2021-01-21-Expecting a Union of Circuitry

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Topic: Expecting a Union of Circuitry

Group: Lightline TeaM


Teacher: Monjoronson, Charles, Inner Voice

TR: Mark Rogers



Prayer: Divine Parents, join us as we join each other, as we circle up around the light of love, as we come gather around the warmth emanating from our central creation of light. We come together to commune with you, our Divine Parents, and all of our other friends of spirit. We ask that you join us in our circle, that you insert yourselves among us and join the chain that we would create to better receive from on high the principles and values we desire to discover. Let it be so, even now, as it is our intention to make it so.


Monjoronson: I would come in to fill the dead air, as it were, I am Monjoronson and it is once again my pleasure to be granted this access to you at this time. Through the will from both sides we now come together and join and commune and share in spirit. That is our common thread that runs between us. We are all eventually spirit beings and in that capacity we may circle up with other individuals and enjoy the fellowship and communion that is so pleasurable to share.

You may recall that we have been for some time, talking about changes afoot and what it might look like and I check in with you now as the story unfolds and as the reality of the moment is what has to be assessed. I say assessed rather than judged because judging implies a form of criteria and a passing or failing of approval. This is what we must attempt not to do as we move forward, to judge, to classify, to project the impression we have before the reality is allowed to unfold. This is the time we have referred to of great change where potential abounds and we gather again to discuss the prospects, the conditions, the opportunities we see arise before us.

So I encourage you to use the lens of discernment, the lens of simply observing without trying to identify and classify and pigeon hole the circumstances and individuals you observe. This is important now especially because we have every reason to expect that there will be a great union of circuitry which will allow all individuals to receive in a new way, the flashes of inspiration and the answers to your prayers. As we move into this dynamic age before us it is important to take the proper approach and adopt the proper stance of openness and allowing. One of the biggest gifts of divine grace is that now is the opportunity for you to choose and express. Now, when standards and norms are being investigated for their worthiness, now is when one could inject divine values because you are becoming aware of them. You know of what you speak. Your experience teaches you the validity of what you represent.

So when everything is in flux, the opportunities are endless to modify the trajectory of thought, of awareness, of perception, all if you are present in the moment to consider such an option and willing to exercise your right to do so. Surely the opportunity before us may appear even overwhelming at times. Simply pick your direction, pick your service calling and jump in and you will find that in this fluid environment that we find at this time, it is easy to simply bump the direction, change the trajectory and cause more divine energy to be infused along the way. As these things change and modify and you are there, you can suggest, you can witness your own experience, you can encourage your fellows to consider the more spiritual approach, the approach that grants that part of you greater attitude.

This is the shift that we are looking for, the shift in awareness so that individuals will embrace their spirit component as significant, as part of their whole and begin to explore its dimensions, and there you are. You have witnessed some of this in your own lives. You have your own experiences from which you draw your convictions and build your faith. These are your gems to share and to portray. These things that you have learned, these pearls, are so wonderful to share when there is this opportunity of searching and seeking for something, and there you are. You have a pearl to offer, one you have encountered that has been good for you and by sharing it you have created a pathway of love.

It is inherently easy but it is fraught with opportunities to go deeper. You know what it’s like to make small talk with your brethren. You also know the shift in feeling when you move to expression of faith and spirit energy. The mission before us is to raise this level of awareness, to create this vibration of conviction of the heart, that each one is a spirit child of eternity and all are connected to the same Divine Parents and this great cosmic family moves forward in progression. All need to know this basic association that they are part of this gigantic enterprise, they are cared for and nurtured by the same Divine Parents and the success of the whole is dependent upon the success of the individual. We all move forward together in this progression of evolution in spirit.

So it is always my pleasure to join you once again and share the warmth of the glow of generous love that we all contribute to the light among us and to work with you as a group is particularly special because you all bring your individual aspects but combined they are so much more than simply the sum of the parts. You have formed a great antenna, your seeking has translated into your ability to receive through this method and, there you are. You have built the platform, you have repeatedly come back to the gym. You have exercised your muscles and built up your strength and all of this has been by your own choosing and I am grateful for that gift, we are grateful for the gift you choose to give us when you act in service, when you act in spirit and in love.

The prospect of going through these phases of your planet’s evolution together are exciting to consider. We all have wondered what our callings may be, what our reporting for duty might look like and we are grabbing ahold of each other in this process as we create it in the moment, in this moment, because here we are. Thank you for being here and I look forward to our efforts as we wade through what life has to bring. You all are aware that the storms crashing upon your world are not yet over, but knowing that we have an eternal destiny, knowing that we have each other's company as we move through these times, make for a journey of conviction. I am happy to share that with you. I now take my leave to allow this platform for others. Be in peace, until we meet again.

Charles: I would step in here for a moment, I am Charles. It has been a while since I dropped in and I have been observing your meetings and have been in attendance as have many others because of your willingness to share. In a number of my past offerings I have discussed how useful it is to use the metaphor of launching your individual rafts, your individual crafts out into the water and allowing the river to take you downstream. Because of your effort, because you choose to do so, you prepare for such an event. You train, you prepare your craft and check the weather patterns and after having done your check list of readiness you then board your craft and push off for your journey.

All of this preparation is required before you are ready to easily navigate the waters before you. Just as all of your preparations in spirit have been necessary so that you are prepared, you are trained, you are anticipating and you are aware of the parameters. Your efforts at going to the gym to get in shape are another example that you will be strong when it’s your turn to pull at the oars. So this effort you have put in is now in play. You now know the basics and have guided your craft through some experience and feel now as though you have some command, some control of your trajectory. So now let the game begin. You are in position as this state of flux abounds, for you to demonstrate your skills at maneuvering your craft through the medium, and this ability you have to feel more comfortable, to feel that you have adequate skills provides you with great latitude to experiment, to try a bold approach because that is what is needed in these challenging times, people who are ready to try a new, a bold approach, to transform the status quo experience into an experience charged with spirit values.

So I invite you to consider this as you are making your way downstream with all the others who are making their way downstream and if you think you could show them something that would make their experience better, then this is your opportunity, this is your gift of grace to bestow. I enjoy so much the companionship of such a hardy group of seekers because where there is such intention and purpose, great things may happen. You have all the assistance from on high that we may provide and you will see it manifest as you demonstrate your strength of faith. So as I say, look at it as, let the games begin. Let the inspiration begin, let the divine grace in to the equation and it will be good, it will be beautiful, it will be true and these are the divine qualities we look for to determine the value. Thanks for this opportunity to step in here and have a few words and rub spiritual elbows. I enjoy your presence and I am often a volunteer in your efforts, good day to you all.

Mark: I’d like to make a brief statement regarding some of our last meetings that we’ve had. I’d like to witness to the assembled crowd that my parents, Bonnie and Paul Rogers in Phoenix, Arizona, who I put into the circle one evening and some energy was spent in their direction and I would like to report that they are doing quite well today which was very remarkable to many people involved. But I was reminded that it was shortly after we used that as a target for a donation of energy. I want to thank everybody for participating in that and I gotta say it looks like it worked, which nobody thought was going to happen. Anyway, just an update. Now I would like to invite my Inner Guide to have a few words with us because I want to foster this connection and maintain it. I would ask everyone else on the line to give a thought to connecting not only our circuit that we’ve done, but now let’s expand to the circuit among our Inner Guides and ask to hear from them.

Inner Voice: I can’t adequately express how pleasing it is to be addressed in such a routine fashion, as if it’s normal, as if it’s regular, as if it’s no big deal between us, because, it isn’t. It is no big deal, it is nothing special bestowed to you and not others, it is simply an aspect of your being that you are exploring, a part of you that will be with you for an eternity. So now that we are recognized as being part of the equation, we can begin to expand this connection and utilize it more for whatever purpose we might like. I understand that there is a regular desire and need for the service of healing or directing positive energy and I recognize the validity of this in your time/space life. This will be a part of your existence as a mortal of the realm, this will be a challenge that all face at some point, a real mortal challenge.

And when faced with the challenge of health, one runs into the aspect of including spirit in the equation because while it seems so mortal and so physical, ailments and cures and diseases and medicines also technical and defined but, behind all of those statistics, vital signs and diagnosis, there is the will to live. There is spirit inhabiting the vehicle and the vehicle may have problems. It may require maintenance. It may require fine tuning of fuels. It may demand attention in exercising it and all these are very physical components and one may think that the body is a physical component. These aspects address the physical needs of the body, take the medicine, do the physical therapy and that is all that is required.

But every doctor, every healer knows that there is an enormous personal factor of choosing, of deciding that you will address things from an additional vantage. You may take into account things which are not physical but are mental or spiritual and the more you investigate the coming together of these elements the more you realize that sometimes the physical applications are the least of the efforts you may make to bring balance, to bring health, to bring peace, to bring love. These factors may modify the entire equation no matter what the numbers say, no matter what the current circumstance may dictate, the human will may overcome innumerable odds, if it so chooses. And why would it so choose if it was strictly limited to physical cause and response. There must be an awareness that is greater than the simple animalistic pain-fight and flight conditions and the greater consideration you have for the total being, the easier it is to bring balance to any of the aspects of the being.

So, you are learning the value of bringing that aspect of the equation into a clear focus and utilizing your lesson to encourage you to try different things and so you are here now. If I may request that we maintain our circuit of love that we created, that we donate to, that we direct our intention to and that we would focus this intention towards helping out on the circuit to all those in need, a feeling of strength, a feeling of peace, of being at peace with themselves and their circumstance. The demonstration of your faith in action is to portray your characterization of your faith. How does it manifest in your life? What are your considerations when it comes to health and healing and how many of these are other than physical?

This shift in consciousness is going to allow you to move into the plane of spirit with greater ease and greater effectiveness, this shifting of gears that you do to come to this place, come in spirit form and join the others of us. When we come together this way we are exercising our potentials. So, if we might take one moment to offer a silent prayer, a petition of your own to add to the circuitry that we are creating together by being a collective, by being a unit focusing as a platoon. [silent offering] All sincere prayers are heard on high, are received on high and all petitions that are of value will be maintained.


So now, as I speak from this voice, I express my gratitude for our meetings, for your willingness to join and contribute, for your willingness to seek and find Me because I most certainly seek you and look forward to our eventual union. I am enjoying the ride, the journey that we are taking, that you are taking us on. I wish for you, that you enjoyed the journey more sometimes. I understand it may seem a struggle, stressful and demanding, but you wanted to know what your calling is and you are reporting for duty and these are the orders of the day, to get in touch with your Inner Guide more and more, the objective of a lifetime being manifested, even now. Glory be to God and to all in this family of God.

I wish this connectivity would never stop. What a rare opportunity we enjoy and share. It is wonderful being in the raft with you as we make our way down, as we experience all that this life of grace has to offer. All is well and getting better all the time. Every step you take in the direction of spirit growth brings with it rewards ahead. So be it. I take my leave now and transfer back, behind, underneath, inside where I will remain until summoned. One day we will both share the driver's seat as one but now you are piloting the vehicle and I am here to assist. Remember to reach for me and that opens the door for me to come in. So be it, a pleasure to be with you always, farewell.