2021-01-24-Focus on Divine Justice

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Topic: Focus on Divine Justice

Group: Center for Christ Consciousness


Teacher: Monjoronson

TR: Donna D'Ingillo



PRAYER: Mother and Father, you are well aware of the conditions of mind on this planet. You know where we are presently in our transformational state and where you would like us to continue to move as we ascend into higher consciousness. As we connect together in this circuit of intention, may we be unified as one to the circuits of Spirit, Soul, Mind ,and Personality, engaging with our Indwelling Spirits, inviting our Planetary Seraphim and our Magisterial Son to move through this intention today. We thank you for guiding us. We thank you for the opportunity to be of service to our brothers and sisters, to aid in the liberation of their minds and their souls that they may receive more love within from the Father and grow more beautiful from that infusion. We thank you for your presence guiding us today as well as all of our Spirits moving as one, and we are here to be of service. Thank you so much. May your WILL be done now.


MONJORONSON: Greetings, my beloved brethren! This is Monjoronson and I invite you to spend a few moments sitting with me that I may convey more of my personality essence to you. Take a few deep breaths. Allow the energies you experience to move deeper, make a more indelible impression upon your minds as to who I am as the personification of DIVINE JUSTICE to this world. Let us engage in this manner for a few moments as you receive me. (Pause)

This world is undergoing a rapid change. By using the term ‘rapid,’ I am referring to the infusion or influx of spiritual energy to be applied in and the circuits of mind for individuals to awaken to Spirit Within. From the divine perspective, this is happening very quickly. Albeit from your human standpoint you cannot quite fathom it at this level. But make no mistake! This planet is undergoing a great change. It is you who will be imparting these changes through the circuits of mind.

Before we engage in the collective outward focus into the constructs of planetary evolutionary mind, continue to simply receive me and what I wish to share with each one of you. Feel the need for DIVINE JUSTICE to prevail within you, helping you to perceive more deeply into who you are and those influences that hold you back from achieving more of your potential. It is safe to ask for this DIVINE JUSTICE to move through you, and I encourage you, invite you, to let this flow through you now as you receive me. (Pause)

DIVINE JUSTICE functions to strip away that which is false, that which contains the dark shadows of the past that prevent you from rightful perception within the circuits of mind. The Father’s presence within you provides you with clear perception to reflect divine TRUTH, GOODNESS, and BEAUTY into your mind. But the mind circuits must be prepared to perceive this, and the shadows within human mind have been pervasive and heavy and they have conditioned the way in which this world perceives reality. But this is all changing, and it is through human comprehension and awareness that will continue to provide the environment for more light to be perceived, especially when the human heart and soul recognizes the true need for this. Continue to receive me for a few more moments. Ask for your minds to imprint upon RIGHTFUL PERCEPTION that the FATHER’S CLEAR PERCEPTION may be gleaned within. The more heart-fully you intend for this to be received within you, the more shall be given. (Pause)

What the planetary evolutionary mind lacks is this RIGHTFUL PERCEPTION of its place in the vast cosmic family of LOVE contained within the Fatherhood of the First Source and Center.

As we invite you to shift focus now into the collective, feel that need for planetary evolutionary mind to imprint upon the RIGHTFUL PERCEPTION that is resident within the TRUE MIND of your Mother Spirit Nebadonia. The dynamics of DIVINE JUSTICE are also prevailing here now as you ask for this to be infused into planetary evolutionary mind, moving through a continuum, you might say, of history where those individuals who are being sustained by ideologies that do not reflect divine LOVE and WISDOM to have an opportunity to perceive what is true, right, and good.

Invite RIGHTFUL PERCEPTION into planetary evolutionary mind. Invite your Indwelling Spirit to guide you as the best way to focus this. And you may certainly use that familiar image of the planet before you with these words imprinting in that counter-clockwise spiral. Increase your love as best you can through this heartfelt intention for RIGHTFUL PERCEPTION to prevail through the circuits of evolutionary mind. (Pause)

Invite the dynamics of DIVINE JUSTICE to infuse this intention of RIGHTFUL PERCEPTION, doing your best to hold this within your heart as you ask for it to be encircuited through evolutionary mind. (Pause)

Invite FATHER’S CLEAR PERCEPTION to also engage in this large dynamic of what we are imparting today. Feel that desire for more of your brothers and sisters to perceive clearly from the Father Within; even for your own ability to see—perceive—from your Indwelling Spirit.

These are powerful spiritual dynamics that you are engaging with us. We encourage you to recognize your spiritual potential to be an agent of change. We have invited you to accept more responsibility for this, my brethren. You can only grow and thrive when you allow these dynamics to become more fully operative within you. It requires a courageous heart, an open mind; moving beyond what you think and know that the Father Within may illuminate you with more TRUTH and GOODNESS.

Allow all of these dynamics to unify and to imprint upon planetary evolutionary mind: DIVINE JUSTICE, RIGHTFUL PERCEPTION, and FATHER’S CLEAR PERCEPTION, and do your best to focus your gaze where the Father Within is guiding you. (Pause)

There is within human mind a recognition of certain needs. Many of your brothers and sisters confuse true need with desires or wants. We take you into a place to stimulate your need—your need for spiritual energy, which is just as important as air, food, water, and shelter. Now is the time for individuals to recognize that they have a soul need that spiritual energy can provide.

So, as you continue to focus on these three dynamics, engage at this need level. You need RIGHTFUL PERCEPTION. You need FATHER’S CLEAR PERCEPTION. You need DIVINE JUSTICE. Not only for yourselves but for the entire planetary continuum of mind. So, recognize this, and let these energies move into that deep place of need, and invite it to be shared with your brothers and sisters who have yet to awaken: RIGHTFUL PERCEPTION. the FATHER’S CLEAR PERCEPTION and DIVINE JUSTICE. Ask it to reverberate resoundingly throughout this evolutionary continuum of planetary mind. (Pause)

Do you wish for your brothers and sisters to be free of the heavy burdens placed upon them due to the rebellion? Then invite these energies to break the yoke of sin that has kept this world downtrodden and enslaved. Invite the energies of DIVINE JUSTICE to liberate your brothers and sisters from this heavy burdensome yoke that they may move into RIGHTFUL PERCEPTION of TRUE MIND and perceive more clearly from their own Indwelling Spirits. And invite the dynamics of DIVINE JUSTICE to move upon this yoke, that the energies of REPENTANCE and FORGIVENESS may penetrate into this and free your brothers and sisters that they may perceive rightly in the Father. (Pause)

Shift focus slightly now. Engage with Mother Spirit. Ask for Her TRUE MIND to infuse this planet with Her JOYFUL SONG OF LIFE. Feel that intention for more of your brethren to awaken to Her presence within. Ask for Her JOYFUL SONG OF LIFE to reverberate through these circuits of planetary evolutionary mind. Feel your own need for this as well as the need for everyone to receive this now—all life upon Urantia to reverberate in the presence of Mother—the essence of Her being—the WOMB OF ALL LIFE. (Pause

Do you see, my brethren, what spiritual potency you have within? As these endowments move into these circuits of mind recognize your own potential to continue to grow in these dynamics, which will lead you to greater self-discovery and self-mastery. You have it within you to achieve this. The question to ask yourself is: “Do I want this? Do I want to fulfill my human potential? Do I wish to engage and fulfil my human destiny?” Only you can answer these questions. We pose them to you for your serious scrutiny and to help you find that inner motivation to achieve this one day.

Sit with this for a few moments. Let all of these dynamics today stir in you. Let them percolate upon the planet and that evolutionary mind may have more potential to align with the Divine Mind and the planet continue to undergo its transformational unfolding into Light and Life. (Pause)


Great times of change are upon you, my brethren. This is a time of soul stirring growth, and we bear witness to how you engage with what we provide to you that you may indeed impart these changes to your world and its way it conducts its affairs. Take heart that you are given ample support to make these internal changes in yourself—for yourself and for your world. It truly is up to you now and we will respond to every call of help, every plea for assistance, but you must make that initial attempt to reach out for Spirit.

Go forth boldly into this mighty time of change. There are legions of celestial helpers cheering this world on, imparting what we can to aid in this growing transformational dynamic. We thank you for engaging with us. We thank you for your faith, your perseverance, your patience, and your devotion to service. All of these are mighty elements that aid in this time of transition.

As I leave you in this manner, take some deep breaths, and ask for these energies to go deeper into you that your perception may be clear and right and that the Father’s presence within you guide you steadfastly and securely through this time of change. I leave you in the Father’s LOVE, my brethren, and I offer you my devotion to help this world achieve its destiny of Light and Life one day. Farewell.