the opportunity to share with you at this time and will turn it over to your teacher. Good evening.


My dear friends, this is Daniel. We would like to consider tonight’s presentations to be a continuation of last week’s meeting and theme.

Tomorrow is a momentous day on Urantia, for there will be a peaceful transition of power in a nation that has expressed, although not always live by, yes, the sanctity of human lives and the necessity of global solutions, and while the implementation and struggles of this nation are factual, the values which underpin this democracy are essential to a progressing planet.

My lesson for you this week is to seek commonality in the great diversity of your nation, that it may be the bedrock. See the commonality across all peoples. Employ the fruits of the spirit: tolerance, patience, kindness, generosity, graciousness, and gratitude. In each situation that arises, find the opportunity to implement these fruits.

Thank you for the opportunity to bring full circle my opening remarks from last week. I encourage you to share the love. Farewell.